TIL a "London Fog" was yellow smog so thick you couldn't see the ground. These "pea soupers" often carried toxic chemicals and one in 1952 killed 4,000 people in five days. Due to the Clean Air Act the last London Fog was in 1962.

TIL a "London Fog" was yellow smog so thick you couldn't see the ground. These "pea soupers" ofte...

Someone once told me how they stop companies polluting the river Thames in London back in the day. They introduced a law which required companies inlet valves to be downstream from their outlet valves. Meaning any waste they sent out would end up back into the plant.

I thought it was rather genius.

What an utterly British solution. "You can piss all you want but you better be willing to drink it"

I think this was retold on an episode of The Crown, on Netflix.

If my Republican friends have taught me anything, it's that regulation is useless and any benefits that happen afterward are merely coincidence. I say we repeal the Clean Air Act.

Back in those days, the primary way people heated their homes was just to burn coal in their fireplace, so it was like having a few million tiny coal fired powerplants all spewing this thick black smoke into the air withing a 20 mile radius.

any effluent would be diluted thousands of times over say ~50 m from the outlet.

Yeah but water has a memory so that's like a billion in the opposite modality

That's an interesting and amusing thought but unless there was some really strict guideline on distance, any effluent would be diluted thousands of times over say ~50 m from the outlet. So, purely from an industrial process perspective, this would be perfectly fine for many types of plants.

Also, any light oils would separate to the surface quickly, large sediment would settle out, and temperature would be almost completely corrected.

Clean air and water are soooo 1970s. The hippies lost, get over it!

Ah, you've lived in London too I see?

A day in the life of someone who lives in Beijing.

Source: have lived in Beijing

It's certainly unhealthy. There were days when the news would recommend you spend as little time as possible outside. There was a 1-5 rating of air quality. 5 is toxic. On any days higher than a 3 my school wouldn't let us go outside for lunch or gym

Those doctor mask things are worn often

When you sneeze sometimes your snot is black. If you hold a fabric over your mouth and breath for a while, when you remove the fabric there's soot over where your mouth was drawing in air

Yep! Good episode

That'll make you feel different about ordering a London Fog at your local coffee shop...

They still burnt coal long after that.

I visited a cousin at his apartment outside of Brighton in 1978 and I was surprised when when he started a coal fire in the fireplace.

Even if you're an American, please do watch "The Crown". The whole series is awesome. John Lithgow as Winston Churchill was a brilliant portrayal.

'The Crown' on Netlifx has an episode dedicated to this incident. If my memory is correct, the death toll was around the 12,000 mark.

It was. I never even heard this before I watched the episode.

There are stories from London about movie theatres shutting down because no one could see the screen and people only finding their way home by dragging their foot among the curb, so... progress?

Water never forgets

I used to live in Fredrickshire, and the saying was always "don't slap a piece of shit if'n ya don't want shit all over your hands'n food". Saved my life on more than one occasion, I don't mind saying.

Why do we even need the environment? There's too much of it.- something I heard from a customer at work

Coincidentally, the same actor (Jared Harris) that plays King George VI in The Crown on Netflix that also has an episode about the London Fog.

Edit: wrong monarch

It was also mentioned in Mad Men.

When that British guy is talking bout the London fog raincoat company

An old-timer I knew told me a story about this: at the time he was working as a deliveryman in London, the fog was so thick that while his mate drove the delivery van at walking speed he had to perch on the running-board of the van feeling for the edge of the kerb with his hand, calling out instructions if the road curved. Now that's foggy!

With Trump trashing the EPA maybe we will get to have a cool toxic weather phenomenon of our own.

T' coal in t' fireplace.

In London and Paris you can still see apartment buildings that have dozens of chimneys on the roof. Imagine every one of them releasing coal smoke.

They still burn coal in many northern towns today

I haven't lived in Beijing but I have been there as a tourist. I lucked out a lot with the weather, and the amount of smog was very limited for the few days that I was there. You could actually see a blue sky for most of the days.

There was one day though, that was slightly smoggier than the rest of the days, and I actually noticed that I had trouble breathing normally. Every breath just took that little bit of extra effort. And that day wasn't even that smoggy for Beijing standards...

I feel for the people who have to live in that smog. I can't imagine that that shit is healthy for you.

The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes,

The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes,

Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening,

Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains,

Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys,

Slipped by the terrace, made a sudden leap,

And seeing that it was a soft October night,

Curled once about the house, and fell asleep.

Or forgives

Ugh that sentence hurt. When does wilfull ignorance just turn into regular ignorance

Water is deep

What is wet may never dry.

Still delicious. Especially hits the spot on a slightly cold rainy day.

The second to last episode was an absolute masterpiece. The scenes with Stannis and Churchill were so fucking well written and filmed.

I think I still have one of my dad's old London Fog raincoats

My republican friends tell similar stories. Here in Colorado the EPA messed up and spilled a bunch of toxic waste into a river. Here's the wiki so they use this as ammo to abolish the EPA. "They're taking our money and dumping waste into rivers, they're terrible!"

What they somehow fail to realize is that this was a disaster, an accident.. It didn't happen on purpose and if the EPA were to be abolished you could bet it would be happening all the time because dumping into the river is cheaper than proper disposal methods. When I bring it up to them they're CONVINCED that companies would be responsible and wouldn't destroy the land. Then you point them to history and instead of acknowledging anything they bring up an entirely different story about EPA fucking up and being useless.

Fuck em, these people need to choke to death on the change they want before they'll concede their points.

Joke explainer bot: homeopathy is bullshit.

Is it that bad, I have friends there.

When I was a kid in Dublin, we burned regular coal until 1990 when "smoky" coal was banned and you had to buy "smokeless" coal. We didn't light the fire so often after that because smokeless coal was more expensive and burned hotter and faster, but my parents still light the fire from time to time.

Most people in Beijing do have filtration systems but I have known some friends I game with having to clean them every couple of hours on bad days.

The free market would have cleaned the air. The regulations made it worse. /s

If thats not om his IMDB trivia list I dont know what should be.

I've seen numbers all over the place. Some try to downplay it, some try to play it up. Either way it's a horrible tragedy.

If you aren't able to see the ground beneath your feet, you're going to have a hard time counting bodies accurately.

You can google Beijing aqi, it uses the United States EPA numbers where 100 is unhealthy.

Min was 61 max 275 for last 48 hours. In contrast Chicago min was 10 max 55.

So their air has 6x as many particles in it as in the us.

Except 114 of them sitting in Congress.

The bricks of 10 Downing street were originally yellow, 150 years of pollution turned them black.

North Stankston

China was a Second World country back when those terms had some meaning.

On a similar thread, it's a little-known fact that 99% of all beer is merely rented

Fuckin' commie bastards!!!!

Orange Rain

When you start cherry picking horrible beliefs and applying them to all people that have a specific political slant.

Ever so gruff.

This made actually made me scratch my chin to try to understand what they meant.

Now you're just making up words

Some stay dry and others feel the pain

I saw 17 of them saying just that 18 months ago.

Just down the A75 from Smegthorpe

No, they have a cold.

It's actually rather ingenious and considerate. Shame it'll never catch on here.

Christ that's foggy. Everything must have practically ground to a halt.

I had the daily job of 'setting the fire' (but not lighting it, until my parents were home) when I got in from school right through to the late 90s. We lived a few doors from the edge of Manchester's smokeless zone so we could burn the cheap smoky coal.


in where??

I really can't even imagine this accurately

Sort of strange they would change their company name to something with negative connotations. Hey! Let's call our new clothing line "LA Smog!"

I was in the last of those, in 1962 (I was about 5 at the time). You could see maybe two streetlights down the block and no farther. My mom kept me in, and when I complained she had me breathe in through a clean white handkerchief - which immediately turned blackish-yellow.

The other thing that's been lost to history is how incredibly filthy London was - centuries of coal soot on everything. Very few buildings even hint of that these days.

They started pressure washing the old sooty black buildings when people stopped using as much coal. Growing up outside Manchester I never knew the real color.

It's all a Chinese hoax and I have proof!

It's all a Chinese hoax and I have proof!

I guess you dont pay attention to any of our elected officials then.

That was my favorite episode of the entire series. Lithgow fucking slayed it.

I just took a big, deep breath of air.

I came here to bring up those raincoats. Reading this made me wonder why anyone would think this is a good name for their brand.

Capitalism: two parties willing exchanging something for mutual greater value.

That's not what capitalism is, you just described trade which is as old as humanity.

So many people in Europe long before America. They chopped down all the trees centuries ago. It's kinda why the colonists like to build big ass wood houses in the Americas. Wood was cheap and everywhere in the colonies.

After episode one I didn't buy Lithgow's Churchill. Messaged a friend that I thought he was mis-cast. My opinion flipped 180 degrees after episode two.

How does staying inside really help? Oxygenated air has to come from somewhere. Does everyone in Bejing have air filtration systems in all the buildings?

Then corporations can start charging for clean air which will create jobs.

T.S Eliot?

Well, 't in't in t' tin.

also, dogs can't look up

You want to know something scary?

Even today, somewhat fewer people die, many thousand per year, but mainly it just takes the whole year to kill them off rather than it being crammed into a couple of weeks.

The restrictions stopped the visible smog, but invisible pollution still kills a huge number of people in the UK; more than car accidents. It eventually kills something like 1 in 14 people or something.

They probably think that "the environment" just means natural places like forests and beaches and hiking trails, etc. There are a lots of forests, what the harm in fucking a few of them up? What they don't realize is that the environment is everything natural on the planet (air, animals, ecosystems, soil, water, the atmosphere).

like those 4000 people did

Trashing the EPA and trying to bring back coal jobs that the energy industry doesn't even want.

Coal is smaller for storage and more efficient, as well as cheaper in places where trees aren't so common

They didn't change their name, they've been London Fog since the 20s.

They did. Then they painted it black because the colour was iconic.

Put the outlet at a depth of 10 feet and the inlet 5 feet downstream at a depth of 2 feet.

Always loopholes! ;)

The original location of the London Fog Factory was in the Meadow Mill area of Baltimore, Maryland. The factory was then moved to Eldersburg Maryland on Londontown Boulevard in 1976. In 1994, the company briefly left Eldersburg for Darien, Connecticut, but returned after less than a year. In 2000, most of London Fog's offices moved to Seattle, Washington, although their distribution center in Eldersburg remained, operating until 2002.


They've never been based out of London or New York City.

They went over this on Call the Midwife too.

The idea of companies regulating themselves is purely stupid. You literally have to disregard history (and even current events) from around the world and choose to live in a fantasy land which is only backed by corporations and their cronies.

I've seen a London bus trying to drive through a thick fog - probably 1970 ish. He was going at walking pace and kept the left front wheel on the curb.

In the 50's the fog got so thick that you really could not see your feet. Going outside was not only bad for your health but you'd get lost very quickly. It's surprising how an area that you thought you knew becomes an impossible maze when you can no longer see it.

The other fascinating effect of a pea-souper: If you opened an exterior door, there would be a solid white (or yellow) wall and it would just falls into the house like an unsteady pile of cotton-wool.

Why not wood? In America I've never seen a house use coal only wood

No snowflake believes itself to be responsible for the avalanche.

I think the 12000 may be immediate deaths + deaths at a later date linked to the event.

We have to repeal these Job killing regulations.

They're killing us, they're just killing us. The Chinese, you know, those guys, they don't - they don't have the same, what we have, they're going to be running the US if we don't - you know, if we keep spending like we do, I have some friends - I do, I do, these guys, they're good guys, employ a lot of people, make a lot of money, they're telling me - saying, you know, we can't compete anymore, they tell me they couldn't buy some property to build, thats jobs we aren't going to get, they're going right to Mexicans, to the Chinese, because they'll do it, you know they will.

Nothing a pressure washer wouldn't fix.

Read this article if you would. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2014/10/12/what-would-milton-friedman-do-about-climate-c...

Pollution actually violates one of the core principles of Capitalism: two parties willing exchanging something for mutual greater value. Pollution breaks this relationship by bringing in an unwilling and unconsulted third party into the equation, who bears a significant cost and receives no benefit. People who are actually in favor of the free market advocate for carbon and pollution taxation, which returns the cost of the externalities to the two parties making the exchange in the first place. By not taxing carbon et al we are effectively subsidizing it, which smells like socialism to me.

Yeah I remember seeing my buddies snapchat story a month or two ago and it was up in the 400's

Edit: He's in Beijing

Waves never die

Thanks Obama Churchill

I do, they're called my neighbors.

Still foggy here sometimes, but definitely not on that level. More just atmospheric, it makes all the streetlights really pretty at night. I've only ever noticed it happen on Halloween - 2 years in a row now.

Then it was already a problem with the inlet upstream.