TIL in 1948 Canada wasn't going to sent a Hockey team to the Olympics, so the Royal Canadian Air Force sent some servicemen to represent the country, and they won Gold.

TIL in 1948 Canada wasn't going to sent a Hockey team to the Olympics, so the Royal Canadian Air ...

they could really have just sent any random group of canadians.

They were as Canadian as possible under the circumstances.

And stepping up to the first place podium, Mike from Sherbrooke. Following him is Dave, a Chrysler mechanic who hails from Manitouwadge. There's the real MVP of these Olympics, Other Dave, who traveled all the way out from Gander in Newfoundland. And finally joining them all is team captain/coach/"doctor" Uncle Billy out of Kamloops. Already absolutely drenched in Sleeman, this team's true leader steps... step...ste... there he's got it, steps up to the great applause of this adoring crowd to take his place among the greats. Truly a team for the ages.

Edit: definitely appreciate everyone calling out the corrections to the unintentional references I apparently made since I was literally just using my knowledge of my extended Canadian family members and my experiences living near the BC border as a teen to come up with the most Canadian written image possible.

Aren't all Canucks born and given a hockey stick instead of a pacifier?

This fact is cool as hell, but when I really think about it, I'm not surprised by this at all.

The gap between pro and amateur was a lot smaller back then before athletes earned millions of dollars and had teams of doctors and dietitians.

The Chrysler mechanic line is the real gem.

“I’m Dave, I work on Chrysler’s. Don’t fuck with dodge much, but I can get the job done. Might be a day or two, sorry.”

Full circle.

Today was a good day of Reddit.

Canucks aren't born, they are recruited.

This is also before pro athletes were allowed to participate... For awhile the Olympics were exclusively the purview of college athletes because they were the best non professionals

Newfoundlanders weren't Canadians then :(

With this and EA having a -500k comment and still plummeting, a Reddit day for the ages. Now some /sub/zoomies before bed.

I guess I'm going to watch that movie now.

I hesitate to ask, but has much changed?

I'd watch that movie.

Sure, if your goal is an entire team of last picks. Saying this as someone currently stuck living in FL. Send Help



Thankfully everyone in Canada plays hockey.

I love how proud Canadians are of how dominant they are in hockey.

This could be a great Hollywood flick. It could also be a horrible Hollywood flick. Actually let's leave Hollywood out of it.

Is that like Floridians?

Well take a look at the gold medal winners from 1920 to 1952

And in 1936, the GB team was comprised almost entirely of Canadians.

You were bringing down the country average.

Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949...

And they went undefeated. Jesus.

Can confirm I am from Newfoundland, we are all dogs.

Just Land.

It's kind of an amazing thing. Here we are, a country filled with people from all backgrounds, and hockey really is a kind of uniting thing.

People will come here from places that barely have snow, and they'll enroll their kids in hockey.

Someone else mentioned the 2010 Olympics. Around half the population of Canada watched the final vs the us in it's entirety. 80% watched at least some part of it.

After the war(1946), the IOC decided to have the Olympics in '48.

Bill Clinton was also born in 1946. And for those that don't remember, he would become president and get his dick sucked off by Monica Lewinksy. She was born a year after the Munich Olympics massacre. Just like she massacred that presidential dick.

The plural form of Canadian is actually Hockey Team.

I thought they were just really big, adorable dogs.

I think Newfoundlanders are the friendliest Canadians you'll find. Salt of the earth, give you the shirt off their back.

well, not all of us. But maybe that's why I got sent to the US 15yrs ago.

"We're so sorry"

That's not true, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Thorpe#Controversy note how the IOC decided to strip the medals, even if it was an American organization that initiated the events by classifying him as a professional.

For a few minutes there was a reply in this post about the Clinton's and Monica Lewinsky. I just wanted to bring that to everyone's attention.

Someone might get molested.

Before that it was Unfoundland?

I got a reference. That's enough reddit for today.

Knock and ye shall be answered. https://www.reddit.com/sub/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/seriously_i_paid_80_to_have_vader_...

Mike was from Canmore.

the ussr team back in miracle on ice was basically a pro team. they are employed by the soviet red army, but essentially their only job is to play hockey.

If you're referring to Canadians...yes. if you're referring to the Vancouver Canucks...they're given golf clubs.

Fuck. I'm dyslexic and read a lot of this thread thinking the title said 1984. So yeah. You're right.

As Canadian as possible under the circumstances.

That's why it's Newfoundland

Just recently became a dad so I can explain the process.

Once the baby is born he is brought into a big room with multiple other babies. Once there is 40 babies, they all throw their pacifiers in the middle and they are randomly split to make 2 teams. Each baby is then given a hockey stick. Once the game starts, a fight usually breaks out pretty early so the 42 weeks baby from one team shows the premature baby from the other team whos the boss on the ice!

Once the game is over, the winning team are given a maple syrup transfusion to infuse them with true canadian blood while the losing team is sent into the woods in the next winter. They must come back riding a moose to be accepted back into society.

My daughter scored 2 goals, 1 assist and had 2 fights! Can't stop watching that video!

Before we learn to walk, we can cross-check properly.

Before American professional athletes. Other countries have always allowed pros to represent. Not all countries. But some.

I️ will never forget Vancouver 2010. Our golden boy, Crosby, scored the golden goal. Canadians try to be modest but it was impossible for us to be modest that day. It was amazing!

Look up the national reaction to tge 2010 Olympic hockey finals. About 8 mins of Canadians losing their minds.


In 1948, they were still a separate colony

No way, Canada all the way. Goal average is goals for, divided by goals against (ie. how many goals they scored for every one they let in). Czech had 4.44, Canada had 13.80. Some games are much higher scoring, so this is a much better way of breaking ties.

That's pretty much what they did.

You might not be, and if you're not latino you might have Meth in your future.

Floridians are just old Canadians, Cubans and Meth heads.

In the case of the Olympics in question here, the main hockey controversy was over the Americans sending professional athletes - to the displeasure of other countries and IOC. After some back and forth (with hockey coming close to a non-medal event or banned entirely), the hockey tournament was allowed to continue as planned with the American players, but with the stipulation that America could not be awarded medals (though they ended up in 4th place, so it didn't matter).

The use of professional (or "totally not professional, really!") athletes would continue to be a source of controversy, rules changes, and special exceptions until 1988 when the IOC officially allowed professional hockey players to participate.

We also lost it at one point and now it's refoundland

Yeah, that seems like a natural transition...

During The Great Depression, Newfoundland's economy faltered so badly that the place voluntarily went back to being directly ruled by Britain--it has the distinction to being the only British colony to willingly give up its own independence.

How do you even segue into that from here

I literally started to cry and I don't give a shit about hockey. It was like you could hear the nation scream out in joy

These are the Daves I know I know These are the Daves I know These are the Daves I know I know These are the Daves I know Dave from Manitouwadge He’s a mechanic He scored a goal against the Russians in 1948 And that’s all I know about him

These are the Daves I know I know These are the Daves I know These are the Daves I know I know These are the Daves I know Dave O’Doyle from Gander, Newfoundland He also scored a goal in 1948 And now lives in Wetaskawin These are the Daves I know I know These are the Daves I know

Where does the article say that Canada wasn't going to send a hockey team to the Olympics? I want to know why they weren't going to send one (and if they weren't going to send one, why did they send one?)

First time I’ve ever seen my hometown brought up without mentioning Mike Babcock

Everyone from Florida is from New Jersey, or at least their mother is.

I read elsewhere today that your limited to -100 at a time. They rhymed off a bunch of other rules too that I can't recall.

Came here to ensure one of us corrected this horrendous mistake.

Oh my god this is awesome

Where does one watch this movie?

Need a link for that EA post please



Gets me teary-eyed every time!

Also, in the summer it's technically a Lacrosse Team, but no one actually cares.

Don’t forget about the team’s manager, Rose, she was the assistant manager at the liquor store so she was a shoe in.

At that point in history, this is essentially true. Any decent Canadian senior amateur team would beat any other team in the world.

I am not sure Brazilian military team would beat German NT but I am sure they would not lose 7-1.

Hi! I’m Mike...from Canmore.

A great day for Canada and, therefore the world

We're not sorry one fucking bit about kicking the shit out of other people at hockey.

That is as Canadian as possible under the circumstances

Listen buddy: we’re not exceptional at a lot of things. Americans have our number in just about everything. The few things we are better than anybody at, we’re fiercely proud of: being polite, having an obscene number of coffee shops per capita, and playing the fuck out of hockey. Many countries can compete with us, but none wear the crown like we do.

how is their account comment karma still positive?

That's OK, Sleeman wasn't a brewery then, either.