TIL only 64–77% of people experience a headache at some point in their lives.

TIL only 64–77% of people experience a headache at some point in their lives.

Weird. I experience a headache 64-77% of my life.

This is bs

Astounding! I thought headaches were amongst one of the most common things to bother humans.

TIL I hate 23-36% of people.

According to webmd, you've got a tumor.

64-77% of people agree with you.

I don’t believe that.

There are so many things that cause headaches, a third of all humans avoid them entirely?

Eets naht a toomah!

Thanks! It's not so bad right now. Originally, the goal was to slow it down with chemo and radiation, and I'd die in a year instead of in 3 months. Now, it's looking like I'll be one of the 3% that live.

only being beaten by mosquitos and other humans ;)

I never have. I've been told it's like a big pressure in your head and light and sound hurts, but that sounds out there to me.

So, is there anyone here that's NEVER had a headache?

And here I am waking up with a migraine every day of my life

Then you've had headaches before.

Not all headaches have you writhing on the floor in pain wishing for death. Many are just dull pain due to things like dehydration or blood pressure or other subtle interactions. Probably most go away on their own or with basic intervention (go drink some water, get sleep, eat less salt/sugar). Basically if you ever felt something undesirable in your head that wasn't external (surface trauma) then you've had a headache before.

People who have migraines often need some form of medical intervention (meds) to break the cycle and there's a lot of voodoo into what causes them and how to efficiently treat them. People who have cluster headaches are seriously fucked. These headaches aren't treated by meds at all and they cause a lot of pain for a long time to the point they'll often harm themselves to distract from the headache.


"Epidemiological studies conducted in the general population point to average headache prevalence rates of 46% for 1-year prevalence and of 64% for lifetime prevalence."

hmm, well thats what "studies" have to say

Well, that makes me feel extra grateful for the multiple headaches per week I get.

TYL there are different types of head aches.

I've never had a migraine and obviously don't suffer from cluster headaches... but run of the mill headaches (often caused by dehydration) from time to time for sure.

It’s not. A headache is when anything inside your skull hurts. There are a lot of different kinds, some are sharp and stabby, some are dull and throbbing, some are achy. Migraines are a totally different category, they are the “childbirth” of headaches.

That's a different guy, though.

Same here. I used to suffer from chronic migraines, but they've declined in recent years. Now it is rare for me to get more than one a month.

It is also rare for a day to go by where I don't have a headache though. When I first heard some people don't ever have headaches I was shocked. What is that even like!


I honestly find it really hard to sympathize with my SO when she gets cranky from one. I imagine it like being real hungover

Maybe their brains are too big for their heads