TIL Rapper Chamillionaire is a successful tech investor. One of his early investments, Maker Studios, recently sold to Disney for over $500 million. He's currently the "“Entrepreneur in Residence" at a venture capital firm.

TIL Rapper Chamillionaire is a successful tech investor. One of his early investments, Maker Stud...

Living up to his name.

Yea but according to the article he wants to be "Chabillionaire"

Good for him.

50 Cent was already taken.

My rapper name would be Chahundredaire.

Yeah, he can finally afford autographed Michael Jordan jerseys.

So was Nickelback.

People were asking how he got court side seats at the NBA Finals, I guess that's how.

Wait, wasn't maker studios sold also by the youtuber Kassem G?

He's the first to say that rap got him where he is now. The first million is always the hardest...

He's also a Pokemon

They see me ridin' savvy

I know right. People were like how many ringtones this dude sell that he still sitting court side at finals.

Yes and Shane Dawson and Ray William Johnson and etc

It really is. If im not mistaken, it was Chamillionaire in an interview was asked something along the lines of why he doesn't make music or that he was just a one hit wonder - his response was the real money is in tech and that music wasn't what he wanted it to be.

Imagine if Michael Jordan was as good at being nice as he is at playing basketball.

Not to downplay what he's accomplished, but this really sounds like a side-plot of next season's Silicon Valley.

Thanks for this! For anyone else in a similar predicament as me:

When rapper Chamillionaire had the opportunity to meet Jordan, his hero, he asked MJ for a picture with him. Not only did Jordan brush him off, but he also cursed him out and disrespected him by saying "“You know what, I tell you what, you pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you.'" Needless to say, Jordan lost one celebrity and childhood fan that night.

Too bad Pennywise is taken too.

Every person at their concert says i want my nickle back.

TIL entrepreneur and businessman from Texas Hakeem Serik is also a well respected rapper under the moniker 'Chamillionaire'.

They see me rollin'

We investin'

rwj? u sure? thought he was just a member, not an owner. Thats why he was given a shitty contract

He's a great rapper too, way better than just that one riding dirty song. Anybody remotely interested in hip hop needs to check out Paul Wall & Chamillionaire - Get Ya Mind Correct. It's a classic album, the chopped and screwed version is great too and has some freestyles that aren't on the regular version.

I'm not sure if you're aware that it was a figure of speech, but to say that "he's the first to say/admit (x)..." means that they're very aware of (x).

He probably wouldnt be good at basketball then. He was a bad man.

Stock holdin'

They tryna catch me insider trading.

On /sub/nba you can find a compilation of "Michael Jordan being an asshole" stories.

Tryna catch me tradin early

Tryna catch me tradin early

Dimebag is open.

Was it Kobe that came up to mike during his rookie year saying he was a fan and mike came back with, "I'm not your fucking daddy, boy, get away from me."

Yeah, Kassem was one of the founders that sold it it off.


Mixtape Messiah 2 - 5 were great.

I remember seeing a vlog video from him about attending a conference on business ideas in this internet world. Don’t think it was “live” so it is probably on Youtube somewhere.

Chamillitary mayne. porch door creaks open

Edit: Not the vlog video I had in mind but this was at some conference 6 years ago as the dates roughly add up.

piece of shit

Too bad Maker Studios is a network.

I've already smoked it

Wait is Michael Jordan not a nice guy? My only impression of him was from Space Jam so I don't know any better :(

They tryin to catch him ridin nerdy.

Chamillionaire > Michael Jordan


You may be right. I don't consider myself a buff on the stuff

Yeah it was like a year ago or so. maybe two.

And mainly Shaycarl

So is Sixpence None the Richer

"asked really good questions, and was even insightful"

Your friend is talking about him like he's a kid. lol

Jian Yang gets funded by Kendrick Lamarr

He stole Fatduebz's heart :(

Man I miss Kassem's vids

Disney dissolved it in to a bunch of kids channels which now rake in millions of more views than before. I don't think it was a terrible investment.

people tend to stereotype rappers and unfortunately black people as dumb

still gets no respect from Michael Jordan

Just watched that video the other day lol!!

That's like a millennium in internet time.

You never heard Ridin'.? It was inescapable a decade ago

Good thing he got a stage name because Hakeem Serik is not a rap name that anybody would listen to.



That's literally the first paragraph.

But only if you can manage to draw A Perfect Circle

My favorite is the collaboration album with Pall Wall. "Get your Mind Correct".

It was made by a ton of people. I believe Shay Carl and Philip DeFranco were also co-owners in it as well as all the other people mentioned below. The sale was huge for all those involved and the deal was 500M up front with the potential to be raised to nearly double that at 950M if financial milestones were met. There's a Wikipedia entry for it that explains it better than I can. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maker_Studios

"Recently" sold to Disney?

He's also 20 years younger. Bigger fortunes have been made in shorter times.

Because there's nothing real about the entertainment industry

Fuck Michael Jordan's hoe ass! Haha

You'd need a special Tool to do that


There's a chance he gets richer than Michael Jordan if he keeps up the track record.

Chamillionaire also bought an MJ jersey in Jordan's fund raiser for children earlier that day. That's why jordan said 15,000 dollars.

Watch his live show every thursday homie. It's actually hilarious. There's kind of a storyline in each one so start from the beginning.

Didn't he say something about how there were rich people in music, but he saw that there was wealthy people in tech so that's why he started investing

I see him rollin' I'm not hatin...

He speaks so well!

The wild, wild, west days. No one knew for sure if YouTube could be profitable. And these people started a company to make it profitable


Time to go listen to Full Circle again.

A friend at next to and eventually chatted up Chamillionaire at a VC conference maybe 5-6 years ago. His takeaway was that he was very savvy, asked really good questions, and was even insightful.

Holy shit. This brings me back. Damn.

He's so well spoken!!!


"Entrepreneur in residence" at a venture capital firm

Sounds like good work if you can get it

When using it like /u/THEDrunkPossum, it makes more sense to others if you say it like..."he'll be/he'd be the first to say that rap got him where he is now."

Umm he owns a part of a not even fortune 500 company. Jordan owns part of the wizards. Chamillionaire is a long ways off

That's my friend's cousin. When he was first blew up I went to his house and he was there. I was thinkin 'why is there a rapper in this nigga's kitchen' and I was informed that Chamillionaire just so happened to be this kid's cousin. Good to see he's still doing well.

:( Can't watch while at work. Will try to remember to later.

So articulate!

How so


About Time...


Classic album. Absolutely essential for anybody remotely interested in rap music.

DAE money and companies are bad?

From you?

Im the CEO of my own company. We have shitloads of work. I right now classify the company as a multi-hundred dollar company.