TIL Super Bowl performers have a strict 12 minute time limit so most performers try and squeeze as much as they can in that given time frame. Not Michael Jackson. After exploding onto stage, he stood still, staring at the world for 90 seconds.

TIL Super Bowl performers have a strict 12 minute time limit so most performers try and squeeze as much as they can in that given time frame. Not Michael Jackson. After exploding onto stage, he stood still, staring at the world for 90 seconds.
TIL Super Bowl performers have a strict 12 minute time limit so most performers try and squeeze a...

Yeah, you can do that if you're Michael Jackson.

Who the fuck would stop him? He's was most famous solo artist in history.

Elvis could have done it too, but he was sort of dead at the time.

Here's a better link to the performance

You'd think the crowd would be pissed that they scheduled a football game during an MJ concert.

Sort of

He faked his death to join the DEA to fight drugs. Thank Obama for keeping him in hiding.

Alright. That was dope.

Ok this is the 3rd 'Michael was great' post in my feed this morning. Is there like a PR push for a new box set or something? Where is this surge of MJ love coming from? The Stars aligning?

Nobody put on a show like Mike. Nobody had style like Mike. Nobody.

The man was at the top of his game. He understood the gesture.

"I only have 12 minutes? That's perfectly fine. I'll watch the world pass by for 90 seconds, do you mind?"

Wonderful performer.

No he changed places with a look alike but lost the contract and ended up in a nursing home. He did manage to defeat the spirit of an Egyptian mummy towards the end.

I was 11 when this aired. I remember gathering around the tv to watch the performance. I remember being moved to tears during the "We Are The World" snippet. I had never seen a performance implement FULL audience participation like that before and something about it was just so beautifully inspiring I couldn't handle it. This is the first time I've seen that performance since then and once again, I'm crying like a baby. I'm such a damn sap.

And no one gave a shit, because 5 min of MJ is like an hour of any other performer. He did and gave so much in the little things, the shit he made look easy people have been trying to get right ever since.

The man sure knew how to put on a show

There's either a documentary or docudrama coming out or airing soon or something. I heard an interview on NPR with a producer and they were discussing his plans for a comeback right before he died.

"0:03 — James Earl Jones does the introduction" Yes it is.

Someone could totally make an edit of this where he stands still for the whole 12 minutes and trick a lot of youtubers.

"TIL michael jackson spent the entirety of his super bowl performance staring at the audience"

Michael Jackson was a global phenomenon at his peak when he did the Superbowl

Michael: After that super bowl half time performance, the world will remember the Jackson name forever.

Janet: Hold my beer

That's the beautiful thing about the world. People can have their own opinions, even if they're totally and completely wrong.

It was 1993, I think we can let it pass.

Elvis could have done it too, but he was sort of dead at the time.

I bet he would have stood still for the whole 12 minutes!

Super bowl performaces are lip syncd. Possible the mic was inop.

I think that's the point. He made it look effortless. It takes a lot of effort to make it look effortless :-).

Is that Darth Vader announcing?

But with the sacrifice of him and JFK.

imagine if someone floated a 30 foot statue of themselves down the world's major rivers today.

in this world of social media, it would do great.

but hey, jacko did it first.

Very probable that the face mic was just a prop since he stood in a "wind tunnel" for a bunch of time and we didn't hear massive amounts of whooshing noises from the mic.

As a sound guy, I can say that yes, they do monitor and control the levels. The difference is that in a live performance where the singer has to move around a lot and will get winded, they mix the live sound with the recorded version and mix it heavily towards the recording. It's physically impossible to sing perfectly and hit certain notes when you are breathing hard.

Kanye is no Michael Jackson.

He's put on a platform which has a hydraulic lift. He probably crouched down for better stability and then it accelerates rapidly up, he probably jumps towards the end for that pop. He was probably standing for the first 15 seconds just letting his heart calm down and trying not to poop a little.

Bubbah Ho-tep is a great movie, and Bruce Campbell is the King, baby!

Hitler definitely knew his business. There are pictures of him practicing in front of a mirror. His speeches were forceful and very positive towards the German people. You -wanted- to believe what he said.

Michael Jackson, without comparing him to Hitler, was a consummate performer. He worked extremely hard at his art and that's why he was so very good at it.

Michael Jackson, unlike Kanye West, would not have attempted singing Bohemian Rhapsody unless he was very sure he would nail the lyrics. Kanye thought he'd just go through it and instantly exposed himself as the amateur he is.

Michael Jackson's performance will stand the test of time because he did the heavy lifting beforehand. I was floored when he did his moonwalk the first time, people were besides themselves.

A truly beautiful performer with great songs.


It was pretty great, but I maintain that Prince put on the greatest Superbowl halftime performance.

There's not a lot of people who can entertain purely with their stage presence. Michael Jackson was the greatest at it. Like you said, Elvis also had "it".

It's a gif of a superb owl.

Does anyone know how they shot him out of the stage when he first appears? I always loved that moment.


Hydraulic or pneumatic lift. Pretty standard affair in production (Source: work in production)

That many fans outside the US would watch just for him, obviously. Hence the world.

Elvis isn't dead, he just went home.

A lot of these start because one person was being nostalgic, shared it on his feed which starts someone else and so on until karma whores see it.


Oddly I was reminded of this

If you have never watched "Look Who's Back", you really should, it is probably the best movie I've seen in the last decade.

from wikipedia:

his 1993 Super Bowl halftime performance, which was aired to over 1.3 billion people in 86 nations, the largest audience in television history for a live performance.

At 9:00, why did he have to get a mic for the speech if he already had a mic taped to his face?

Especially since he only did 5 tours as a solo act...

He is not. He is offering something else awesome to enjoy. You are the one with penises on the mind.

Recent video I saw here on reddit showed the first time he did the moonwalk on stage. It was maybe 10 seconds or less, about three shuffles. Half the crowd didn't seem to realize what they just saw, but you could tell from the crowd reaction that a lot of people understood that they just saw history being made.

That said, I'm not a big MJ fan, but I do recognize his contribution to both music and stage performance.

I'm freelance.

I find it funny that you'd pretend to know such a thing. Obviously I don't, and obviously you don't either.

What a stupid hill to die on.

That's because Michael was a fucking god!

R.I.P. man

You left way too prematurely

He would, but then it would be followed by him ranting about corporations for 10 minutes and everyone would be pissed.

I will write a book about this with you and peddle this to Alex Jones....

Think of the money!

Also I will never turn on you and we will share everything equally!

Yeah after his series of concerts he was scheduled to do he would drop his comeback album. But he died before the shows and could finalize the album.

It was cool that he was speaking in his normal voice, instead of that falsetto thing he was doing in his later years. He sounded like a normal man in this speech. It is all so sad.

Yes, it is.

There's sound guys who can regulate that

"The world"? The Super Bowl is nowhere near the level of global event most Americans seem to think it is.

How old was he in this?


He did the same entrance during his 'Dangerous' concerts as well.

People went even more crazy.


In AMERICAN we say NIT-PICK dammit. Pa, dem Europussies is makin' up words again.

He has to be one of the best dancers of all time. Damn he's good

he's proven innocent.

He, apparently, was greatly scarred emotionally and physically by his father, for years. The poor man, Michael, needed psychological, professional help that seems never to have happened.

idk how it's relevant, but I love it.

Jackson was the most iconic and I can't see it being topped with how handled things are post Janet Jackson.

I feel like if there was a song like that played at the super bowl this year right wingers would be furious.

Sound guy here. We can't change the laws of physics. We can only amplify the sound that is captured by the microphone, and if the mic is just hearing a bunch of wind, that's what you're gonna hear.


Not everything is a business ploy.

Sit back and relax dude.

he's on his backo!!!

You kinda took a turn into Kanye-rant land there for a minute.

That's what you decided to nit-pick? Okay.

The early 90s were still the 80s.

No greater truth has ever been revealed on the internet.

Elvis isn't dead. He just went home...

I had always thought of MJ as an unfortunate product of his terrible parents and traumatic upbringing - never allowed a proper childhood. Yet was always a question in the back of my mind as whether there was any truth to the heinous accusations that so many were accusing him of. I didn't see how, because mentally he just seemed like a lost soul and still a child himself. But still.

Then, a few months ago there was a thread about MJ, and someone wrote an incredibly long and detailed response/timeline on what actually happened. It completely changed my outlook and opinion of him, and since then I have become a huge fan. It now makes me cry thinking how much he must have suffered in life, and how many millions of people just assume(d) he was a pedophile without knowing all the details. I'll try to find and post it.

jennifer batten actually. shes great.

I love a nice fact burn.

Somebody forgot to tell the guitarist that it wasn't 1988.



He did the same entrance during his 'Dangerous' concerts as well.

People went even more crazy.

No, I meant, turn it down and then turn it up.