TIL in Japan, their phone's camera shutter sound cannot be muted.

TIL in Japan, their phone's camera shutter sound cannot be muted.
TIL in Japan, their phone's camera shutter sound cannot be muted.

I live in Japan and yeah it's true. All phones for the last 10 years can't be muted. I've been in Japan for that whole time TIL that in other countries you can actually mute the camera on your phone.

Voyeurism and groping of women is very common over there. During night and early morning hours their trains and subways have women only cars. Accidentally jumped on one of em once. Once I realized I was horrified, all these women looking at me, lol. At the next stop I jumped into a regular car.

According to a topic on Reddit,

Full circle, baby

Its SIM card based. My phone is silent where I live when taking a picture if I put it like that in the settings.

I bought a SIM when I was on vacation in Tokyo and was confused why the shutter sound started working again all of a sudden untill I looked it up why it happened.

I remember coming across a tech blog where the author got pissed at not being able to mute his phone (ideologically opposed to things he owns being outside of his control)

So he made a camera app. The shutter sound is done at a lower level and cannot be overridden by an app so he captured the sound, inverted it and set his app to play the inverse at the same time to cancel out the shutter sound which apparently worked.

"can't" is a strong word.

Edit: Found something very similar to the hack but I think I first saw it on a blog: http://stackoverflow.com/a/23758876

"'upskirting' is slowly becoming a thing in Japan.". Slowly? Becoming? Lol!

Yeah I almost jumped in one of the pink cabins before realizing this.

To someone with an engineering mind, "can't" is a challenge

The mildest of deterrents usually deters the dabblers. The locks on your door aren't there to prevent your house from being broken into, they're there to make it not worth the criminal's time.

Not entirely - my mum got a refurbished iPhone off eBay that came from Japan, and even though it was set up as Australian and there was an Australian SIM in it, the shutter couldn't be turned off.

It's an old law, and those old ass politicians won't change it.

Their porn is pixilated. But that eel stuff is just plain wrong.

A Reddit post referencing a blog post referencing a Reddit post. Now, can somebody please write a blog post about this? Then we can post it to Reddit.


Well which politician wants to be known as the porn guy?

Theres a lot of rocks worth dying on in any career. To see unpixelated cocks and vags sure ain't one of em.

There's multiple methods employed. IIRC, the iPhone uses network identification by the OS to prevent the shutter sound to be muted.

That's just a double period. He's extra done talking.

"Fire-resistant." "Shatterproof." "Secure."

I just wanted to get on the train lol.

Don't tell them this. Once it is found out, phones will have constant shutter sounds.

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Pixelated porn... I have never seen the point in that. Is it so people don't get offended? It's porn for a reason...

I too like the colour pink and am a man.

Well I guess if you're some hot chick and your hear a super loud shutter sound go off and turn around to find some creep with his phone up your skirt then..well you know.

But then again if your a determined creep you can find ways around the shutter sound pretty easily:

That random photo with caption "Japanese school girl" just cracked me up.

Though it may kill his political career. Lovers of Japanese porn will consider him a legend

"Mathematically impossible."

Not just phones, I'm pretty sure it's any handheld electronics with a camera. I got a Japanese 3DS and couldn't find the option to turn off the camera's shutter sound, went to google how and found out about this.

"violates thermodynamics"

Short answer: nothing

Long answer: seeing as having a shutter sound seems to be enough to dissuade a large number of people as is, then sticking out like a sore thumb and having all eyes on you would probably do the same for most of the rest.

Time to get morbidly curious. BRB

EDIT: Time to bleach my eyes. BRB

When I traveled to Japan with a Nexus 5 bought in the Netherlands (running Cyanogenmod), I lost the option to disable the shutter sound when I arrived in Japan.

I'm once in a while in Japan for business. Last year I was there with my wife and asked a lovely girl if she could take a picture of us. Her look to me wasn't that pristine when there was no sound ...

I personally would not be opposed to this.

could they not just video?

Or tape over the speaker, or open it up and put a switch in line with the speaker, or import a phone that doesn't do this, or...

It's just the mildest of deterrents I guess.

Classic Japan

Exactly. I build houses. If you're gone and the neighbors arent paying much attention, I can walk right in with what I have in my tool belt. And in broad daylight.

There are 3rd party apps that can take pictures without shutter sound

Even better is that she's clearly a twenty-something model wearing an obvious costume.

That colon makes me think you had more to say.

That doesn't make sense. I have my US phone under a Japanese carrier in Japan right now and I do not have the shutter sound.

"Losing virginity before engineer paychecks"

Plot twist; they groped YOU.

It's not sim based. It's software based. While visiting Japan and using an international nexus 5 I was able to toggle the shutter sound. You can also just download a silent camera apk from the play store if you wanna be a creeper.

Well the daylight just helps you see better.

Here's my question: does it or did it actually work? We know that many countries like making legislation that makes it seem like they're doing something, but in the end the impact of it was negligible.

Did it work in this case? Did whatever problem they were trying to address go away or lessen?

TIL All cellphones with cameras bought in Japan come with camera shuttle sounds that you cannot mute, largely to prevent people from taking upskirt photos of women https://www.reddit.com/sub/todayilearned/comments/3e1eua/til_all_cellphones_with_cameras_bought_i...

It's censored so it's safe to watch with the whole family.

"this perpetual machine will work I swear"

Japan never ceases to amaze me with all the interesting rules and things they have

It's like how there's probably at some point going to be Lego Minecraft, the game. And people will buy it because people are stupid.

That's just creepin on animals. Long horses need privacy too.

Is it an iPhone? I believe the iPhone bases it on the phone's serial number or something. It doesn't change from using a Japanese SIM card.

Incorrect. It's something encoded into the software itself that will become active on a Japanese model iPhone. Same reason facetime audio isnt available on iPhones from China and why iMessage isn't available on some middle eastern devices.

Long term Japan-er here, though not Japanese (originally from the US).

I'd say I've been more sexually harassed and discriminated against here (in the workplace and outside) than back in the States. I know in part, my "erotic foreignness" pays me no favors, but I also get a first hand experience with seeing what my native female Japanese friends and coworkers go through.

Socially, gender roles feel about 20~30 years behind. It has a profound negative impact on women (and population decline because of workplace discrimination--as in "you're married now? goodbye from work forever"), but like all gender roles, it also negatively affects men in a similar fashion to the West (low social expectation to rear a child--nearly all divorced children settle with their mothers).

Feminism, or "egalitarianism" (as Redditors like to say--cause the word sounds like "female" so it must be "female > male"), is very much wanted and needed here...especially if Japan wants to keep on Japaning in 50 years.

Shoot me a mail if you'd like to ask some questions.

Cos of the pervs

That isn't the only reason. Try taking a picture of a sleeping animal. You may get one shot though.

There have been people who beat Dark Souls with a goddamn guitar. People will find a way.

lmao.. it's a designation, like what's stopping u from walking into a womens washroom? think for a second

That's disgusting! I bet they even put them online! Where do you think they'd post those?! Like, specifically?

You can't disable the shutter sound on the 3DS. Apprently the same rule applies to all Japanese electronics even outside of Japan, so that sound's happening whether you like it or not...

Whoa, whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves here

But you're on Reddit... Not sure if I trust you either.

Just thought it was kind of weird since the article links to the TIL post that I posted.

At this point, he's sticking to their gums.

A majority of the U.S constituency are positive toward legalizing weed yet we still have a large number of politicians saying over my dead body. Not even just politicians. The FBI is not having it in any shape or form.

As in many countries, old values die hard, and many old people with those values are in government.

Also people would find it embarrassing if not scandalizing in public. Do you think people will protest outside of the National Diet building for this? People may want and agree that they want an end to pixelated porn, but no one is going to say that publicly.

Not to mention their political rivals can use this and Trump it up and make a scandal out of it or attack them with antiquated morals. Trying to remove censors from porn would probably be twisted into "Look at this person, they want children to watch raw porn! You really gonna vote for this shameful man/slutty woman?"

Well, it can be muted. My wife had an android phone that was supposedly un-mutable, but once I rooted it, it was easy enough to replace the camera shutter sound file with a blank file. The shutter sound was loud and annoying, and the fix was easy.

I personally would not be opposed to this.

Blame their society, they have a culture of ignoring others, it might be hard to notice some sneaky person taking a picture, but people definitely notice groping, yet do nothing to stop it.

If you saw someone groping another person on the bus while the other looked uncomfortable, wouldn't you help them?(the victim not the perp)

Lol she thought you were a perv

That sounds like a tearable map.

Go back to bed, cranky.

It's not meant to be a foolproof system, it's meant to be a deterrent so that it's not worth your time.

Locking your door doesn't make your house impenetrable, it just makes it not worth a lot of people's time.

Yes they could. They could also just install a 3rd party camera app that can be silenced. it's just an example of how little government understands technology.

No, apparently that's something different. There's apparently a demand for seeing Japanese women with live eels in their vagina or ass. I think I need to go bleach my eyes now.

"but reddit isn't a toxic place for women !" /s

You aren't kidding about ignoring others. It's especially bad in regards to personal space. More than a couple times I've had Japanese people fall asleep with their head resting on my shoulder.


Many countries ban VOIP and video conferencing apps from working, including the middle East and in Asia. Sometimes it's because they don't want the competition against the telecoms that charge more for international calls and others because they want everything to be trackable as much as they can.

When I visited Japan I purchased a data sim which forced my phone to use a shutter sound. My friend who paid for roaming didn't have to deal with it.

In boy scouts one of the Scout Leaders or whatever the hell they're called gave me what he called a tear-proof map. Well that was a fucking lie, and damn did he seem unreasonably mad at me, to my 12 year old mind I just showed him that he got scammed.

Or do it the programmer way: http://stackoverflow.com/a/23758876

shutter sound

eel porn

Granted I know jack shit about Japanese politics but this argument has always seemed weird to me. I imagine there'd be a lot of support to remove pixelation from anyone that watches porn, so any politicians that support it would just be listening to their constituents. If half or more of the country wants to change the law then how would it be controversial or shameful for politicians to listen to the people?

I think it wa like that briefly in the US. It was sometime before the iPhone. I remember because I generally turn off all phone sounds and was annoyed I couldn't with that even though I could on earlier phones.

respect for sticking to your guns

well, as it's unusual for a male to be there, presumbaly they will be being watched a lot more by all the other people on the carridge

We keep doing it reddit!

All aboard the fabulous train!!!

If you were able to get on, what keeps a voyeur from getting on?

Especially since you can just look at videos from any other country.

Seriously, I was looking at that stuff online 10 years ago

It's very difficult to measure in this case because voyeurism is secret if successful. I'd also like to know, but for example, would an increase or decrease in the number of detections or prosecutions of it be considered successful? It could be argued that it represents more instances of voyeurism or maybe simply more times catching. I'm guessing maybe the best way would be to maybe do surveying somehow or talk to those prosecuted and ask "if you had a loud sound would you do this". No idea though. This is almost always going to be a blind policy decision. Even if you have data, it's not likely to give the conclusion we want.

I too also watch hentai episodes with my family together. The pixels make it non-awkward.

Well, normally any sort of physical contact is frowned upon. The people falling asleep is actually like a special rule exception because of the work culture in Japan. I remember seeing an article about it, but I'm on mobile atm.

Unfortunately it was a car full of Japanese grandmas

Makes sense to me.

My Canadian Galaxy Note 3 assumed a new, strange, un-muteable shutter sound when I arrived in Japan a couple of years ago.

Stupid long horses

Uh, that's already a thing.

This particular rule is actually one of the most shameful and bad ones if you look up why they have it.

Nah you see, its at the end of my comment meaning I am pointing towards the child comments underneath mine. It is now someone else's job to find ways to creep on girls, because you know, I am sure someone here knows.

While the claim is true, neither Reddit nor Softpedia is a reputable source. Don't upvote this.

I was curious about how feminism is in Japan and I stumbled upon this tidbit.

Just wow...

EDIT: Some people sure hate the word feminism.

prepare yourself for the son of a shepherd

I'm guessing this is why, in Pokemon ORAS, I'm always scaring the shit out of my self during contests when I accidentally hit the touchscreen and suddenly there's a full volume shutter sound, even when the volume is all the way down. Thanks, Japan!

I guess the Koreans have more in common with the Japanese than they would like to think ;)

Probably just a lazy manufacturer. Why bother coding in the location awareness when you can just go the easy way of always having the sound on.