TIL Norway sends the UK Christmas trees every year as a symbol of gratitude for “preserving Norwegian liberty” during World War 2.

TIL Norway sends the UK Christmas trees every year as a symbol of gratitude for “preserving Norwe...

and not just a little one either and we really appreciate it.

As a child, when we found ourselves walking through the square around christmas, every year my father would turn to me and say, "see that great big tree? Norway sent that as a thank you for help in the second world war. Nice of them to still send them every year".

As a Nova Scotian we ship the nicest tree we can find to Boston for Christmas every year as a thank you for their aid in the Halifax explosion. Everyone loves a bigass christmas tree.

We love you too, Norge. <3

"How can I make this about America?"

The dutch send canada a buttload of flowers every year for the same reason :)

One sits just outside my office window. Cheers Norway!

One sits . Cheers Norway!

Maybe the first ones, now we get them from all over the province to pick the best ones. It's kind of a source of pride to have one picked from your county.

Did you give refuge to our royal family? Did you protect the merchant fleet? Did you train and cooperate with our resistance forces? Y'all didn't get involved until late 1941, and at that point we'd already been occupied for 1,5 years. Besides that, thanks for everything your grandads did after D-day 1944.

And from what I've heard, those trees still might have chunks of metal embedded in them from the Halifax explosion.

It was British troops which liberated Norway in 1945.

Wow those lights are so shit

It's a good joke, and I laughed but it's important to remember some of the French fought hard and well and gave their lives to let the British army have more time and escape back to England via Dunkirk.

My grandfather lost his youngest brother at Dunkirk but always respected and frequently reminded us of those French who fought on to the death letting much of the British army to live on.


And every year I'm advocating shipping them in a boat, like normal countries. But noooo, they want to stick to their tradition...

Londoner here - I live near Trafalgar square and smile every year when I first see the trees. A lot of us are very fond of Norway.

Aye, fair play. The Norwegians didn't supply the lights.

Thank you Norway x :)

Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?

Germany sends France reams of white cotton fabric every year as a symbol of gratitude for "surrendering French liberty" during World War 2.

That's not at all what happened though. The French cabinet included a number of far right autocrats, and the cabinet voted to abandon democracy to install a fascist regime to collaborate with Hitler. That regime then rounded up and handed over more Jews than the Nazis asked for. They also refused to hand over their navy to the allies before the surrender, knowing that it would aid the Nazis in the war.

The French heros were junior cabinet ministers like De Gaulle who fled to Britain to continue to fight. And the many ordinary French people who played a part in the French resistance.

A lot of us Norsemen are very fond of you lot as well!

People who characterise the French as cowards are fools. France has a long and proud military history.

Germany's army was overwhelmingly powerful in WW2, it was an understandable decision in order to preserve French lives, as difficult as it would have been for the French to make that decision.

Liverpool city centre has three main christmas trees.

A small one in a square that is relatively nice.

A gigantic metal monstrosity made of flashing hearts that needs to be...dealt with.

And the gigantic tree from Norway that is always the christmas tree in town.

They used to send mustard gas over the border to commemorate WWI, but they are a little bit more civil now.

If you're going yo use some Norwegian go all out!

Vi elsker deres også, Norge.

(Please forgive any grammatical errors, I'm still learning the language.)

Cumberland county checking in, I don’t recall if a tree has ever been sent from here. But maybe we can send them some wild blueberries?

In the US, safe and sound thousands of miles from any actual warzones where nothing is risked.

But in seriousness, it was the UK who liberated Norway specifically.

For a number of years now, my council, who receives one of these friendship trees, also sources a number of Norwegian spruces and firs to raise money for charitable causes in our borough. It's a really beautiful thing.

Odd. The UK likes to invade Norway all time in my HOI games

People massively underestimate how important the Canadians were in the world wars though. Canadian infantry was some of the best in the British army in world war one, and the best of the dominions, other than arguably the ghurkas in world war 2

Which country did America liberate?

I watched an interview show where they spoke to people living in France during ww2. It's amazing how grateful the French were that the British kept the promise of coming back. You never see it in American films but it's something that has stayed with me.

Tough crowd.

Norway! please keep sending us the tree at Christmas! We really appreciate it, and it brings a lot of pleasure to so many people in London.

"Dere" :) Deres means yours.

Lots of churches like that all over the place in England.

Come visit!

Seriously. I'm American and his post made me cringe. And its not like European countries haven't done things for us as a way of saying thank you. The French treatment of US Normandy cemetaries have been exemplary. They do an extradinary job of looking after our fallen.

I think most Norwegians consider it a great honour.

You're welcome! <3

American war films may as well be high-fantasy.

For me, that is all out.

What do they send the Swedes? Does Hallmark make a card that says 'I forgive you for collaborating with Nazis'?

Most of them are OK, the it's just the worse ones seem to be quite vocal

I’ll take them on behalf of Boston :)

What do you mean Canada? Canada declared war upon Germany immediately after Britain did, as did the rest of the Commonwealth. And no I don’t see this as a slight to any country, the UK received the Christmas trees because the UK was more involved than any other country in liberating Norway. Canada receives Tulips every year from the Netherlands as well for their part in helping the Netherlands, that doesn’t mean that the Dutch are being passive aggressive to the US or UK (who also played a part in liberation).

I stayed a some guys house in Bergen one year and he found out I was a Geordie and he told me the story of how his dad supplied the tree that Bergen used to send to Newcastle every year!

Canada had some damn good soldiers in the World Wars and so did Australia

Australia has participated with the U.S. in (I think) every war and police action, including Vietnam. I believe they are our most loyal ally, as well as the nicest people (as a nationality) that I've met in decades.

When I was there for a few weeks in October, I was offered sympathy for our current national insanity. Also, I went to a busy urban gas station, saw there was no credit card payment option at the pump, and went in to ask if I had to pay first. The guy smiled at me and said, "This isn't the United States, mate." Been a long time since I was trusted to pay for gas after pumping it.

With the fall of France, there was no way the allies would've been able to hold out in Norway. The British had to start worrying about an invasion of the U.K.


Unfortunately, the rest of Europe seems to have quickly forgotten

The city council decided to stop sending a tree to Iceland. The people got so angry they reversed the decision immediately.

We will send you trees as long as I'm able to heckle politicians...

The US played its role like all the allies did. It didn't contribute more to the war against Germany than the rest.

Halifax, Canada sends Boston, Massachusetts a Christmas tree each year. It's in recognition of when Boston sent trains full of doctors and nurses to help immediately following the Great Explosion. Thanks, NPR!

Listen pal, they dont tell you how to live. How about you return the courtesy?

The Uk was planning to invade Norway which prompted the German to do so first.

Did not know about this. I'll take one 7 footer. No base, I have a stand. I'll dm my address. Thanks Norway.

I love stuff like this. Honoring the commitments of past generations. Genuinely makes the world seem like a better place.

Quite a few of them were a bit overly keen a few hundred years ago! Was that just the national equivalent of pulling on the pigtails of the girl you fancy in the playground?

And they're beautiful trees. It's nice seeing friendships come out after terrible events.

We sell them oil. And with the money earned we helped the Chinese buy Volvo.


They also send them a Norwegian Ridgeback every Triwizard Tournament.

Well, actually Norway does send a Christmas tree to Washington DC as well. But these trees are American (something about US customs or something). In fact, 17 different cities around the world received Norwegian Christmas trees. Usually as a gesture to paired cities.

I'm not blaming the average Frenchman, but I think it's naive to dismiss the majority of the French government at the time as a "few rats". They were democratically elected and yet they chose to abandon democracy when they saw their moment to collaborate with the Nazis. It's a nasty strain in French politics that has long existed. It goes back to the ultras that never accepted the liberalism of even the early, moderate parts of the French Revolution and continues today with the National Front coming second for President.

Largest Empire in History -> Sucks at fighting wars. ??

Thats more or less how we court the ladies up here.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is finding Nova Scotians and thanking them for our tree.

Thanks for the tree friend!

Canada had some damn good soldiers in the World Wars and so did Australia

Norway is such a pleasant neighbor. Quite different to their menacing Viking days.

Maybe send a little something to Norway for our role too?

This is why you chop down a fiber optics tree, instead. I can't believe they're so inconsiderate.

American assholes seem to be particularly arrogant and ignorant compared to assholes from other countries.

There's assholes everywhere. American assholes just seem to be quite vocal on the internet. It's easy for some people to not realize the impact of war on other countries that are so close together whenever you're nice and safe across an ocean.

God I hate Americans

Are you considering moving here? The country is amazing. I come from the UK, and it's less busy, more relaxed, more beautiful. There is so much space! In the UK the houses are all connected and when I would go into my garden, I'd have about 8 or 9 houses looking down on me. In Norway, it's so much better. One downside is that people don't seem to care about privacy. There are no curtains or nets on the majority of homes, walking down the street at night you can look into peoples houses. Everything is expensive too! Especially beer. But the perk of living near the Swedish border is that you can just go buy it cheaper from Sweden. Also summers are brutal because of humidity. I was expecting some sun, but I thought hey its Norway, it'll be fineee. But no, it gets hotter than England, suffocating you in a heat blanket and then finishing you off with an army of mosquitoes. Apart from that, it's a great country! I fell in love with it the moment I first visited.

What do you mean Europe doesn't appreciate American involvement? It's very much appreciated, and would be more so if it wasn't chest-beaten about or fretted about recieving proper dues every time many Americans bring it up.

Try not to be so late next time. If we say 14', we don't mean 17', and If we say 39', we don't mean 41'.


The icelandic government fully cooperated with the British, it was better to be occupied by the British than the Germans during WW2.

That's what we want you to thin...uhm, I mean...yes.

America lost a war to malnourished rice farmers, and you have the nerve to call the UK army bad. Lul

Yes. It is appreciated and always a lovely gesture every year.

I should move to Norway. And become a forester.

I'm British, and it would be an outrage if you had to pay before you pumped.

What? No. By no way in any sense was that what occurred in the Norwegian campaign. The campaign started off incredibly poorly for the Allies as Norway had avoided mobilizing its armed forces fully prior to the invasion both attempting to avoid provoking German troops and to maintain its neutrality, combined with the poor overall equipment of the Norwegian forces and confusion in its command structure the Germans made quick gains. The Allied Expeditionary force didn't manage to land in Norway until after the South of the country containing many of the major cities and the bulk of the Norwegian Army had fallen, by the time the British and French managed to land troops there were only a small number of Norwegian troops still fighting and the Government was displaced to the north.

The French, British, Polish and Norwegian troops that could be organized tried to fight back against the Germans, but in general were outnumbered in both men and material as they could only land limited reinforcements and were heavily outnumbered in the air by the Luftwaffe.

The decision to retreat was made because most of Norway had fallen to the Germans, the Norwegian army had lost all cohesion and the Wehrmacht had just attacked the low countries in Central Europe and was in danger of circumventing the Maginot Line and the war in France was about to escalate meaning that every available piece of men and material was needed to repel Germany on the Western Front, and even them proved insufficient.

The decision to withdraw from Norway was, and remains in some manners controversial. But in many ways it was an untenable conflict that the Allies could not win, and with the pressure on France itself troops were sorely needed elsewhere.

All in all the Allies and Britain in particular lost thousands of lives trying to defend Norway, to say they simply ran away is an insult to those who died defending the country.


Speaking of WW2. Today is the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

"December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy."


Russia occupied their captured territory, so naw. US didn't show up till the last year, we're still a bit salty...

... that's a thing?

Not at all. Liberating France was a group effort. The US contributed, much like the UK, Canada and other countries

If you like good churches, you should pay a visit to my home town of Lincoln, home of the spectacular Lincoln Cathedral (Featured briefly in The Da Vinci Code movie)

If you like good churches, you should pay a visit to my home town of Lincoln, home of the spectacular (Featured briefly in The Da Vinci Code movie)

A strip of water is all that stopped him from attacking the US, what’s your point? What I don’t understand is how you fail to understand WW2 and the liberation of France was a group effort. They teach that in countries with good education systems.

If you do the lights up and down the tree not round the tree, you are scum.

OTOH, my brother got the contract to do all the trees in princes street gardens one year, and it took him about a week going round the trees, apparently it takes a day to go up and down.

It's in response to the post suggesting firstly, the old meme of 'America won the war' (since it was Britain that liberated Norway), and then ignores the fact that it was given in response to the level of sacrifice that the UK gave (daily bombings of all urban areas) and were still able to throw men into the grinder to liberate them.

People are often a bit resentful of the American narrative surrounding WW2 since the US mainland was never at risk, and stood to gain significantly from involvement in WW2. The reason that the US stands as a global superpower now is because of the war debts accumulated from European colonial powers after the worlds wars. It was typically a non-interventionist nation that only got involved after Pearl Harbour and subsequent lobbying from Churchill (a half American) to join the European theatre.

Yes, obviously Americans died, but you can understand the resent to the narrative of 'where's America's cookie?' when talking about all some of the other nations in the war, who objectively sacrificed more.

smug, smarmy Europeans

Get a new meme.

They actually did this to Iceland, and some Icelanders weren't very happy about it.

If you believe that, you’re fucking retarded lol.

Far be it for the French having to fight to defend one of their own towns, but the British evacuated 123,000 French soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk. (out of a total of 338,226 men)

Iceland sends their best christmas tree to the Faroe Islands every year, hoping we will not invade. I don’t know, but I think the one they sent this year is not exactly straight, so any Icelanders, explain please - or else!

Is this your impression from history class or your own analysis?

I would really emphasize world war one, the battle of Vimy Ridge for instance... but any nation part of the Commonwealth of nations and served in the War you saw some real shit

Probably looks better when it's dark

Real talk are we not going to mention how stunning that...church, I want to say?...is behind the tree?