Tiger Stripe Donut

That’s not a doughnut; that’s a circular cake!

How much does that cost?

That's awesome, but too much effort on their part for a consumer like me. I'd pick up and eat a plain glazed after I dropped it on the floor of a public restroom. This donut's better than me.

If you're asking the question, you can't afford it.

Way too much work for a donut lol


They'd have to charge $10-$20 each just to make the effort to make one pay off

I'll give you $2 for it.

I had anxiety at the thought of even touching one of those after seeing what went into it. Maybe I'm messed up in the head, but the same thing happens when I have to spend time in a house that is upper-class. My skin crawls and I just want out.

$10 each.

This process is far too elaborate to only cost $10.

I can get a Boston cream and medium coffee at Tim’s for 1.99, that’s plenty for me.

I know exactly what you mean. I had my graduation yesterday (which was too much to begin with. £50 to rent a fucking robe? I nearly wept) and after wearing a suit (which I hate also. Besides everything else I look a dick in a suit) and afterwards they took me to a bit of a posh area of the city with some fountains and a massive indoor garden/greenhouse full of exotic plants and shit.

Anyways, we're in this posh bit and me dad goes, "Where do you want to eat. You know this place, what's nice?" I take a look around and I'm just like, "I don't fucking know, this whole city is too rich for my blood." He says, "Well where do you normally eat" and I said, "Greggs".

Point is, anything past jeans, a t-shirt and a pastie and I get suspicious and uncomfortable. I guess I just have no class.

They are, which is why this isn't really a donut

What a dense cake! Yeesh..

My back account hurts just by watching this

The gif that keeps on giffing