TIL: A man bought a golden Faberge egg for $13,000 dollars at a sale; turns out it was worth over $33 million.

TIL: A man bought a golden Faberge egg for $13,000 dollars at a sale; turns out it was worth over $33 million.
TIL: A man bought a golden Faberge egg for $13,000 dollars at a sale; turns out it was worth over...

If you have 13K to drop on an ornament you probably are not living off of Ramen and living pay check to paycheck.

I'm just glad I'm not the poor bastard who sold a 33 million dollar egg for $13,000.

EDIT: I did not mean literally poor. I guess fewer people use "that poor bastard" to refer to unfortunate people than I thought.

He was a scrap metal dealer, and he figured the gold in it would be worth that much.

the idea of scrapping a faberge egg, damn

That's such a weird purchase price (not that I actually read the source article.) It's like they knew it was valuable, but just sold it without bothering to find out how valuable.

I don't think he was planning on scrapping it. Just his knowledge from scrapping metal gave him the heads up that this is worth way more than the asking price.

The price was the value of the gold at scrap.

I doubt he's poor he's literally selling golden eggs...

Yeah, the best I can do is probably $5.

I just sold a snowboard for $40, I had it listed on CL for $100 and I fear it might have been a rare collectible board worth a little bit of money. But I sold it for $40.

Do you feel bad for me too?

Wow, the deal got even better than last month when he bought it for $14,000. TIL!!


I meant: the people selling it were selling it for scrap, and hadn't this guy showed up it could've ended up melted. That'd've been a terrible shame

It's one of those cliché priceless items. Like if you were describing an obscenely wealthy person's house you'd say it was decorated with paintings by Picasso and Fabergé eggs.



Was your snowboard crafted for Russian monarchs?

The problem is that there's a small amount of people looking for Farberge eggs and it could be sitting in my display case for a really long time. I could do $7.50 but that my final offer.

Yeah but how do you understand that you have a solid gold egg on your hands and not check if it's a Faberge egg?

ok...but he's nowhere near $33,000,000

that's quite a jump in value which is the whole point of the story...

Can you maybe do $20 million?

Well they called their buddy whose an expert on 19th centurty Imperial Russian ovaloid ornaments but he was out fishing.

Was the chocolate still good?

He could've been $32,987,000 richer. I would've kicked myself hard and then spend the $13000 I've earned to pay for more people to kick me for missing out on that


its less than what i was hoping for, but at the end of the day i'm walking away with money in my pocket so i'm happy.

I mean it's a little less than I wanted but I'm not sure I'd have any use for a Faberge Egg, so yeah I guess I'll take it, thanks.

Can we ban shitty yahoo links with auto-staring videos? NOBODY gives a shit about a commentator talking head with a suit and tie.

Little do you know that snowboarding was actually a fast form of transportation on the Russian mountains for the Tsars

Whom'st'd've'nt said?

You knew what a faberge egg was before this post? I sure as hell didn't.

Dude just adjusted for deflation

I work at snowboard shop in Park City Utah. Honestly for a board like that you could have gotten around $1200 if it was in good condition. We had that exact board come through the shop a few months ago and it sold it as a collectors item for around $1500 (it was in mint condition though.

I'm kidding, I made all that up. I have no idea what it's worth.

they probably weren't, it was a flea market sale.

this same dude would lowball the flea market vendor on solid gold rolexs and be offering melt value for that too. if the vendor has sat on the thing long enough, money is money.


I buy and resell things all the time and they are only worth what people will pay for them and the faster you want it sold, the less you're taking most of the time.

I have a couple $2,000 items worth $400 now because I didn't want to sell them for $1,000 and was hoping for $1,300.

If you're really wanting to sell stuff online, use Facebooks crap and stay away from Craigslist.

Craigslist is just a massive shit hole anymore full of people trying to haggle to resell your item for more whereas Facebook has a massive network of people who pay what you're asking due to the fact they check it daily and are worried it will be gone faster.

Only if you're broke :)

Yeah I figure Epoo was in the minority. They're such a cliche for ostentatious wealth that the Simpsons used them as a gag at least once. If you don't know what something is that's so ubiquitous that it's a cliche, you're not paying attention.

I tried to sell GTA5 for $40 a month or so after it came out since I wasn't a fan and explicitly said no trades and to text me. I got so many calls from kids under 14 .

"Uhhhhmm, I don't have $40, but I can trade you Black Ops" (Sounds like he's probably 12 years old)

"That game is over two years old, and I'm not going to budge on the price"

"How about Modern Warfare 3?"

"No, I can't take any of these, sorry" and then I hung up to get a call again from them that I ignored that was a parent berating me for not accepting his gracious offer of a 30 month or 18 month old game.

I sold it for $40 the next day to someone else

They're pretty famous things. Like you could have a Seinfeld joke mentioning a faberge egg and people would know what they're talking about generally

I thought about that after I left the comment

Wiser words never uttered here.

If I was the person who bought it for 13k I'd give like $1 million to the guy I bought it from, even after taxes and shit it's a tiny part of what you just gained, you're still a millionaire and the poor guy doesn't have to live with the fact that he basically just threw away a winning lottery ticket.

I had a similar reaction at the purchase price until I realized how stable of a buy that was. Worst case, scrap and recoup the money.

Simpsons, family guy, south park and American Dad have all referenced the eggs. Not exactly obscure.


haha funny story. i have a friend who is one of a few organ builders and he told me this one: there was a company building and renovating old organs, which rented some kind of warehouse. the boss couldnt pay the rent and the landlord got pissed.

so he got a truck and loaded like a hundred of the pipes which were stored there to scrap them. he got like tenthousand bucks for the metal, but the organs were worth more than 2 millions not including the historical value. happened in germany a couple of years ago. people are idiots..

Oh yes, it is true. Tsar Nicholas even participated in the first Red Bull (Originally called Bull Energy Beverage) Snowboarding Race back in 1912

Well I know that. I meant the $13,000 sale price

Well the landlord in that story isn't any more of an idiot than someone storing millions of dollars worth of material who couldn't pay for it.

Unless his wife and kids are in the background causing mischief.

PS battles: Russian Tzars on snowboards

TIL if I have something odd like an egg made of gold, I should do some research into what it is I actually have before selling it for its raw material worth.

but at the end of the day , I get my meth so I'm happy.

Faberge eggs, obvs.

We would have lost one more unique creative expression of passion and beauty with historical significance. Would it have stopped the world turning, or saved starving children, no.

But if all works of art were turned to dust one day, do you think we would lose nothing?

There's nothing wrong with you not knowing that, but most people do know what they are so your initial point is invalid.


I honestly don't know what I could do with it. But thanks for bringing it in man


A friend who is a leading expert on faberge eggs valuation. He just happens to be one block over.

How much worse would the world be if you died? Odds are, unless you're sitting on the cure for cancer, not much to the majority of people. It would still be a terrible shame. Needlessly losing a piece of history is unfortunate.

This should be a Life Pro Tip.

LPT: If you're selling something worth over $1,000, you should spend a few minutes looking up it's value instead of picking a random number.

Yes, the eggxit is over there.

I fucking love Oasis

Make sure you hold it for a year before reselling, otherwise you have to pay income tax on the gain instead of cap gains.

pay for more people to kick me

Continuing your streak of bad financial decisions

According to the article:

The egg was once owned by Russia's Tsar Alexander III and was seized during the Russian Revolution. It is one of only a few original Faberge eggs still known to exist.

So less about it being gold, and more about it being owned by a Tsar, with an interesting history to boot.

Yeah I don't know a lot about this kind of stuff so let me call a friend. You wait over there I'll have him over here in 10 minutes.

Well, it DID have $13k worth of gold in it, so he would have gotten it back if he did.

That's because you an uncultured muthfucka.

losing art is always a shame

Beat the game, felt that dicking around was more fun in Saints Row, and online is very toxic

I wish I had $13k to turn into millions.


How can you not like Gta 5 though

Scrap gold does recycle quite nicely. However I'm not sure if the House of Fabergé practiced modern precious metal stamping on the Eggs or not. The national stamp act was in the early 1900s (1905 1906? Something like that). The eggs were made in Russia, not the USA, and most were made prior to that. If it did lack a karat stamp, I wonder how accurately you could gauge the gold content without testing it first.

I have a buddy, he's an egghead. Do you mind if I have my egghead come look at it?

I'm not an eggspert, but it I thought Faberge eggs were gem-encrusted golden eggs. It looks like an imitation.

Bleeding gums was addicted to them (somehow)

There are elements of culture which leak through to other elements as references. Faberge eggs are one of those reference elements. Others being like famous poems, songs, artwork, quotes, etc. It's all a part of being "cultured" and now you know this bit of it.

To go off of the Family Guy example, they sing the entirety of Shipoopi from the musical, The Music Man, in an episode. It is kind of funny without context, but quite confusing about the phrasing or trying to figure out why they made up this song.

I really tried to get a triple contraction in there but wasn't ready to give birth just yet

Imagine the person that sold it to the dealer for well under 13k

Look, I don't know much about Faberge Eggs, but I've got a guy that does. Lemme get him to come down here and take a look at it to make sure it's authentic.

it was "stolen" over 100 years ago, and the original owner has been dead for a long time

I doubt he's poor at all, and maybe he never existed. This is the sort of story that makes my spidey sense tingle. How did the egg get there? Why did no-one at the original dealer look into the value? The story on the Daily Telegraph has more details:

It was spotted by a dealer who bought and sold gold for scrap value. Knowing nothing of the egg’s history, he purchased it for £8,000 based on its weight and estimated value of the diamonds and sapphires featured in the decoration.

He intended to sell it on to a buyer who would melt it down, turning a quick profit of a few hundred pounds. But prospective buyers thought he had over-estimated the price and turned him down.

The egg languished in his kitchen for years until one night in 2012, when he Googled “egg” and “Vacheron Constantin”, a name etched on the timepiece inside.

So it sat around in the midwest for years after it was first purchased? Without checking into the gems, the gold, or the provenance of the piece by a professional gemologist / metallurgist / art appraiser? I have a real hard time believing that it was ever appraised by anyone in the midwest because I can't believe a professional would look at this and not do even the slightest amount of research. Can you imagine being someone who praises gems in Iowa...year after year of checking the value of someone's grandma's engagement ring and then, BAM, some dude drops a solid gold egg covered in diamonds and sapphires on your desk? You wouldn't be a little curious?

He just happened to years later check the fucking name written on the watch inside?? Like that wouldn't be the firs thing that you'd do after spending 14k on a gold egg??

Makes me wonder if the family that stole it during the Russian revolution wanted to sell it without their name being attached. So its "found" in the midwest, the guy "sells" it to the art collector and gets a cut of the profit, but most of the money ends up going back to whoever really sold it.


I bought a Red Halloween Mask for 400k in Runescape. A week later I sold it for 1.1 Mil. The week after that, they were worth over 100 Mil. I still think about that to this day.

The goddamn Mona Lisa just isn't a very significant piece of art to me. She's about the size of a paperback book, and not painted in any kind of insanely advanced style at all. She is HYPE, plain and simple. When I went to the Louvre she had an entire wall to herself; so much fucking blank wall... meanwhile on the opposite end of the room was a painted battle scene that took up the entire goddamn wall, in intricate detail; with nobody paying it any attention. People just like hype.

You're the best! Would definitely do this too, that guy would be so thankful and you could actually live with taking all that from him lol

Pulls out ridiculous magnifying glass from leather briefcase


I preferred GTA IV to V because there were much more single player activities. I got GTA V when it had been out for a while. I enjoyed the singleplayer mode very much, but multiplayer was frustrating at least.

I couldn't catch up with my friends, I got killed constantly (all I wanted to do is have some PvE fun with my friends!) and on top of that, Rockstar did a great job reminding me that I'm not one of their prime customers unless I spend a little extra on a game that I had already paid the full price for.

Enough is enough. I enjoyed the singleplayer, but the overall game was way too much focused on the multiplayer IMO and it felt like the singleplayer mode could have had so much more if Rockstar would have cared.

It's incredibly shallow if you ask me.


Yeezy taught me

TIL Red Bull is older than I am.

The value of ANYTHING is how much people are willing to pay


He is saying that he wouldn't lose money by melting. He would lose a lot of profit, but he wouldn't go negative due to his valuation of the gold alone being worth what he paid for it.

I mean 99.9% of "Faberge" eggs in existence are copies or imitations. You wouldn't immediately assume it's authentic.

Yeah a big part of the motivation is actually selfish in a sense lol, I couldn't live with myself having that thought in the back of my head until I die.

i dont know it's been raining dicks for a while

That's a Faberge egg, the guy was maybe gambling on it being one of the original imperial eggs.

James Bond taught me.

Oddly enough, a Faberge broach was on an episode of Pawn Stars. The lady selling it had no idea what it was, and Rick gave her quite a bit more than she was asking.

He has a nice nest egg for retirement. I'll see myself out.

What i want to know is does stuff like this constantly cycle in and out of "existence"? It says that the egg was purchased for a private collection which is more or less what it has done for the past hundred years. Is there any record anywhere of who owns it even if not publically accessible? It seems weird to think that something like this could just float through history for hundreds of years with scraps of records here and reports there of its existence and no one is ever sure whether it's been lost or melted down.