TIL Sir Alec Guinness,Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars, disliked his character so much that advised George Lucas to kill him off under the guise of "making him a stronger character"

TIL Sir Alec Guinness,Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars, disliked his character so much th...

That's just plain wrong. Guinness' suggested to Lucas that he killed off the Obi-Wan character for two good reasons:

1) originally Obi-Wan did nothing in the third act, he's an absolutely irrelevant character, and

2) his death, seen by Luke - provides him with the motivation into the third acts Death Star attack.

What he suggested made perfect dramatic sense

That role made him pretty damn rich.

All the main cast lucked out getting percentages of the take. Probably none of them expected that they'd see as much money out of the movie as they did.

While those may have been valid reasons for killing off his character, and while they do fit well with the plot (I agree that it was a good move), and Guinness put forward these points, he did state his main reason was that "I just couldn't go on speaking those bloody awful, banal lines. I'd had enough of the mumbo jumbo."

Didn't seem to stop him being in episode v and vi. I guess the force (of money) is too strong for him to resist.

And here I've always thought Obiwan let Vader kill him as atonement for failing Anakin. Guess we read into things.

It was because he had finished his final mission in his long life of service and wanted to transcend his mortal body, having no attachment to it beyond using it as a tool to further a greater cause.

it was so Draco Malfoy didn't have to

Christopher Lee would like to have a word.

The guy was like a super stabby spy in ww2 and still ended up playing Dracula and Saruman. Then again Saruman is an excellently refined character, but it’s still fantasy just like Star Wars and he aced it and loved playing those parts. Christopher Lee was amazing, may he RIP.

I get not liking the character but come on. People flip burgers, clean toilets, take care of other people's children, etc. for a much smaller payout. No one feels bad for the guy.

Considering he commanded a landing craft in WW2 starred in films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Lavender Hill mob, Ladykillers, Bridge on the River Kwai and Doctor Zhivago let alone playing so many different roles in kind hearts and coronets. Playing the part of Obi Wan must have seemed banal in comparison.

He really felt that doing sci-fi was beneath him.

The man just didn't seem to enjoy his time playing the character or being attached with the infamy of the character at all. It seems there's nothing but bad blood between the actor and that role.

Are you just going to ignore the fact that he was in Star Wars too?

I guess the lines were too hokey for him. It's funny that to me, the dialogue in the first 3 movies were ok. But it's almost as if the line "I hate sand" was so bad, that it just transcended time.

Edit: blarbbbb

I’ve always struggled with the notion of actors who “hate” their role, when they more than likely had to audition and eventually accept an offer for it?

Clearly the reason he died was as darth Vader was now taller, Vader has the high ground.

And he rocked it. Don't forget he also had a metal band.

Dude was badass as fuck.

It seems unlikely to me - George Lucas had massive difficulty funding the original (which caused him severe health problems due to stress), so I doubt sequels were being thought about when they were doing contracts for the original. However I don't have the concrete facts to hand, I'm happy to be proven wrong (I'll do some digging myself in a few hours when I'm home from work).

it's a completely different thing though. he didnt do lotr because he just somehow managed to get that role. he had been wanting to play gandalf for years, and even met tolkien. he also re-read the series each year.

I just dont know why you'd compare the two since tolkiens work had been known and loved for years, whereas star wars was "brand new" and had no real following.

It's treason then.

That's true. I mean, he didn't have to do so many of the lines that he hated, and he essentially just stood there and got payed, so I can't imagine he would have complained too much.

Not only that He was Step cousins to Ian fleming and was the Only Cast member of Lord of the rings to Meet Tolkien. Also he Corrected peter Jackson on what a stabbing sound sounded like...

Dude I needed this thank you

I thought he got an even bigger take because he got a percentage of the merchandise sold.

First draft, the Obi-Wan-like character (General Luke Skywalker) survives to the end (note that in this draft, the main young hero was named Annikin Starkiller). However, there is another character who is kinda Obi-Wan-ish: Annikin's father, Kane Starkiller, who does die partway through the movie.

Second draft doesn't really have an Obi-Wan figure for most of the story, right up until the end when we're introduced to the Starkiller, the very elderly father of our main young hero Luke Starkiller. Again, he survives to the end.

Third draft, finally we have Obi-Wan Kenobi! Or, rather, Ben Kenobi — he's not called Obi-Wan yet. He survives to the end.

Fourth draft, Kenobi is finally called Obi-Wan, and he dies just like in the final film.

There you go.

Um, no: "Lucas and fellow cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels and Carrie Fisher have spoken highly of his courtesy and professionalism, on and off the set. Lucas credited him with inspiring cast and crew to work harder, saying that Guinness contributed significantly to achieving completion of the filming."

What was to hate about that Obi Wan? I guess Alec Guiness was just an asshole.