TIL it's been more than 1,261 days since Flint has had clean water.

TIL it's been more than 1,261 days since Flint has had clean water.

It's kinda sad the situation has gotten to the point where a website name poses the question "doesflinthavecleanwateryet.org"

As is said every time this is posted, they are working house to house replacing miles of old piping

This isn't something that happens instantly

I had no idea who Abe Vigoda was, so I just stared at this address for 4 minutes furiously trying to parse it before finally giving up and googling it in an Incognito window in case it was malicious. I fear what I don't understand.

The privilege solution to everything.

"They haven't had clean water in 1200 days? They're poor and don't have the means to make a life somewhere else? Why don't they just leave then?"

Also I remember seeing a TIL about there being plenty of other places that haven’t had clean water for much longer than flint but nothing is said about them.

poor people living there

That is the typical demographic, yes

"Another thread about Flint made it to Reddit, we better magic up some better infrastructure, this time for real."


It was a sad day when that changed..

Thank you for writing that out. I know who he is/was and still couldn't figure out what it said.

How does this counter work exactly? My understanding is that they are having to address this problem almost building by building. Clearly, many houses have had water restored and pipes replaced. Is this counter going to keep on going until every single unit has been fixed?

that's so sad to see. poor people living there...

Yeah, it's sad someone created such an ignorant site and that people get upset by it because they are too ignorant to do a minute worth of research. Replacing an entire underground infrastructure takes years. Flint is replacing pipes constantly and will be done in a couple years as planned. Lead levels have dropped to safe levels in many places, but it won't all be considered safe until all pipes are replaced. In the mean time the people of Flint are given free filters to use and bottled water to drink.

It's a non story at this point yet Reddit loves beating a dead horse especially for karma. Sadly most who see this only upvoted the OP and continue to think "no one is doing anything about Flint, that is so sad!" while other upvoted your post thinking the same thing. People would rather be mildly outraged (while doing nothing) than actually take a minute to use reason.

And go where? Say you lived there with a mortgage, who the fuck would buy your house? Best case scenario you got pennies on the dollar. Then where would you go? Most of the people there are low income. They're literally stuck there.

This is particularly sad because Flint is one of the poorest cities in Michigan and many residents cannot just leave. Flint has a population of 98,310, where 41.2% of residents live below the poverty line and the median household income is $24,862, according to the US Census Bureau. The median household income for the rest of Michigan is $49,576.

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Same here. I was trying to figure out if that was some Hindu god or something.

It'll probably be counting until Flint is compliant with the Lead Rule. So yeah, pretty much. Until every service connection is compliant with the SDWA.

What happened with Flint was they changed water sources to save money. The problem is they have lots of lead pipes in the infrastructure like many cities. Lead pipes are fine once they build up a protective mineral layer. Yet the new water ate away at that mineral layer and exposed the lead. The lead leached into the water and you have the issue.

In order to solve the issue all lead pipes are being replaced. This is a massive undertaking that can't be done overnight. Replacing an entire infrastructure buried underground is pretty damn hard especially when you consider all the lines that go to individual houses. Flint is not being ignored. In fact I have not seen a single story about how they are behind schedule. It is expected to take this long. Many places in Flint have safe drinking water with lead levels below state and federal requirements. Yet they won't be given the "all clear" until all pipes are replaced, and that is a couple years away as scheduled. In the mean time Flint residents continue to drink bottled and filtered water to be safe.

Yeah, the actions of one obscure city with less than 100k people qualifies a country of 300million as a third world country

Just because somewhere else may seem to have it worse doesn't mean we shouldn't be critical of our own flaws. The problems of other people do not invalidate our own.

Exactly. Upvote.

Wait a minute, are you suggesting that the government doesn't have a magic wand that instantly changes out the pipes? My conspiracy theory loving friends would be to differ.

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