TIL Panera Bread is called Saint Louis Bread Company exclusively in the St. Louis metro area.

TIL Panera Bread is called Saint Louis Bread Company exclusively in the St. Louis metro area.

No,you're backwards.... St. Louis Bread Company is called Panera in most places.... Seriously, I was very confused when all of the sudden they were called Panera.

This is the correct answer. Although most St. Louisians just call it "Bread Co."

Nothing worse than when you're from stl and people say you're stupid for calling it bread co. Bitch we invited bread co

It's called st. Louis bread co. In other places they call it panera because

a. People don't associate st Louis with bread.

B. The company didn't want to lose money via boycotting during sports seasons.

Source: my first job was at st Louis bread co and they told me this during employee orientation.

Bread Co > Panera

They will probably tell you what high school they went to also

It use to be called Saint Louis Bread Company here but years back it was changed to Panera

*Baseball season

Except zero people think "bread time!" when they see the word Panera.

Easiest way to tell if somebody isn't native. That or them not liking Hodak's.

That and Gonorrhea.

Except it's literally the same thing.

There will be endless fights about this, just a warning.

Panera is easier to trademark, but you gotta keep St Louis Bread company name in St. Louis

It's honestly just a cracker with sauce and fake cheese. Lived here for 17 years and never liked it.

Now pi in the Delmar loop is what's up!

Or if they like imos

California Pizza Kitchen thinks you should go fuck yourself. Also, it's St. Louis Bread Co, or just Bread Co. Panera is just shorthand.

According to the corporate training program I took here in St Louis, it was actually because nobody correlates st louis with good bread. Panera is just easier to market.

Most of us love our imos. Most non St. Louisians don't get imos

I agree with you, but as a BLUES fan this makes me sad :(

Fun fact: Panera gets it name from "pan" and "era", which is bread is Spanish, and a time span. It's name is literally bread-time.

Source: a planet bread session and baguette university (yes, there are real things for all Panera employees)


Best bread in baseball.

Best fans in baseball.

Best hackers in baseball.

ITT: Everyone is from St. Louis

Everywhere except St. Louis.

I go to Mizzou, and being that there is a huge population of both st. louis kids, and a lot from the kc/chicgo/dallas areas, shit gets real when we start arguing over bread co (what is will always be to me) and panera. I won't call it panera unless chicago kids stop talking about the fucking blackhawks

We rarely get a chance to speak, but when we do, we wont shut up about our high schools.



He means the name is better, not the concept.

You're thinking of the wild cat conservation group Panthera.

It's because st Louis bread company is a long name, and making up a word for bread-time (pan= bread, era= time span) was simpler and catchy

Where is "here?" Because I'm in Crestwood and there's a Saint Louis Bread Co. visible from my house.

It's Bread Co when your in and around St Louis. Panera everywhere else.

Mildly interesting and related tidbit: When I was in HS ('04-'08) I worked at Atlanta Bread Company - for those who don't know it is a chain that is pretty much exactly like Panera, I always joked they just wanted to be Panera. Anyway, similar to St. Louis Bread Co, they were looking into changing to a non-region specific name as it's easier to brand across the country. Well, the name they came up with was Zaria. Horrible name, but that's just my opinion. They got all the way to the point where they had logos and designs for everything and had actually made shirts, cups, etc. For whatever reason they decided not to pull the trigger on the name change and I was able to take an insane amount of Zaria cups with me to college. I'm talking enough to get me thru almost my first full year of college just using Zaria cups. Talk about a company wasting some moneyyyyy.

Planet Bread was the biggest waste of time. Thought my brain was going to turn to mush from boredom

Can confirm. Born in the Lou= love Imo's. Wife from Texas = confused and somewhat horrified by Imo's.

Blackhawk fans at Mizzou are worse than Blackhawk fans in Chicago. However, I always looked forward to blues/hawks playoff hockey just for the craziness at Big 12.

I miss you CoMO :(

You want to think about a fun fact? The Cardinals have as many Stanley Cups as the Blues do.

Finally a good thing about STL on the front page! Yay!

That was nice of you! Did you invite anyone else?

It's still Bread Co. in Edwardsville, IL

I have so many arguments with my friends in college about this, since they all refuse to let me call it St. Louis Bread Co, and insist that it is Panera. Uh...no...it will always be St. Louis Bread Co to me.

Do St Louisians not like imos? I only lived there for 3 years. I love me some imos.

Being from STL this thread makes me warm inside.

I personally think Panera is better, because I heard it first.

Panera is Spanish for breadbasket.

You misspelled "money"

Lutheran St. Charles...

What about Atlanta Bread Company?

For a second, I thought Pantera made bread.

A Vulgar Display of Gluten.

You got invited to gonorrhea?

No. Different company.

"It's barely social engineering."

Dewey's is way better than pi.

I'm usually at Imo's within a half hour of getting my bags at Lambert. I'm powerless against provel.

Wasn't Panera a rock band?

What?! We have toasted fucking ravioli

I grew up in Kirkwood and loved me some Imo's. Moved to Tampa circa '94 and I believe right about that time there was one down here that failed miserably.

Anytime I go back up to visit, I stuff my face with as much Imo's as humanly possible while I can.

They are related because they person who started the chain started by working at Panera. The person took the recipe book and ran somewhere else to start a copy of Panera in an attempt to cash in on how good it was.

Atlanta is literally a pirated version of Panera. Source: what they tell people who work at Panera.

Fuck the Blackhawks and fuck Chicago kids.

Can confirm, go to SEMO, just far enough for it to be Panera and I got constant shit for my nomenclature


I'm fully prepared for any hate I receive.

Toasted ravioli, not fried!

As a native St Louisian, Imos sucks, imo (always wanted to do that) but really for STL style pizza I prefer Elicia's or Cecil Whitakers

I know, me and my buddy sat there while the instructor told us about our name and thought the exact same thing

Edwardsville is in the Metro-east.

And gooey butter cake.

Pantera makes PIZZA! And it's good.

I was just about to post in this thread about Atlanta Bread Company and if they were related in some way to Panera/St Louis Bread Company. Thanks for answering the question for me!

There was a running joke when I was in marching band in highschool that Clayton marching bands marched in gold-fiber Tuxedos, playing instruments made of solid platinum.

Oddly enough, there is also a Pantera's Pizza here in STL.

Deweys is fuck all more expensive than Pi

Actually, they were bought by another company that revamped the whole business and in the process changed the name to Panera.


My first words were lets go blues, it hurt me as much to say it

This is true. I grew up in KC and I wasnt fond of eating there because it was from St. Louis. Now I don't really care about that so much. But there's some bitter blood between some folks in KC & STL still and it goes back to the 85 World Series. People still get mad about that call on 1st base. I'm 100% serious right now.

Me and a few of my friends just made a joke out of it, being wisecracks and smart asses to the instructor; but at least you were paid for wasting an hour of your life

Find a Pantera's!

That's rough man...

We call the baskets for bread that you put on the table Panera

You misspelled "old money."

Me and my Pattonville degree will go look for more minimum wage.

What High School did you go to?

Panera bought Paradise in 2009.


Grew up in St. Charles, now I live in Orlando, FL. Parents bring me the huge tub of Provel from Costco when they visit. Can't live without Provel. Have seriously considered opening a St. Louis store down here selling our beloved St. Louis style Pizzas, Toasted Ravs, Pork Steaks, Gooey Butter Cakes, some Ted Drews and/or Fritz's Frozen Custard, and throw in some Red Hot Riplets for grins

I found that out in april. My husband and I were so confused when we went to Missouri.

In Tulsa the first one that opened was called St Louis Bread. Then they changed the sign to Panera a year or so after.

AN hour?! I had to go for four hours and they didn't mention there wouldn't be any smoke breaks until it was over.

I got a better job a week later and never even went to Bread Co. Straight up wasted 4 hours of my life. But hey, since I wasn't allowed to smoke, maybe I gained 4 more. Good looking out, Bread Co.