TIL: Over the course of two weeks, a single human male produces enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet.

TIL: Over the course of two weeks, a single human male produces enough sperm to impregnate every ...

And they will mostly end up in a sock or a wad of toilet paper

That's a TERRIBLE way to treat fertile women!

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised

I was so shocked when I found out about battered women.

I've been eating them plain for years

This could make for an interesting last 'last man on earth, but all women survived (and no sperm banks)' movie plot.

Challenge quickly reconsidered

Challenge accepted.

It doesn't turn out that way.

It's Snog's first time, BE GENTLE!

Ah, the ol reddit cumaroo!

I read the plot summary, holy shit that was a rollercoaster of events

Not every human male :(

If they just mean that # of sperm = # of fertile women, they're doing it wrong.

Sperm comes in a variety of modalities (or dare I say it, flavors) that perform a whole host of functions. This includes sperm designed to fight off other sperm or just block other sperm from reaching the egg. Actual fertilizing sperm makes up a pretty small portion of the total allotment, and it takes several just to break down the walls of a single egg and get one of the tailrunners to actually make it all the way through.

VICE better have done the math right on their un-cited stats, or they're just jerking us all off.



Robin Baker's "Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles"

Hold my testes, I'm going in!

Well did he cum or what?

Start at all the Walmarts.

I once read that a single ejaculation contains as much as 50 terabytes of genetic data. Which means that your sock has greater capacity than your hard drive.

The way to a woman’s bed is through her parents. Have sex with them and you’re in.

I got your back, buddy.

And it's one of the greatest graphic series of all time with the biggest letdown ending ever.

My advice is read all of them in one sitting and stop about halfway through the last one.

Go home dad.

Hello future people!

:) :( :) :(

I find the most erotic part of a woman are the boobies.

The data corruption rate is fairly high over time.

Better fundamentals, more fun to watch


And that's just one load. Think about how many you can get on a single sock before you even have to wash it!

I'll sit over here and watch.

Crushed pelvises.

And lowered expectations.

That's the writer.

For the first time in the history of the 'roo, this comment works on multiple levels.

dosn't matter had sex?

"DEATH BY SNU SNU!" kiff shrieks "what are you gay?" Favorite line out of the whole series

This also doesn't take into account the failure rate of fertilized eggs.

Assuming the woman is fertile, she may not even release an egg in every single cycle (otherwise referred to as an "annovulatory" cycle), which happens to most women on average once or twice per year. And not every viable sperm group will successfully fertilize an egg. If it does, the fertilized egg also needs to travel and implant in the uterus, which isn't guaranteed. After that the implanted egg has as high as a 1 in 3 chance of miscarrying.

There's a reason it can take a perfectly healthy couple a year to conceive. It's pretty difficult to get a pregnancy to stick.


Why was it a letdown? I read through the series and enjoyed it all the way through.

You enjoyed the ending? The "reasoning" behind the whole thing?

Maybe it's just an article to put into perspective the number of sperm made by the average human male and not a scientific document?

Baby, it'll blow your mind.

What'd they die of?

And how pointlessly cruel the ending was.

That's essentially an episode of the TV show Sliders.

They zip into an alternate universe where the Cold War was fought with bio weapons, only a few males survived, and for some reason IVF doesn't seem to exist.

Or your mum's face.

Forget the sock. What about a cardboard box?

"...give me my beer back"

Back to /sub/incels for you.

Most of the women at my Walmart are damn good looking, but that comes with the University town.

I'm not sure that is the LPT I needed today...

During the trip, the group is chased by multiple parties who know of Yorick's existence and want to capture or kill him for their own purposes, including an Israeli army commando named Alter, the militant Daughters of the Amazon, and a ninja.

I need to read this.

There is even with just two people.

It might not be the most healthy population, but it can survive under ideal conditions.

Of course they put a woman in that position in the thumbnail

That is about 186000 women a minute. I don't know if I should be impressed or amused.

EDIT: 7500000000 (current estimated population) / 2 (ratio of males to females) / (2 * 7 * 24 * 60)

He ain't my man. I just like to watch. Reeeeeaaaaalllll creepy like. Maybe whisper shit like,

"Yeah, give him the business."

Or "Now run your hands through his chest lettuce."

Or maybe some sweet nothings because I might feel romantic and whatnot.

I'm scareroused!


The reasoning behind it didn't really matter to me. What Yorick went through was more interesting than why man became extinct. Although figuring the mystery was a part of the driving force to continue reading.

Fuckin ew man :(

Well they should have made it more clear, this ruins my plans for Friday night.

Don't ever watch The last man on earth. Biggest depressive let down ever. Such potential, all gone to waste.

But not all women on earth are fertile

LPT: With a pair of scissors make a 45 degree cut halfway through the heel of the sock. This allows you to put your penis through the heel pointing first to the toe end of the sock, and then to the opening, AND then you can enter from the opening as well. This allows three loads to be deposited without too much contact with any other load. Of course, usually the toe end can take a couple itself.

Preferably use a cotton dress sock, as they are thinner and softer. If you want a real treat a woman's silk sock is also a good choice.

To his hopefully plain wife

I hadn't seen one of those links in a long time

The environmentally friendly way is on your hand and let the dog clean it up. Saves a little money on dog food, too; which is also good for the environment.

A cuck eh

Because cloning helps with genetic diversity...

I loved the first episode when he was alone. Couldn't stand the woman.

I've grown fond of kleenex

so you're telling me we don't need an army of super virile men scoring around the clock?

Or a shoebox

Jesus Christ, man! There's just some things you don't talk about in public!

It's okay, I'll share mine with you :)


She's done YouTube videos like the one where she's literally banging a male sex doll on camera and describing what it feels like as she's doing it. Very devoted to her craft, I salute her.

for the curious

Ideally: The two people are as unrelated as possible, perfectly healthy teenagers with no hereditary diseases in the family last couple generations before them. Healthy varied diet, good physical fitness and an environment that's a near paradise.

I am in no way surprised by this

But me want snu snu

They made it a duke nukem game

Good thing we've got backups!

Oh god that is the saddest thing I've ever seen.


I have always considered the house cat to be a self cleaning cum rag.

If they're not accounting for any of the above, then it's off by orders of magnitude.

Am I being pedantic? Sure.

But this is how bullshit "Hey, did you know..." falsehoods get spread around and good god do we have enough shitty/incomplete sex education in this world as it is.

lol I just meant that the title specifically says every "fertile" woman so that should be reflected in the math

She knows

This is what I came here to see.....

what are 'ideal conditions' if there's already been some gender-destroying apocalyptic event?

That sounds like quitter talk.

Same here. It fucking sucks. All of our friends have kids, but not us. Even my brother-in-law and his wife who have been married three months just told us they're pregnant.

Or a jar, with a My Little Pony figurine.