TIL a counterscript exists that is designed to redress the balance when telemarketers cold call you

TIL a counterscript exists that is designed to redress the balance when telemarketers cold call you

I would love to mess with the next telemarketer who calls me, but I'm sure they dislike their jobs as much as we dislike them.

I usually hand the phone to my 2 year old son. He loves talking to people on the phone.

I do feel a bit sorry for people who can't find a better job than telemarketer. Not quite enough to waste time talking to them, though. My habit is to hang up the instant I realize I am receiving a telemarketing call.

also junk mail. When I was little I could never understand how my Dad knew it was junk mail from the envelope - he'd let excited little me open it and then my joy would fade when it did indeed turn out to be glossy crap.


The goal is to keep the telemarketer on the phone as long as possible. They'll keep trying to go back on their script, you need to keep trying to get them off of it.

If the telemarketer spends too much time on any given call, it kills their averages.

In theory, if everyone did this, it could impact the margins of the whole operation and make telemarketing unprofitable.

This guy is great at it...

Just some background on this. I was hired worked for Xbox live in a call center at 10$ an hour for 3 months, when they ramped down the program for the slow months, we would get shuffled around. Some went to inbound (we had black and decker(the one I moved to), MLB, and Fedex) and some went to outbound (collection agencies, telemarketers, political candidates)

We weren't given a choice in the matter in what department we went to.

In Texas BTW.

I'm amazed junk mail still exists. It's got to be less effective today, when people barely use the mail for anything, than it was in the past. Plus, with postage prices getting more and more expensive all the time.. there's no way it can last much longer

The balance is all mine. No thank you, click.

It exists because of old people. My grandma opens every single Reader's digest and other crap mail she gets. She gets really excited how the letter is made to look like a computer print, and has a golden sticker on it. She also loves the fact she's considered a loyal customer and she'll promptly order anything they sell for the unbelievable chance to win a set of kitchen utensils.

I prefer to keep them on the line as long as possible. I ask them their pitch and set the phone aside while they are talking. Come back and ask them to repeat the pitch. Then I ask some ridiculous detail that shows I completely misunderstood the pitch. I then get them to repeat. Then I ask another innocent but completely ignorant question and get them to explain more. Then I tell them I have an important interruption, but I am keenly interested - can they hold the line. Put them on hold for a short bit (wouldn't want them to hang up!), and come back. I ask them to start over. Rinse and repeat until they hang up. Wasting a telemarketer's most valuable commodity (time) is my objective.

If I get a telemarketer that calls me repeatedly- I refer to this site

I had some vacation sales company calling me constantly- I think they pulled numbers off of craigslist ads. Once I started asking the telemarketer for their name and the name of their employer, they hung up and stopped calling.

Having worked for years as a telemarketer myself, I can say with almost 100% certainty that they will just fire the employee before it effects the company average. Employees are cattle to these types of businesses and are always expendable no matter how long you have been with the company.

I saw it every day, star agents that usually do really well have a bad string of months where they couldn't do anything because the only people they would get connected to had no interest or fucked with them constantly, and they would just lose their job with zero notice.

IT is a shitty shitty business, but like the place where I live, there are 4 call centers here and the rest of the jobs are restaurant work, grocery stores, gas stations, and retail. The call center jobs are the best paying jobs in this town for someone without a college education.

I never seen such blatant disregard for reality.

read to the bottom; it (should) make(s) them realize what kind of situation they put us in. It's an exercise in irony.

I've been a telemarketer before. They know you don't like it, they know you probably won't want to buy their product, they expect a lot of people to be pissed off.

They don't stay on the line because they think they might just make the sale, it's because they're told not to hang up. Ever.

As long as the other person is engaging with you you're meant to stay on the line. They understand how stupid this is as much as you do, but they have to do it anyway. If they're working commission only it would suck, but if they're paid by the hour they don't give a shit.

(UK) They'll keep trying until they get you, if you tell them it's the wrong number they mark it as 'unable to contact' meaning someone else will contact you again. If you tell them they have the correct number but wrong name and address then they mark it down as 'wrong details' and you shouldn't be called back from that company in the next few months.

TL;DR: They get telemarketing calls as well, they've tasted their own medicine. Unless they are only working for commission then you aren't wasting their time and they're only staying on the line because they have to.

What's the point of the script? To stay on the phone as long as possible?