TIL EA charged real money for players to fill their tank with gas in the game Need For Speed: No Limits

TIL EA charged real money for players to fill their tank with gas in the game Need For Speed: No Limits
TIL EA charged real money for players to fill their tank with gas in the game Need For Speed: No ...

It's a shitty mobile game. No surprises here.

It follows the same model as every mobile f2p game out there. The gas tank is your "energy" and it fills over time or you use game currency to refill it. This is the most moronic EA hate train I've seen yet. "Mobile game charges money to get around cooldowns. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue"

How much do you pay to unlock the electric cars?

As someone who plays very few games (and those are generally older ones with replay value like Bethesda games and the like)...


Don't buy from a company known for ripping off its customers. Jesus, it's not hard.

That's free. But they charge you real money every time you plug it in.

The πŸ’° intent πŸ’° is πŸ’° to πŸ’° provide πŸ’° players πŸ’° with πŸ’° a πŸ’° sense πŸ’° of πŸ’° pride πŸ’° and πŸ’° accomplishment πŸ’° for πŸ’° unlocking πŸ’° different πŸ’° heroes. πŸ’° As πŸ’° for πŸ’° cost, πŸ’° we πŸ’° selected πŸ’° initial πŸ’° values πŸ’° based πŸ’° upon πŸ’° data πŸ’° from πŸ’° the πŸ’° Open πŸ’° Beta πŸ’° and πŸ’° other πŸ’° adjustments πŸ’° made πŸ’° to πŸ’° milestone πŸ’° rewards πŸ’° before πŸ’° launch. πŸ’° Among πŸ’° other πŸ’° things, πŸ’° we're πŸ’° looking πŸ’° at πŸ’° average πŸ’° per-player πŸ’° credit πŸ’° earn πŸ’° rates πŸ’° on πŸ’° a πŸ’° daily πŸ’° basis, πŸ’° and πŸ’° we'll πŸ’° be πŸ’° making πŸ’° constant πŸ’° adjustments πŸ’° to πŸ’° ensure πŸ’° that πŸ’° players πŸ’° have πŸ’° challenges πŸ’° that πŸ’° are πŸ’° compelling, πŸ’° rewarding, πŸ’° and πŸ’° of πŸ’° course πŸ’° attainable πŸ’° via πŸ’° gameplay. We πŸ’° appreciate πŸ’° the πŸ’° candid πŸ’° feedback, πŸ’° and πŸ’° the πŸ’° passion πŸ’° the πŸ’° community πŸ’° has πŸ’° put πŸ’° forth πŸ’° around πŸ’° the πŸ’° current πŸ’° topics πŸ’° here πŸ’° on πŸ’° Reddit, πŸ’° our πŸ’° forums πŸ’° and πŸ’° across πŸ’° numerous πŸ’° social πŸ’° media πŸ’° outlets. Our πŸ’° team πŸ’° will πŸ’° continue πŸ’° to πŸ’° make πŸ’° changes πŸ’° and πŸ’° monitor πŸ’° community πŸ’° feedback πŸ’° and πŸ’° update πŸ’° everyone πŸ’° as πŸ’° soon πŸ’° and πŸ’° as πŸ’° often πŸ’° as πŸ’° we πŸ’° can. πŸ’° πŸ’°

The fact that this horrendous gaming model is so normal that you are insulting someone for pointing it out saddens me.

No Limits was a mobile game right? I have never played a freemium online mobile car racing game that didn't charge you real money to fill your tank with gas and I have played several of them. This isn't worthy of TIL. It's a shitty free phone game doing the same thing every shitty free phone game does.

the last EA game i bought was Command and Conquer: Generals

i agree, this is just clutching at straws.

By "it" I assume you mean your phone

ah come on, this a freemium mobile game, every single one of them do this.

It's clutching at the back of the karma train

choo choo all aboard

You must be a P2W player. All I see are grayed out locks.

And that's a fantastic game.

It's more that they are explaining it in a deceiving way to make it sound more shocking. When explained as it actually is it still sucks but it's less retarded.

OP saw something in another thread about how EA had put shitty microtransactions in the new Need for Speed game too then rushed to get that sweet, sweet karma. During this rush OP looked up stuff about the freemium game and didn't realize that the actual full-price game is NFS: Payback.

I like how they care enough to put bags of money between each space

Just because its common does not mean it isnt awful.

I πŸ’°don't πŸ’° understand πŸ’° your πŸ’° accent

Yeah, EA locks your phone so the battery won't accept a charge unless you pay for it. You can fix it by uninstalling the app, but then you lose all of your game progress.

Oh how we fondly recall our memories of the EA Games of Old.

Seriously don't give them ideas

Anyone remember NFS: Hot Pursuit? Like the original one from the 90's? Or Porsche Unleashed? Wow, what incredible games THEY were.

No. He means it as mr garrison it. Prepare your anus

You youngsters never played Zynga games?

It’s been like that for about 5 years. First mobile game I remember forcing you to pay or wait to play was candy crush

I wish there are new C&C Games. C&C, Red alerts, Tiberian Suns, Generals.. all good games. (except maybe not C&C4)

Shhhhhhh... we don't want to stop complaining about EA.

No limits lol

Go to an elementary, junior high, and high school and just look at the kids. Know that they ask for the games and respective microtransactions. Know that they could drown you in the money they have sent to EA. That being said BF1 complete edition was 30 bucks for the game + all dlc. Even the ones that aren't out yet. Bought that shit. The service assignments are unattainable though.

Not at all defending EA, but the mobile gaming industry is founded on these concepts. IAP's to fast track progress is extremely common. I am also not defending this market practice. In fact I think it is a shitty way to try and make a successful, enjoyable and fun game. Yet it is the way many of these games succeed in the mobile market.

Some of these Freemium mobile games survive on the "Whale players" spending shit tons of money so free players can enjoy the free content.

I would love to see all gaming platforms to include console, PC and mobile try to move away from paid DLC and pay to win models. Or go the non advancement route and players who wish to spend exorbitant amounts on a game get extra skins and content that does not leave out critical elements of the game or provide extreme cases of player frustration.

Although I am sure all of reddit gaming is feeling a bit accomplished in the headache they are probably giving EA's PR director. Which hopefully will help others up the chain realize player complaints eventually start to snowball and affect corporate image. Hell, before all this it seems a somewhat a regular thing to harp on EA. Which is deserved.

This isn't your everyday greed. This is... advanced greed.

My ex-wife is common and she's awful.

It's completely retarded.

"Let's make a game that's free, but by default it shouldn't be any fun to play unless they pay a little bit of money every time. It's just like gambling, except we don't need a license and we can market directly to children!"

The gas tank is energy and it fills over time or you can buy came currency to fill it faster. This is literally every fucking mobile platform game out there. This has nothing to do with EA.

There were definitely mobile games before Candy Crush that did that. And Facebook games did that way before. Farmville was ridiculously popular in 2008-ish.

Yeah, no controversy here. This is mobile gaming 101. Even the elderly playing candy crush know this.

You’re being way too generous about OPs ignorance as opposed to doing this intentionally.

Everyone knows Wildtangent did it first.

Oh no, 4 was absolute garbage. It was just their last half assed attempt to twist the last few $$ out of fans of the genre that were hoping for something good. Well, that or Red Alert 3.

I couldn't go to bed unless I had helicopters and FBI bronco's trying to smash into me.

I agree and think you should purchase all of EA's upcoming titles and related downloadable content!

Good. It's about fucking time there is some blowback.

This stuff is cancer.

They just need to admit the price of games needs to go up - but at the same time need to stop microtransactions and gambling mechanisms

Wrong karma train bucko

This is your ex-wife?

is your ex-wife?

It's at -565k now

I'm not accusing anyone in this thread directly of being a shill for EA, but I also think it would be naive to think that EA doesn't have PR folks posting in all of these threads trying to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

Command & Conquer equals Westwood Studios, period.

Ric Flair

And .

Even though you are right, it still doesn't make it okay.

This is extremely dumb, but whoever wrote the article didn't really bother to do their currency conversions, stating that 290 pieces of gold costs "300 real-world dollars".

The cost in the app was "New Taiwanese Dollars", which are not worth nearly as much as USD.

So, for NT$300, you can buy 290 gold bars, and to refill the tank you can either wait 90 seconds or you can pay 3 gold bars.

So, refilling the tank doesn't cost $3, it costs $0.10 (USD).

It's still stupid, but this is a free-to-play game. I would recommend just not playing it, or waiting for the timer to allow you to play more.

In all honesty, they could just show you a full-screen ad between each round and make more than these microtransactions would earn...

It's just an EA hate day on Reddit, I just came from a fucking front page post on the Witcher sub thanking them for not putting loot boxes in their game

A single player offline rpg

A fucking single player RPG

Thanking them for doing what is almost exclusively done in the genre

It's fucking ridiculous, Reddit is just trigger happy to hate on literaly anything relevant to them today because they lost all that money karma

It's just karma grabbing all the way down for us /sub/all browsers

I just wanna ride a train.

That's like asking, "do you have a better type of cancer?". The f2p model is inherently screwed up, and only mostly exists to either make you miserable with your glacial progress, or make you spend tons on a cashgrab disguised as a game.

I personally (and I'm sure almost everyone else) prefer to pay once for my game, and get full access with no ads or in-app purchases. Remember the old NFS Most Wanted mobile game? It was fantastic due to this very reason.

Nah it got locked at -560k.

What the fuck.

Remember James Bond: Nightfire? Fuck that was an awesome game. EA used to make good games, before the dark times, before the Empire:

Locking the thread doesn't lock the downvotes, it only prevents new comments. Vote locking only happens after one year. It's still going.

OP trying to cash in the circlejerk karma.

Gotta love playing the gla and having the mob units shouting ak47s for everyone

Mafia Wars was my jam when I was like ten. Same with that one military-themed one.

Oh jeeeez

FIFA and Madden

s/ / πŸ’° /g

Isn’t that how all mobile games work?

lol ya.. almost forgot about RA3... those sexy commanders...

Do you have a better f2p business model for dumb phone games? Pokemon shuffle, candy crush, marvel puzzle games, 90% of racing games, 90% of action games all do the same thing. It's not even close to being unique to EA and they certainly didn't come up with it.

yeah well "some limits" probably wouldn't sell as well, lol.

I see no problem in calling EA out on these practices anytime, but if we can bring attention to this now that it's a hot topic, why not?

The more heat on EA's ass the better!

Vote locking happens at 6 months. Technically, it is called archiving.

I bet its gonna get 1million downvotes by the end of the week.

I would love to have seen a C&C Generals 2.

2011 - "We're making Generals 2! Victory Studios is on it!"

2012 - "Eh. Let's just make a 'free to play' C&C game. That'll satisfy them."

2013 - "We're cancelling the game, and oh, closing your studio."

Checked the IMDB pages. Didn't find a single porn star.

Or the terrorist unit shouting 'I love a crowd'

I would to see them try to make this game today


Don't forget command and conquer: Renegade

It was arguably the last fantastic CnC. 3 was still pretty good but there was something magical in Generals and ZH.

I love how mobile gaming is so generally fucked this is seen as some sort of valid excuse.

HP2 is still awesome now.

Because they have one of the best marketing teams around. They really know how to make their devs put in tons of absolute shit for the games, then the marketing department knows how to take some footage from the game and make it sound like something gamers actually really want.

You're literally HITLER why should I trust you?

Also damn it, literally HITLER, you've made your point.

Makes me really miss Westwood studios

/whispers "Challenge EVERYTHING."

It still beats flying with the airlines!! Proceeds to get rammed in the ass

Dude. Check out the IMDB pages for the actors and actresses in C&C. Half of them are porn stars.

I happily bought Battlefront 1 with all the DLC for $5 a month or so ago.

I wasn't all of 13 when EA dissolved Westwood.

I have not forgotten. I have not forgiven.

Still, it would appear at the least that there are in fact limits

They aren't fixing 500k downvotes. The only damage control that would work is to actually make a positive change to micro transactions. And that won't happen until they find a way to replace the lost revenue that would create.

So we kill all the children?


EA Sports. It's in the game.

Got my missile launcher right here!


It certainly makes for a good title, though!

That’s what kicked it off I believe. After people saw how much money that game made people tried to emulate it.

Candy Crush isn’t a bad game but to be fair it can’t possibly be worth the hundreds of dollars some people paid for it.

Many other games too have similar models to trade your money for time. Want to play now? Pay money. Want more pokeballs? Pay me. Want this characters unlocked now? Pay me.

You can’t honestly tell me that you won’t rather have a one time payment and then play the game without any hassle as much as you want.

I think everyone expects that on mobile. Mobile is garbage platform because of the microtransactions. The problem is the fact that EA keeps putting out AAA titles that include this garbage moneygrab as if that is what the consumers want.

Loved that you could buy them shoes as an upgrade in the add-on.

"Thank you for the shoes!"

The only limit was how much money you had in your wallet