TIL Rob McElhenney who plays the homophobic character Mac on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was raised by a lesbian couple

TIL Rob McElhenney who plays the homophobic character Mac on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia wa...

I thought mac was gay? He is always talking about blasting people in the ass.

That's the joke, he is gay but is still in the closet. Those are Freudian slips

Let's oil up these body builders. They work themselves to the brink of exhaustion to give us this kind of joy, so start oiling them up.

He wasn't entirely raised by his mother and her lover. When his parents split up he stayed with his father for a long time because his mother was trying to get herself figured out. He was pretty much raised by his father, but maintained a good relationship with his mom.

I heard all of this on a podcast interview that he did with Marc Maron.

If you guys don't start greasing up beefcakes I'm gonna freak out!

He's mostly just utterly confused about what he wants. In the beginning he liked the ladies, but the person he got closest to was the "tranny". After that he's been drifting between donger chasing and gay bashing, add in his pretty strong religious believes and you've got a weird dynamic going on.

He might be gay, bi, or straight, all we know for sure is that he's badass.

No, Country Mac was the badass.

He's actually the creator, head writer, director, husband to Caitlyn Olsen, and the homophobic, closeted gay, character Mac

...well i didn't see him score an uncontested point sparring against a black belt.

Meanwhile, Charlie Day (the guy who plays Charlie) is married to the actress that plays as the waitress.

And Glenn Howerton is married to the pharmacist from the D.E.N.N.I.S System episode.

You could always just fuck an ostrich or something, that would be basically the same.

Legs and hammies are drying up by the second!

"I know we've never said this as a group, but... Mac's gay."

Two chicks getting married, that doesn't seem very gay.

Workaholics is great, however I think always sunny will be regarded as one of the greatest comedy series of all time years down the road. It truly is an incredible feat to do what they have done, for as long as they've done it.

I listened to that podcast episode as well. It was really interesting hearing about mac's life. The part where he pretended to be a Fordham student for a year and lived in the dorms with a meal plan was hilarious.

I also thought it was interesting how the show was originally going to take place in California but Entourage was starting at the same time Always Sunny was and the producers told them to pick a new setting.

Edit: not "Mac's" life.. Rob McElhenney's life

In the most recent season, Mac's Dad stays with Mac's Mum and Charie's Mum and at the same time has some other guy over from prison. Mac's Dad, Charlie's Mum and this other guy engage in a threesome. Towards the end of this sexual act, Charlie's Mum gets left out of the finish. As Mac's Dad enters this other guy, finishing either in him or on his back (I can't remember which). Mac then tries to justify it by saying he was showing dominance over this other guy. Then the gang mock him for it.

It's so funny when they do this stuff. Steve Carrel is married to Carol in the office.

This has nothing to do with the topic at hand but Its Always Sunny has the perfect cast and has grown on me so much over the years. I could never choose which show is funnier between them and Workaholics. Luckily I don't have to

But don't blow your load on these guys, we still have the karate tournament.

The Gang Fucks an Ostrich

Shut up, science bitch!

The fact that Country Mac does an ocular pat down in the parking lot right after that line had me dying laughing.

"I just realized that I hate myself and I hate god but do you know who I really hate? Mac. He's screwing up my life and with all this god shit he's into he might be screwing up my afterlife, too."

It's South Park levels of consistency and it comes from the original creators retaining creative control, something a lot of comedies lose

Let's lube up a few asses and do some blasting of our own.

.... Not gay sex.

"It's Always Sunny in California" does make a lot more sense as a title.

Mac IS gay, he just doesn't know it yet. The rest of the group knows and have talked about it.

Someone raised an interesting point that all the males in his family that we know about have been gay or showed gay tendencies, his cousin, his other cousin, and his dad

Dennis wakes up in a room full of dudes after Mac got him wasted on tequila in the episode where Dennis does a full 180 on his morals and turns the place into a gay bar.

Mac hits on the PE coach because he felt left out that he molested Charlie and not him.

I love how Dennis is turning into more of a psychopath each season

Carmen is fine as hell though.

He was just putting in the time.

Did you think I was homophobic?


The M.A.C. system. Move in After Completion.

You made a poopie in your pants

He dated a pre op tranny.

Rule 1: Always cast yourself.

I think it was originally "Its Always Sunny on TV", when it was based in California

For the curious.

Considering they said carol, not holly...

Mac: I say we pull up our bootstraps, oil up a few asses, and do some plowing of our own!

Charlie & Dennis: uhh...

Mac: NOT gay sex.

Charlie & Dennis: ohhh ok.

Pleasant, orchestral music

Don't worry, guys. I have a plan.

Go Go Country Mac

You know what is badass? Being alive.

TIL an actor acts different on TV than what he is like in real life.

That was a great scene.

There's nothing badass about not wearing a helmet.

I know I'm likely going to be hated by posting this, but a guy who is dating a woman who is trans is in a straight relationship

That's what a parody is

I wouldn't say he's homophobic. He's just an idiot. They're all idiots, but they're all idiots in their own ways.

If you bring a knife to a fight you better know how to use it jabronie

He gets an erection whilst oiling up dudes/gets an erection from walking into a room full of jacked dudes. The guy who plays Dennis (Glenn Howerton) has pretty much said that all of the gang are bi-sexual.

There's a theory that Dennis made him gay so he could manipulate him whenever he wanted.

They've been together since at least the early 00s. They play incestuous cousins in a show and they were together then too.

That's the relationship between Michael and everyone he's ever met.

Yeah, but who can afford that?

They were incestuous brother / sister on Reno 911, I think that's what you were thinking of.

He did an ocular pat down - and it worked!

Yeah Charlie is definitely not bi. He loves the waitress. Pure and simple, just like his mind

I've always wanted to do butt stuff with Kaitlin Olson in character as Sweet Dee, sadly I think that is a fantasy that will never come true.

I want to believe that Michael and Carroll's relationship is how their marriage is in real life.

That's even more hetero than a guy and a girl gettin' hitched. Source: my penis.

That would add to Dennis's sociopathy

Niles too, but that may be less of a surprise.

"Okay LeFevre, lets see how far we can take this"

Carol or Holly? Michael and Carol's relationship consisted mainly of extreme awkwardness.

Dennis isn't an idiot I think. But he definitely has his issues.

It was a great season. There's an argument that they're jumping the shark, but there were so many laugh out loud moments that I just loved.

Pay tribute

Charlie is actually one of the more stable members of the group, he doesn't have it shit together and is dumb as hell, with a few moments of surprising cleverness (Health inspector episode), but as far as insanity he's probably one of the healthier members of the gang.

Dennis: An absolute sociopath and edging towards a serial killing spree Dee: No moral compass whatsoever, manipulative, also a sociopath, but not to the extent of Dennis Mac: Self hating gay, but honestly... one of the least harmful members of the gang to the rest of society Frank: Modern day Dionysus Charlie: Dumb as hell, stalker tendencies, manipulative, but overall harmless McPoyles: All kinds of fucked up

he is bi i believe. as he does enjoy banging the leftovers

Nobody is straight enough to pass up that ass.

That would make sense since the show was originally going to be about struggling actor freinds

They need to do an episode where they literally jump a shark or a statue of one. It'll garauntee another 10 seasons.

When did his dad do anything gay? The closest thing I can think of is when he wanted them to smuggle heroin up their butts.

"Did anyone else notice when he was lecturing about homosexuality he had an erection the entire time."

Transexual. She got her dick cut off and went full sex change.


The twist at the end of Dennis' episode is that Dee couldn't get a hold of her friends to prank Dennis, so Drunk Dennis got it on"all hands" style with two dudes of his own volition.

As for Mac going gay for attention from coach, it was the first in a long line of going gay for different reasons. Mac goes gay at the drop of a hat.

There is one moment in one of the later seasons where Dennis and Mac do the whole "slowly move towards each other to make out but get interrupted at the last moment" by Dee.

Rewatching the first season, it is clear they are confused about their sexual orientations from the start. Dennis wakes up in a room full of dudes and is told the night before was "all hands", and Mac shows up in short shorts then bites his lip and asks his old PE coach "what do you want me to do?"

In the first episode where they have a gay bar, macs cousin is there and is evidently gay.

I got my magnum condoms, I got my wad of hundreds, I'm ready to plow

Cis guy + trans woman = straight relationship.

Trans guy + cis woman = straight relationship.

You aren't marrying someone's genitals. Jeez...

Also, um, most trans people hate their given genitals and never use them as it causes distress for many. What you learned in porn, including terminology, is wrong.

Spoilers for later seasons if anyone wants to avoid them.

That's the joke, he's obviously gay. Also all the males in his family are gay, his cousin in the pilot says he's proud of how far Mac's come when he thinks Paddy's is a gay bar. There's country Mac, and then his dad.

Also nothing concrete for his mother, but she is living with a notably promiscuous woman in a kind of husband/wife relationship. It seems sexually open because Charlie's mom bangs Mac's dad and his partner. So it doesn't seem like Mac's mom was in any way surprised or bothered by her husband being gay or unfaithful.

Some of the few times she's actually done something it's been for Charlie's mom. Fixing the fan(?) and raising money to pay for the statue. They were things that helped her out too, but on other occasions she's barely even spoken. Even when getting bad news she doesn't care, the only person she's done anything helpful for is Charlie's mom.

And then Frank comes in for the scraps

So is Bulldog from Frasier.

That's pretty much what they did with this past season's "The Gang Misses The Boat" and Season 8's "The Gang Recycles Their Trash"; both very meta.

That's the one that showed Charlie as very very fucked up and manipulative

I think Dennis has easily surpassed Charlie as the most insane one in the gang. The episode last season that follows Charlie around trying to get the bar cleaned up for the health inspector shows that he is actually pretty functional as a psychopath. Dennis is just beyond reason at this point. Dennis at the end of "The Gang Breaks Dee" is completely insane.

I wish they would bring in Seinfeld cast for an episode. Just to pay homage.

Because that's the characters name on the show. Not literally, but the gang (being misinformed assholes) only ever refer to her as "the tranny"

To fans of the show it doesn't really make sense to call her anything else. Her real name is used like once

And Neil Patrick Harris who plays Barney Stinson is gay.

She's also Brandy in Joe Dirt.

And riding a motorcycle without a helmet is never badass.

It's just that even in season 1 he bangs a tranny. I think that's what started the ball rolling.

He has done nothing (voluntarily) sexual with another man. He married Frank and there was nothing sexual about it. They were two men with a sweet situation. He doesn't have fantasies or want sexual encounters with men. He's not bi