TIL British have healthier teeth compared to Americans.

TIL British have healthier teeth compared to Americans.

Shows a picture of a canadian, playing a brit in an american movie

Irish here so when it comes to teeth we're more or less the same. Cosmetic tooth care is still relatively new for the masses here compared to say America. I'm only 30, I have an irregular bite, slightly off to one side. When I was a kid this wasn't seen as a big deal at all but now I see kids getting work done to fix it.

Also the general consensus over here is that the really white teeth a lot of people go for in the States looks too fake, it's not uncommon for the odd person to get it done and then get made fun of for it (banter of course).

we also let our teeth be their natural colour. not super white.

All Americans on the telly look like this

All Americans on the telly look like

Better health, but less focus on aesthetics. Teeth can be perfectly healthy without being unnaturally straight and white.

Dental care for many Americans is simply out of reach. I've read several stories about people living in pain for years because they simply can't afford it and others about people choosing to have teeth pulled because it's just easier and cheaper than fixing.



Why do they look so fucked though

probably because they have better health care which would include dental. Most Americans who have healthcare don't purchase the additional dental because of the cost.

also, I think the British stereotype of bad teeth is that they don't go to the orthodontist for braces.

That's a cultural thing. The UK tends to think "Ross Geller post whitening" when we think of American teeth. It's part of them "artificiality" that we associate with the US: A thin veneer of nice but bad underneath.

You haven't been to the toothless states? They're cornering the strained food market.

More like...

The average American is missing 7 teeth? I only know a handful of people missing more than 1 tooth. Does this take into account wisdom teeth? If it does, is it more likely Americans will have their wisdom teeth removed?

What the fucking fuck! That's hilarious.. absolutely loved their "American" look in the end.