TIL Shōnen Jump (The magazine that published Dragon Ball) was an official sponsor of McLaren in 1990

TIL Shōnen Jump (The magazine that published Dragon Ball) was an official sponsor of McLaren in 1990
They also did a special cover for one of their issues

They also did a for one of their issues

Also this: https://imgur.com/nMq5A9M

Also this:

Their logo was on the car’s nose for part of the season

Their logo was for part of the season

It's drawn the same way lol if you look at the manga, it's just the quality is a lot better now.

OMG what a perfect still. A Mclaren-Honda poster and an Arale poster in DBZ.

Man, dragon ball used to be drawn so awesomely... now it looks weird and shitty.

So Senna did went full Super Saiyan on Prost in Suzuka.

now it looks weird and shitty

I would agree with that in the very beginning of DBS. But they fixed it early on and now it looks amazing. Saying DBS animation is shitty is such a false cliche now it's laughable.

Goku lapping the field in his McLaren-Honda.

Loosing grip and going wide? Use the recoil of the Kamehameha to push yourself back in.

Stuck behind a car? Instant Transmission!

About to get overtaken? SOLAR FLARE!

Hamilton brake checking you in Baku? Scream for 2 episodes!

There are also a Lotus and a Benetton Model in the Kame House during the saiyan saga.


As a big McLaren & DB fan, I've been trying to get a copy of this for ages.

predicted the 2009 rear wings

The big issue with Super is how inconsistent the animation is, but that has been something Dragonball has suffered with throughout its run.

The more important battles and scenes tend to get better animation and that's what counts. I'm also quite fond of the change to the black lines they introduced around episode 50 or so, makes it look less sterile and helps replicate a more authentic manga style.

It must be frustrating to drive when you can run faster easily.

Looks great. Assuming this is an episode where Gohan is supposed to be studying but he's off with Icarus somewhere, or its the one where he's getting whipped by his tutor lol.

I actually checked before I posted this and I couldn’t find any others, but now I assume that was because I searched for Shōnen Jump and Dragon Ball on the subs history, not Goku or any other words. I wasn’t intentionally re-posting, I found out about this sponsor thing while looking up F1 related manga to read.

Like that one sonic racing game

I don’t mind you posting this, had’nt seen it. So Thanks!!!

Toriyama is such a westaboo.

Bulma looks so cute in racewear

the support is central

Something pleases me so much about seeing an F1 car in that anime drawn style. Really appealing.

Was also commented on the other thread of a few months ago, but there was a ton of Drawings by the Mangakas (The Drawers/Authors basically) of Shonen Jump who doodled things related to the F1/McHonda with their creations, JJBA one Stands as my personal favorite.


Hamilton brake checking you in Baku? Scream for 2 episodes!

i thought this was Goku, not Vettel

This is fucking awesome!

oh damn you're right, never realized.

, never realized.

I love how Akira Toriyama draws machines in general. Here's an article about it.



Over 9000?