TIL Jay Leno drove a kid to school in his Lamborghini Countach because the the kid lied and told all his friends Jay was his uncle and they started to give the kid a hard time about it.

TIL Jay Leno drove a kid to school in his Lamborghini Countach because the the kid lied and told all his friends Jay was his uncle and they started to give the kid a hard time about it.

Oh sure, when I say my uncle works for Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto won't help me out, but this freaking kid says Jay Leno is his uncle and the dude drives him to school.

Fun fact, Countach is one of the least aerodynamic cars of all time. That being said, absolutely gorgeous car with such an iconic look.

Reminds me of Leo in Wolf of Wall Street taking qualudes.


When Jay was a kid, his dad would trade out his car every year or two for the latest model, and Jay convinced him to let him pick the engine option. Well, his dad wanted a standard business coupe, but trusted Jay with telling all of that to the salesman. Jay told the salesman his dad wanted the Police Interceptor package, which, IIRC, had the biggest V8 motor jammed under the hood, rear muffler delete, and bucket seats. When his dad showed up at the dealership to pick it up, he wasn't pleased, especially with the loudness of it.

EDIT: Found the video, skip to 6:00 where he starts talking about the car.

least aerodynamic cars

least aerodynamic sports cars

It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas.

You were that asshole who told me that all I needed to do to get mew was beat the elite 4 with a rattata and then delete my save file weren't you?


In high school everyone thought I was related to Bill Nye the science guy. This was 2006 before smart phones and before his resurgence in popularity.

In middle school a guy a grade above me had a ton of people convinced he was related to Eminem. Dude was fucking Indian...

yeah, you'd think those boxy cars would be a lot less aerodynamic.

He also met two apparent gang members (tattoos and all) at a car show, and they convinced him to give them a ride in his McLaren F1. He went 120mph+ through a tunnel and got pulled over. He's practically pissing his pants as the officer walks up with these two gang-looking dudes sitting right next to him.

Then they pull out undercover cop credentials and he gets off.

Duh, you catch a Raticate. Can't evolve if its already a Raticate. You really need to listen a bit more closely. sheesh.

Fluid dynamics is really really unintuitive.

Evolution made a bunch of these guys, can't be too bad. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Pi8rXoI7KUk/U3Itfp3VdqI/AAAAAAAAGCU/dtIIufmIVps/s1600/Yellow+boxfish.jpg

I think it's classy on Leno's part, but I also think that the kid should probably reap what he has sown.

jumps over lifting bridge to show off

Good guy Jay Leno

he was also rude to a guy during traffic once and felt bad and had him pull over and they talked for a while

I've never found Leno's comedy particularly amusing or entertaining, but he seems to be a good guy. This has been confirmed by a friend of mine who knows him a little. I have enjoyed his "Garage" segments on YouTube.

Think about Wild Pokemon Evolution. Pokemon increase power from kicking other Pokemon's asses. Or candy, forget candy though. That means any 2nd tier Pokemon in the wild had to fight hundreds of Pokemon on their own. Had to take their selfs to a Poke Center or rough it until full health again. Then continue to beat the shit out of Pokemon until they leveled up.

Then they have that confusing moment where a voice from the sky tells they can learn a new ability if they're willing to give on of them up. Do the Pokemon pick their own abilities? If you find a 2nd or higher Tier Pokemon that has specific abilities, did they pick those? And if they did, what does that tell you about their personal journey? Should you feel bad when you become the one that captured them and get upset they had the skills that they have because you don't know their story?

If any of that is true. Then are their wild Gyarados? If so, that means Wild Magikarp out there killed hundreds of Pokemon by themselves to evolve into Gyarados's? What's the luck on that?

I still can't get over Shellder's willing to become the ass of Slowpokes so they can become Slowbros. What if you cut off a Slow bros tail? Can the Shellder be its own Pokemon again or does it die because it got its life support from the Slowbro?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

...Not you, kid. Wrong shade.

If you want down force, you are going to get drag.

obviously hes talking about the mitsubishi evolution.

But... but.... he said you couldn't let it evolve or it wouldn't work...

I told all my friends that Jay Leno was my uncle too and that he had given me $1,000,000! Jay help me

Blues Brothers the original. 70s Dodge Monaco's, that movie killed hundreds of them.

I understand this was a nice thing to do, but I really think it taught that kid the wrong lesson.

His dad said, "What the hell kind of car did you make me buy?" IIRC.

the lesson kids is that sometimes being a liar really pays off.

Who is this "Evolution?"

I think you mean "Came to a sudden arboreal stop". It would explain his interest in Bartlet's situation

I'm not sure Jay Leno did him as big a favour as you think. Now this kid has to keep the lie up for even longer.

His stand up is really good, there is a reason he got the Tonight show.

Love him as a car guy, but I'm still with Conan.

he also got a ticket for speeding in a stanley steamer (they can hit 100 )

Yeah most pre 2000's exotic sports cars were not very comfortable or easy to drive. They were also pretty dangerous for the most part. That was part of the fun. Nowadays people get pissy if their Mercedes can't parallel park itself and don't even know what a clutch is.

I also heard it's not the easiest or most comfortable car to drive, especially with the steering or something like that. I just vaguely remember hearing that in a test drive video.

Depends. There really is no reason to learn it anymore in America besides enjoyment. I am in the same boat age wise but my first car was a manual so I learned and I love it. It is a cliche but you really are so much more connected with the car. But if you are comfortable with an automatic and don't have any desire to get more driving pleasure out of your car than I don't really see any reason it would be bad. I admit that the double clutch or "flappy paddles" even do a better job of changing gears faster and more precise than I could ever do but there is nothing like a good six speed manual from an enthusiast's standpoint. EDIT: Not sure why you are getting downvoted for asking a simple question.

I'd almost want to get that ticket just to say I did.

Leno should publish a book, "Strange shit that happened to me."

This sounds like the plot from a sitcom

Like in the Brady Bunch: "Marcia says she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school's junior prom...."

Car's got a lot of pick-up.

Surprisingly, a typical F1 car has a larger C_d (coefficient of drag) than a boxy car, or even a Hummer. It's about 0.3 for a typical car, 0.5 for a hummer/truck, and probably closer to 0.7 for an F1 car. Solar cars are typically made the most efficiently with C_d of less than 0.1 or so.

Edit: Of course, what really matter is C_d*A (A being the frontal area of the car). The Hummer's large frontal area probably makes it one of the cars with the most overall drag. Just not the most drag per unit area.

Pretty sure Jay Leno was released while he was still a Ratata

I can't see a Countach without the image of Frank Reynolds driving one around while eating malted milk balls and Cheetos out of a designer purse

It's so they don't float off into space, we didn't put people into orbit until we were able to mine enough heavy metals to control if they came back. I can explain with a balloon and some rocks in a basket if you like.

Most expensive comedy ever made at the time. Some say it was all those cars they smashed up, but I read somewhere it was the coke budget that caused bottom line to creep up so high

Huh. I came here to see the Frank Reynolds jokes. Sorely disappointed.

It happened a long time ago, he was just telling the story in the video.

When Jay visited Rodney​ Dangerfield on his deathbed, Rodney's wife asked Jay to take his hand. She asked Rodney to squeeze his finger if he understood that Jay was there. Jay felt a squeeze and said, "Rodney, that's not my finger." Rodney's body jerked a little, indicating he got the joke.

Does he just tell the story in the video? I didn't see him dropping a kid off anywhere. Just a video about the Countach.

Actually, according to Carrie in an interview in the early 2000s (when she opened up about being manic depressive) it was Dan Aykroyd who got her off cocaine during the making of The Blues Brothers, although she went back later. (She was briefly engaged to Aykroyd while the movie was being made.)

He wasn't as successful with John Belushi, who was more of a handful during production, and died about two years later. According to the book Live from New York, that's when the early cast and crew of Saturday Night Live started taking drugs seriously - they realised that this stuff really was going to kill them.

And that's why you don't teach lessons....

Get the lighter fixed.

It helps if you turn the volume up.

This malls got EVERYTHING

Not everything has to be a moral lesson.

You're probably joking, but it was this

You're probably joking, but it was

Hmmm, the new Olds models are in early this year.

*wrong shady.


/*wrong shaadi

What film is this from?

TIL jets have downforce.

Well, if they'd let Carrie sober up even once, she might have run away screaming, and we can't have our attractive female starlets bailing on this movie after we've spent so much on the coke budget! It's bad for business!

So, lets get this straight... this kid lies about who his family is then when the kids at his school call him out, he gets rewarded? For being a liar?


Came here to say that. The Countach was always my dream car. I know I'll never have one but after seeing I'm a little more ok with. Great sounding engine/exhaust!

He comes from the old school of comedy where you write your bit, really nail it down, and that's your thing. Apparently he hasn't changed his bit in decades, not that it's bad, but compared to modern comedians it seems lazy I guess? Try to find a video of his comedy online, it's almost impossible.

That was an incredible revelation...

So true. I love Leo and I thought that the Revenant was a great movie. But IMO, probably his least oscar worthy role. Blew it away with his WoWS performance, The Departed also, and even Gangs of New York.

The Revenant was great, but I honestly thought Tom Hardy was MUCH more oscar worthy.

Oh hell yeah. It can definitely take some getting used to and it is easy to mess up so you'll likely get discouraged but don't let that stop you. It can also very well make you a better and more attentive driver which is always a plus. But in terms of pleasure rowing through the gears, getting all the power exactly when you want it, downshifting, rev matching, heel toeing and getting better overall control of you car makes driving really come to life. It is also always a great skill to have.

What if you design it for down force and then flip the design upside down?

I've seen "Jay Leno's Garage" quite a bit and Jay knows quite a lot about cars of all kinds. It's been a life long obsession for they guy.

I'm sure Jay probably talked to him on the ride there about being truthful and where lying can get you but remember he is is just a kid, we all made up outlandish shit when we were kids. Not to mention the kid must have told his parents the story when Jay came to pick him up so they probably lectured him about how bad lying can be. It will be a memorable experience either way.


I also watch Top Gear. story starts around 3:27

Is it bad that growing up a Millenial/Borderline Gen Z'er Ill probably never ever learn how to or drive a manual?

Is that the same one he crashed into a tree?

This would allow you to keep up relations with enemy MIGs.

He probably stopped talking about it after.

Doing and awesome thing followed by a chat about why he mustn't lie in the future is good.

I feel like "The Blues Bros" would be such a different movie than "The Blues Brothers."

that's what I came down here to say. I have a 91 Ford Ranger, and it's like driving a refrigerator on wheels. :))

Well he bought his entire garage with the money from his stand up comedy, so I would say someone thinks hes pretty funny.

Especially after sleeping his first night in LA on a staircase like a hobo.

he had a guy on once who got (I think) the first or one of the first speeding tickets. for going 12(?) mph

Its also like the old ad of a guy in a VW bug getting a speeding ticket and smiling (must have been going down hill with the wind at his back in a school zone :))

Cigarette lighter is busted though.

You didn't even need fly, all you needed was an abra and patience. Which you already surely had, since you had an abra.

And that you can't see shit from inside. Backing up is just a guessing game.

He should have got an oscar for that scene.

Also, remember that episode where a Kid has an Eevee and all their siblings have evolved Eevee's and they were trying to make him pick one? But he didn't in the end. He let Eevee be Eevee and whatever happens, happens. Good thing he didn't though, eh? There are much cooler Eevee Evolutions now. Like one for every Type. Umbreons are much cooler than Jolteon's or Vaporeon's. That kid knew what he was doing.

I used to have an old exploder. It was totally aerodynamic. Just like a kite.


The dream can be real:

TV taught me that celebrities love to cover up for children's lies. Jay Leno just proved it is true.

Didn't Mercedes make a concept based on this fish?

ITT: people bitching about Jay Leno rewarding a kid for lying.

Life is the sum of many experiences, people. I very much doubt he got rewarded for just one instance of lying and went on to be a habitual liar.

You people are taking this way too seriously.

The funny thing was that there really was a way to get a mew if you glitched the game and were far enough to have "Fly" and a couple other things...

Yeah, it's currently known as the 'G wagon' or 'G series' mercedes.


You back up sitting on the doorsill. That's literally the official way to back up a Countach.

which means they snub the current deserving actor

... huh. Well, go figure. Make a snarky comment, and then learn something. Thanks, stranger.

Yes, help this delusional child keep his ridiculous lies alive. What a fella.

Blues bros

Yeh rewatched GoNY just last week. He's great in it but it's hard to get an oscar standing next to Daniel Day-Lewis ☺️

we all made up outlandish shit when we were kids.

We did, but most of us learned to take responsibility and be honest, instead of begging Jay Leno to cover for us.

It's an Arrested Development reference.....

You can drive it to a horse track, and see shit.