TIL in 1987, in Brazil, a ship carrying 22tons of weed in 3lb cans dumped all of it in the sea after being chased by Brazilian authorities. The cans were carried to the coastline by the tides, and most ended up being found (and used) by locals. This event came to be known as "The Summer of the Cans"

TIL in 1987, in Brazil, a ship carrying 22tons of weed in 3lb cans dumped all of it in the sea af...

22 tons of weed in 3lb cans? That's over 14,000 cans of weed. It must have looked like they went on forever into the horizon. Like some sort of Can Abyss.

Once the news spread, most cans didn’t even reach the sand – fishermen, surfers and some adventurers (and the police) would pick them up at sea.

As the load dropped at sea was immense – the estimated 22 tons would be enough to fill about 15 thousand cans – and the Federal Police seized only 2,563 cans throughout the country, people definitely had a lot to share.

That's a lot of happy fishermen.

The first time anyone has ever welcomed sea weed.

Holy shit is this actually happening? I can't think of anything witty to say but look at my username.

well done

A virtual TH sea

It was much stronger than what, er..., "people" were used to, so "da lata" (from the can) became an idomatic expression meaning "outstanding". Some (few) people still say that, even without knowing the origin of it.

I was in college then. It was surreal to see it in the news for weeks, with police trying to contain the spread, but it reached beaches of multiple Brazilian states. There was a sailboat reace where racers abandoned the race to collect from a "school" of cans that showed up.

Any fisherman I have ever met has pretty much been a stoner. It makes fishing a lot more interesting.

It's mixed for me. A lot of the fishermen here are competition fishermen/charters. They don't even drink. But the other half..... lol. I remember when I was like 22ish observing for a tournament, this one boat I was on. Had like 3 middle aged older guys just in it for fun.

Guy A (talking to me): Hey you want a beer.

Me: Yeah sure.

Guy B: Whoa are you sure he's 21?

Me: I'm 22

Guy B: Phew cause that last kid sure as hell wasn't

Now that's what I call a high tide.

Sounds like an event to form a religion around.

Unfortunately, it was and wasn't a Summer to remember

what the fuck

I smoke quite often and that's the reason I decided to get into fishing. Seemed like the two would go hand in hand; and they do.

I like what you did there bud

This has actually happened in cases where people came in indirect contact with much more technologically advanced societies.

So by today's pricing would that be about $88,000,000.00 worth of weed? Asking for a friend.

I was in high school at the time. A large number of cans washed up on the shore, each of them holding 1,5kg of amazingly strong stuff compared to what was available at the time. Everyone had a story to tell about finding a can. The stuff was so abundant you'd arrive at friends' houses and they'd give you handfuls of weed. Made for a very interesting summer


I had a "verao da lata" shirt for a while. I'm going to use "da lata" now. Thanks for this! Also, fishing for cans from a racing boat is a great image.

I still don't get it.


I'll take medium-rare, please.

I love to blaze when I'm fishing. It's the responsible thing to do.

Ok we've strained this joke enough

The Summer of...Wait...What?

Those are different type of fishermen. I assume we are mostly talking about commercial. South America has a lot of small fishing vessel's, it's still a good way for a few people in a small boat to make a buck.

"Here's a little piece of hash. Go to the stove, get stoned and get to work."

"I can't get stoned, Ricky."

"What do you mean? It's shitty work. Everybody does that, alright? Carpenters, electricians, dishwashers, floor cleaners, lawyers, doctors, fucking politicians, CBC employees, principals, people who paint the lines on the fucking roads. Get stoned, it'll be fun!"

Their gods must be crazy.

From the article: "the herb also gained fame for its high quality, according to users."

That's just how weed looked back then, it's changed alot in appearance and potency compared to what we have now.

Yep this is true.  

High Time's Top 40 buds of 1977 if anyone wants to see how primo weed looked back in the 70s

Yep this is true.

if anyone wants to see how primo weed looked back in the 70s

It was crap weed. Probably wouldn't get $1000 a pound, $22,000,000 max.

High potency in 1987 would be mids today.

It’s all fun and games until you’re baked off your ass and your favorite lure is down in the belly of a northern pike.... and you forgot your hook pullers :(

the fuck is to have sexual intercourse with someone

Wouldn't they need a cannabis opener?

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God damn that was clever

Dude, that comment was pretty blunt

Ya, judging by that picture it was all shake and stems. Still, a free can of 1.5 kilos, you can't go wrong.

40 yrs from now some teenage redditor is gonna say “That’s dirt weed!” about our weed, then’ll take a hit of some Og Girl Scout cookies xRZ off his electrobong.

Can Abyss. Cannabis. HA HA get it?

That summer, worker productivity cratered 55%, but pizza franchises saw explosive growth.

My reaction would be the same regardless of how blazed I was lol

holy shit, that is dirt weed!

A joke this well done is pretty rare

I didn't get it at first. It was so well done. Thank you.

It was legendary, there's an article by Folha de São Paulo on many accounts from famous people on the event.

I don't remember exactly who said it but there was a remark somewhat like this:

" I just remember it happened, I don't remember what happened after it."

Am I dumb? I don’t get it Edit: I am dumb but that’s one of the better puns I’ve seen

I was a 8 year old kid back then, but I remember to this day the name "Verão da Lata". It became an historical event here in Rio.

Nada melhor que Reddit pra aprender coisas do seu país que voce nem fazia ideia que existia. Nasci nesse ano ainda :)

Not even mids... Things have basically quadrupled in potency.

Fisherman/stoner here, can confirm.

There is nothing quite so lovely as casting a fly with the summer sun warming your back, watching rising trout nip at the surface of the water, gentle breeze and birds chirping lightly; also you're stoned.

I dont know Portuguese, but i know spanish and i understood that you said "nothing better thant learning stuff about your country that you could never think of from reddit."

Fun story: Back in the 90s, a friend spent 3 years living on a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela, a remote outpost with waterfront huts that rented for $30/month, a bamboo bar, and a beachfront restaurant that served up whatever residents caught that morning. 90% of the population comprised colorful expatriates hiding out from the IRS, ex-wives, and petty warrants. The island happened to be on the receiving end of a current that scooped up flotsam in the Caribbean Sea along the coastal waters. Every morning, the same ritual: comb the beach for bundles of cocaine dropped from drug-running boats/planes chased down by authorities, hang out at the bar, wait for said drug-runners to motor up to the beach and buy back the bundles. It wasn't an everyday occurrence, but frequent enough to make a nice profit. My buddy averaged a minimum of $1k/month, earning a tenfold more when the current was optimal. Never touched the stuff, only saw it as a product to resell to low-level runners with no business savvy. He saved enough to enroll into a software engineering degree program at community college back home in MI, transferred to a University, got a job as a software engineer, and now manages 300 engineers at one of the major telco carriers.

Good guy drug war

40 years from now? Bro, do you even e-nail rosin? The future is now.

Something like "dude...".

Seaweed, 50% sea, 50% weed

in the 80s their top shelf would be less-seedy outdoor grown by someone who gives a damn. it'd prob be worse than a low tier mid nowadays.

So it wasn't dirt weed it was dro? That's fuckin awesome.

checks username

I don't know why, it's a rare medium well done

We can make a religion out of t- No, don't.

God's I was a fisherman then.

Apart from the unusual situation, the herb also gained fame for its high quality, according to users. According to this famous actor, every week there was a party with a surprise result from the cans. It was the motivation of the summer. People would gather on the sand to use it.

It was like a box of chocolates.

It's been a joint effort.

Can I be annoyed?

I live in a fishing town in downeast Maine, and older fishermen say they used to occasionally pull up containers of Hashish in their scallop drags during the late seventies after a smuggler dumped his cargo. It was referred to as sea hash when sold in the area.

To be fair, all weed was kind of meh until hydroponics took off in the 80's and people could suddenly expirement/grow easily at home.  

This is out of a 70's hightimes magazine as the best strains you could get at the time. I would be pissed if I spent even 5$/gram on that stuff now.


To be fair, all weed was kind of meh until hydroponics took off in the 80's and people could suddenly expirement/grow easily at home.

This is out of a 70's hightimes magazine as the best strains you could get at the time. I would be pissed if I spent even 5$/gram on that stuff now.

That's a deep wiki pit

I needed this laugh. Thank you!

Keanu remembers

That's not totally true. There was good weed back then. It was just very hard to find. By about 1990 we were smoking "kine".

But in the 80s the best of the best was skunk #1 probably.

If it's not too late, I want to be in the screen shot!

Redditor for 4 years. Your time has finally come

I'd love to see a spoof nature documentary with David Attenborough on why cans tend to form schools, and what techniques they use to evade predators.

Can O' Bliss

Getting baked on the beach.

Just imagine- the ditchweed was even worse.

The ability of Reddit to make a pun out of anything never fails to amaze me.

Y la última parte qué dice Sherlock?

Surely anyone who stumbled upon one of these containers washed up on the beach considered it a Can of Bliss

I know, man!, we can call this... The summer of... sea weed!

/toke/ Naw man, thats no good. It's the... The summer of... Cans!

Yeah!...huhuhhahaa, that's better.

/riiiiiip/ Righteous.

Your expectations are too high

Deepcut literalist dry humour. Take my upvote.

Can... You take me higher.

This. The act of actually burning a plant will seem barbaric af within a couple generations

Na- from the time the seed hits the soil - the plant is 1000x more "taken care of" than they were in the past. It's an all around better product- higher farming yeilds- higher potency- better presentation. Altogether* a totally different beast.

22 tons. Lasted 1 summer. Fucking bravo.

SPF 420

Plankton 1% evil, 99% hot gas

The real LPT is in the comments... wait, I got that wrong. I know, I know... User name checks out?

This thread has gone to pot.

And IIRC we traveled up and down the coast that summer but for some strange reason every store was sold out of can openers. Mmmm

I liked it too.

It's all of the above but 90% is genetics. People took those early landrace varieties and began breeding for the desirable characteristics. Humans have done the same with the food supply too (look up what corn used to look like for example). Many of the genes of those early strains are alive and well today in almost all of the pot that's around now btw, people seem to think the super strains of today dropped from the sky.

If I find 3 pounds of ditch weed, that's still like an ounce or two of good shit.

Can O’ Biss