TIL Mark Hamill is The Best

TIL Mark Hamill is The Best

The world doesn’t deserve Mark Hamill.

I bet Mark Hamill is the kind of guy that when he was coming up in his career he said to himself that if he ever got really famous he would be super generous to fans and actually followed through on it.

Neither did the Jedi.

Mark Hamill truly is a gift. His compassion and understanding of how his role as Luke and Star Wars in general means a lot more to people then just movies is a beautiful light in this rather dark world. He truly cares and goes above and beyond.

He is definitely that kind of guy.

when i was younger i thought the jedi embodied good, and the sith embodied evil.

now i'm older and have a more mature mind. being devoid of emotion doesn't make you good. it makes you impassive and neutral, which can be just as bad as being evil if it serves your purpose.

edit: since this is blowing up, i'd like to add the following comment. my comment regarding the jedi order, is based on their creed, exert from a reply i made below:

There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force

although one of mace windu's disciples and younger jedi apparently started reciting this creed, which i agree with more, but is very different than the first idealogically.

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force

the original creed lead to things, from my perspective, like anakin not allowed to be married, because love is also a powerful emotion that could cloud his judgement, being devoid of wordly anchors was more important to the order than teaching the disciples how to control and segregate their emotions when performing their duties.

Him and Tom Hanks. National treasures.

That's so cute; the dude's hand is shaking with excitement at 1:50. I'd just cry right away I think. In a totally-not-manly-I'm-44-and-grew-up-woshipping-Hamill kinda way.

It took me a good few seconds to figure out who Window is.

He was such a beautiful person... before he turned to the dark side in 10 days. Get hype!

I could recant and say that while yes being passive and neutral is wrong, they did stand for balance and even though not “good” they stood between evil and people who deserved it.

I don’t like the Jedi tenets because it pushes potentially good Jedi to the dark side. Emotional? Only way to express your emotions is to join the dark side. On a side note Window was quite “on the line” for a Jedi. I always muse myself that’s why he had a purple light saber. Red and Blue. But I know that’s not why.

If anakin could simply have a wife and family, he wouldn’t have ever become Vader. (If he got help from the Jedi instead of Palpatine but he would have been rebuked.)

The only argument I find to this is like, emotions can sometimes cause you to do stupid shit.

I wonder how far he had to travel for the visit and when this was. Really touching.

At first when he said he wrote him on his second birthday party, I thought he meant when he was turning two...

EDIT: Host did as well, but checking by Adam Scott's age and Empire's release he would've been turning 7.

The true Last Jedi.

He left the universe how he entered it - getting pushed out a Window

Southern California

not-unbearable drive

Something doesn't add up here. :)

It's generally accepted he meant

I gather this was a subject of intense debate.


What makes it so much better is how humble he is about it. He never publicises this stuff, so he obviously does out for nothing other than kindness. I’m so glad he’s getting another big burst of popularity, he deserves it more than anyone

Fuck this “nobody” guy then

Nobody doesn't like Tom Hanks!

A word from A Stranger In A Strange Land. You can identify a certain generation of sci-fi nerds because we use it. It means to understand something intuitively or through empathy.

It's generally accepted he meant 2nd grade even if he stumbled a bit on the words. 7 years old is about 2nd grade

The original tweeter mentions being in the film industry, it's not unreasonable to assume they live in Southern California. It's also not unreasonable to assume tweeter's friend (and sick child) lives in Southern California because people tend to know people that live near them. And Mark Hamill is from California dn in the entertainment business, so again it's pretty safe to assume he lives in Southern California.

So not to take away from Mark Hamill doing this totally awesome thing, but I think it's reasonable to expect it was a not-unbearable drive for Mark to get to this kid. Other than the fact that he would have been driving in Southern California, of course.

Mark Hamill: 1 of 3 remaining male celebrities that I'd let be near a female relative.

If it turns out Mark Hamill is also one of these sorts, I just don't know what I'd do....

Usually, when they ask you to tell a story on any of these late night shows it's for a reason. So he probably had an idea that something was up, but not what.

No, you can get true Jedi by collecting enough studs.

Am I hyped for my reserved reclining seats on row e seat 8-16 for me and my neighbor's? Fuck yeah

Who are your other two? Mine are Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves.

Shit...now I'm crying.


Sometimes I wish I could be famous so I could do two things:

1) Put lots of money towards curing diseases and illnesses that kill kids

2) Spend my time making dying kids happy

Twitter is such a great place for sharing long stories...

But yes, Mark Hamill is the best. Why did it take some of you moofmilkers this long to realise that?!

There may be other Jedi but there never will be another true Jedi

But you could also make the conjecture that if their love wasn’t forbidden, he could’ve gone to Yoda or Obi-Wan for clarification or guidance with his vision of Padme dying. Instead, he went to the only person he knew wouldn’t judge him or ostracize him... who happened to be a Sith Lord.

i wonder if he was given a heads up, he seems fidgety and nervous even before that, when she brought up the story.

Mark Motherfuckin' Hamill: all around nice guy and best damn Joker voice ever.

I've also got the zombies of Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers on my list.

Operation: Defenestration

This guy socals

Ironic... Isn't it.

I'd be more worried about my female relative doing something innapropriate to one of these two rather than the other way around.

No way. That reaction is real (trembling hands and all) no doubt about it at all for me.

are you willing to recant your position on Tom Hanks?

If anakin could simply have a wife and family, he wouldn’t have ever become Vader.

Anakin's visions of Padme dying made him seek out help. Unless Yoda was hiding some secret force healing powers, he would've wanted Palpatine's help eventually.

[Insert popular reddit TIL about John Cena owning the Guiness World Record for most Make-A-wish visits]

But yeah, i havent watched wrestling in decades, but i have nothing but the utmost respect for people like John Cena, who does so much work outside of the ring to bring happiness to dying kids and his fans. The world needs more people like him and Mark.

And on top of that, if I imagine myself in his situation - humoring a kid who is terminally ill like that - I don't think I could keep my composure. I would be bawling my eyes out or constantly trying not to.

Ford doesn't really HATE Star Wars, he just did a lot to distance himself from it to avoid becoming "Just Han Solo" kind of like how Hamill, Fisher, and to a huge extent Alec Guiness are all very synonymous with their on-screen characters. So does he hate SW? No. Did he do a lot to keep his distance? Yes.

Oh, thank God I'm not the only one. My son's five and he hasn't seen any of the movies yet and I was starting to panic that I was taking too long to indoctrinate him!

I've got three additional. Weird Al, Tom Hanks, and Keanu Reeves.

Would have been funnier if they had Ford show up with a lightsaber though his chest.

He was tipped off she'd ask about this story, I'm sure. Beyond that, highly unlikely he knew anything. Consider it a moment for Bell to push another actor's Sloth button. Or in this case, a Skywalker button.

Twitter is such a great place for sharing long stories...

Couple of days ago I saw 78 part tweet. I wish there was some sort of technology for theses posts. We could log shit, on the web. Maybe we could name it weblog...

Freaking dusty onions exploded in my office.

International treasures, I’m English and they’re both treasures to me as well

Humility goes a long way. There are a lot of celebrities out there who are so far up their own asses and couldn't give a shit. They may even pretend to care, but they don't. With Mark Hamill you know it's genuine and that he's a real down to earth guy.

Awww. I was grinning madly through that, that was so sweet.

That mustache, tho.

No we found them first. You can’t have them!

The quivering hand tells me that Mark made this dudes day.

And in turn you get a sense of pride and accomplishment!

He couldn’t save her from dying, er, and not himself. Uh, he just couldn’t save anyone from dying. This is my worst prequel memes joke yet.

Look how happy he is! 


This is a 7-year-old meeting his hero smile for sure.

Look how happy he is!

This is a 7-year-old meeting his hero smile for sure.

This guy legos!

If we can share them we'll share Alan Rickman(RIP) and Tom "I used to quietly do loads of charity until the media found out and couldn't keep it to themselves so now I do it not so quietly" Hardy (not actual quote)

It seems you know the ways of the force.

Cena puts in an insane amount of time and effort to grant Make-A-Wish requests. The dude is a machine for his fans; if you're young and sick, he'll give everything in his path an AA from the top rope just to make sure you get what you want. The guy is a class act.

Row H seats 11-18 for me, my wife, my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and his kids. They’re as hyped about Star Wars as I am and that makes me happy!

My daughter was 4 bro. You're behind man.

He didn't really hate Star Wars. Lucas wanted more toys and wanted the last movie to be very kid-friendly. So, instead of killing of Han (Like Ford wanted) he kept him alive. The producer, director, and Ford all said he should die and Lucas actively refused everyone's ideas. RotJ is interesting because it's half brilliance and half crap. Ultimately though, it shows a glimmer of why the prequels ended up being bad films.

too soon

Maybe he should have talked about it with his wife instead of his creepy old uncle

My "I'm an awesome dad" moment came not but a year ago when my daughter was 2 and she wanted a Vader Mask form the store. When she wore it at home she'd chase me around trying to make his breathing sound... words could not express my joy LOL!!! Now I cannot get out of Target without a good 5-10 min saber fight in the toy aisle =D

... Windu was allowed.

I don’t think it was so much that he was “allowed,” so much as Windu said something like, “I’ll use the motha fuckin Force however the fuck I WANT to use the motha fuckin Force!”

... and he’s Mace “motha fuckin” Windu, so nobody could actually make him stop. Lol

Nope, that is precisely why Windu had a purple lightsaber. He used Vapaad. It was a lightsaber combat technique which used strong emotions during the fight, like anger and passion for swordfighting. Not many could master it because it led many to the dark side (emotions you know) so it was naturally forbidden but Windu was allowed. Also, his purple crystal was a gift from sentient crystalic being during one of his missions.

Edit: I am aware that the reason about purple lightsaber is that Jackson asked for it so he can be seen in the arena, but his color choice was made canon through aforementioned events.

The visions occurred because he wasn't allowed to have a wife and family, which caused him to go dark and his wife dying of grief.

It was a self fulfilling prophecy caused by the strict rigedity of the Jedi code.

Keanu Reeves is another actor that is amazing. I have heard nothing but glowing stories about his generosity. Its people like him and Mark that remind me that there is a ton of good in this world. Robin Williams was another ... such amazing hearts.

I am but an egg.

He is not some creepy old uncle.


Being passionate enough about something that it can make you weep is about as manly as it gets.

Can Mark Hamill be president? Like seriously, if we have current politicians being the way they are now, how is he worse?

"Well he's not qualified." And the current one is?

Hamill is at least compassionate and wants to bring positivity to the world. He also strikes me as the kind of guy to be humble enough to know he doesn't know everything, and would surround himself with people that are very qualified for an administration's positions.

Honestly, I would take a kind and humble person as president over an experienced career politician who's a sellout any day.

The Jedi tenants

They are too loud!

I was gonna go with Keanu and Leonardo. Both of those dudes are amazing human beings.

While i agree, the Jedi thought they were helping their purpose. They know that being too emotionally involved can lead to the dark side. Like trying to save a loved one.

I think people do sometimes go a bit far the other way. THe Sith are evil. they are perfectly willing to enslave people to help their cause. They'll kill, blackmail, torture or whatever. They believe in power through fear. They're evil.

The Jedi were good, but just did it in the wrong way. They tried so hard to avoid the dark side that they ended up ignoring it sometimes.

Luke was a fluke.

It also helped that he had very little to be connected to, and he still almost fucked it up.

Firstly, he didn't seem as devotedly connected to his Aunt and Uncle. I don't mean he hated them or anything, but compared to the bonding under pressure that Anakin had with his mother due to their slave status, it was a more mundane upbringing.

Then they died, pretty much immediately. So that kind of soured him on connecting to people a little. Loss is one very quick way to learn that, as long as you don't think you're powerful enough to do much about it. Instead of being spurred to action, it just hurts.

But it's okay! He starts to slowly pivot his connections towards Obi-Wan Kenobi. This guy is cool, exciting, and he's gonna teach the ways of the For... no, wait. He's also dead.

At this point, Luke is becoming a little hardened regarding this kind of thing. He's not all of the way there yet, but it's starting to leave a mark.

So he eventually ends up on Dagobah, with the most traditionalist Jedi teacher there could be. Yoda specifically lectures him on being too attached (probably not a bad lesson to reiterate to a Skywalker).

But he still fails, because he leaves his training early because he feels Leia is in trouble. So he does his very best to fuck things up by being too attached as well. Lucky for him, it only costs him a hand.

Now Luke is done with this bullshit. He may still have people that matter to him, but maintaining emotional distance is finally important to him. The Emperor almost gets him to fuck this up one last time; by needling him over how his friends are all about to die, it's how he gets Luke to finally try and kill him. Vader musing about turning Leia sets Luke onto him with a vengeance.

It isn't until he sees Vader's electronic bits, and he looks at his own electronic hand, that he realizes he's about to repeat his father's mistakes. Both suffered hard because they couldn't make impartial decisions. And then we get the iconic line, "I am a Jedi, like my father before me". It is that moment when Luke finally cuts loose.

Luke's battle with attachment is one of the major conflicts he faces in the original trilogy. And given what may be coming in the new trilogy, it's looking very likely that he didn't actually fully overcome that Skywalker weakness after all.

The other thing is that not only was Luke a bit stronger against it, Anakin was weak against attachments due to being naturally fearful. When something threatened those he loved, he would become deeply afraid of what would happen to them. And fear leads to anger...

My personal favorite is the performance of the Joker Speech from Killing Joke he gave at Star Wars Celebration.

What's most impressive about Hamill's turn at the Joker is how well he is able to ebb and flow out of the character. Everything down to the physicality and emotional nuance of it, it's the roller coaster that The Joker should be!

Also that laugh!

Execute Order Defenestration

From this recent article: https://americanwaymagazine.com/mark-hamill-tour-de-force

"When he was eight or nine, Hamill had dinner with his father at Bistro in Beverly Hills, after the family had settled in California. He remembers seeing stars like Vivian Vance and being too nervous to approach them. When Groucho Marx came in, Hamill dared to walk over, matchbook in hand, to ask for an autograph. The legendary comedian asked the boy his name, then went into character. “Mark Camel? You don’t look like a camel!” Hamill’s impersonation is spot-on.

“It was effortless,” Hamill says. “He signed the matches, and I went back to my seat. Later, he got up to go to the men’s room and did the slouch walk. He knew I was sitting there. He did it just for me. I’ll never forget it.” Hamill, for his part, is famously tolerant of the hordes of Star Wars fans who continue to approach him for autographs and selfies. When the studio offered to screen a cut of The Last Jedi for him and his family, he declined, saying he’d rather wait to watch it with a crowd."

His hands are shaking when he tells the story. I reckon he knew something was coming, but it doesn't stop the real excitement though.

They really do. The first time I beat The Complete Saga getting True Jedi on every level I was stupidly happy.

10 days...Holy shit

You all just gonna forget Terry Crews?

Nah, we do. We would do better with more.

I still read this as "getting pushed out a Windu" in my head.

Then it would be: Nobody likes Tom Hanks. What is wrong with you???

But how many Jedi would have been manipulated into darkness via their connections if they had been allowed? "Do X to save this single person, or do Y to save the galaxy as a whole?" The idea of Padme dying to unknown causes was enough to make Anakin vulnerable; what if somebody kidnapped or killed a Jedi's wife? The average Jedi would be at much greater risk of falling.

The problem with Anakin was that he was trained too late in life. Jedi are supposed to be raised with those ideals, to reject those kinds of connects and to see them as the risks they are. Their parental figures, the Jedi themselves, would espouse to them how they shouldn't even become too attached to them. Anakin, however, was raised by his doting mother. He had already formed strong connections by time he even entered training, and it was too late to try and teach him that those sorts of connections were bad.

Connections to his mother led to the slaughter of the Sand People. Connections to Padme led to his entire fall. Hell, connection to his son actually led to his "fall" from the Dark Side back into the light. It's not even a Dark versus Light thing... connections just inhibit focus and dedication. It's not like Palpatine had a side piece that made him soft.

No wonder Kylo Ren is so bent on killing his own family. They're a huge weak point for any Force user, especially Skywalkers.

Palpatine planted the vision...

Uhhh, pretty sure he has an X-Wing.

It's treason then

Above and beyond just to give a child one last memory.

Can't tell if that's sarcasm or not, so just in case I'll leave this info.

No, Mark Wahlberg has a worse past than most of these guys getting allegations lately.

Dude beat the shit out of two old asian guys and called them racial slurs when he was a teen and drug dealer. He allegedly blinded one of the guys in one eye (this is debatable though from what I've seen). These two guys were not together, it was two different instances on the same day. First guy hit with a plank of wood, I believe, and knocked him out. Second guy is the eye guy.

He also stalked and harassed a group of 12 year old black kids, again calling them racial slurs and assaulting them as they tried to get away. He then proceeded to harass the kid with his group on a number of other times.

Mark was a punk ass kid who did a lot of fucked up shit. But ultimately it shows how people can change.

When I see a live leak video of some thug kids doing some terrible shit, and all the replies are "these animals should be locked up for life", I just have to refrain from that, even if what I'm seeing is terrible. Because some people have insanely fucked up childhoods and know nothing else. It doesn't matter the race, this happens with teens in at risk and horrible neighborhoods all the time.

Obviously they should face their crimes, I have to go against giving the life sentence to some 15 or 16 year olds. I know I'm off topic, but I wanted to bring that up.


The world needs more Mark Hamills.

Way lower down than a nerfherder.

Not to be confused with the infamous Sith Lord Morningstar French Door

The hero we need...but not the one we deserve...

Not now, Threepio.

Also helps almost everyone wants to bang Leonardo willingly.

Calling Luuke Skywalker...and Luuuke Skywalker...

Actually, according to the Legends EU, that is why Windu had a purple lightsabre!