TIFU by going to the wrong college by 2,900 kilometres. [x-post: /sub/india]

TIFU by going to the wrong college by 2,900 kilometres. [x-post: /r/india]

Like most TIFUs, this didn't happen today, but ~10 days ago.

US applications for colleges begin in late August. I’d decided to join an NIT(National Institute of Technology) in India until I got a response from the states. I got accepted to National Institute of Technology(NIT) - Andhra Pradesh, or so I thought.

My dad and a couple friends decided to make the journey memorable and go by road. All cool. We drove across Maharashtra, into Telangana and finally to Andhra. A 930 Kilometre journey, and given how Indian roads are, it took us 16 hours; though we did stop several times for bird spotting, and adoring the view of herds of deers galloping along the horizon.

Regardless, the road trip was riddled with mind blowing greenery of the South Indian country side as we drove toward our destination, Tadepalligudem; where the NIT campus is situated.

We finally report to the campus, and move towards the admissions counter. The attendant there straight away denies us citing that I was never granted an admission in NIT-AP.

Panicking, we report to the admissions coordinator, who explains:

On my allotment letter, it was stated that I had gotten accepted to “NIT-AP”(In that exact phrase). The problem here is, there’s an Andhra Pradesh and an Arunachal Pradesh. Both are referred to as “AP”. Basically, I travelled 930 kilometres to the wrong state.

No where in the allotment letter had they stated “Arunachal Pradesh”, and living in the state right next to Andhra Pradesh, all six of the people with me never even thought of it; we went all the way there, only to find out we’d come to the wrong state, 2,930 kilometres away.

But we had a fun road trip! So yay….. I guess?

TL;DR: My allotment letter stated I had been accepted at NIT AP; being from Maharashtra, I assumed it was Andhra Pradesh and did not even consider the fact that it could've been Arunachal. Basically, went 2,900 kms to the wrong NIT AP.

EDIT: Here's a map: https://m.imgur.com/a/3tmH2. Credits to /u/kamal045

EDIT: Since everyone is asking for a picture of the admission letter, here you go: https://m.imgur.com/a/d3x4s

That is really somebody else's fuckup. How could there be the same name?

Not really, me and my dad just looked at each other an broke into a hysterical fit of luaghter.

That's the minimum number of people needed to do a Bollywood dance scene.

Wow, that must have been such a pain in the ass when you realized it.

This sounds like a 2000s Adam Sandler movie plot

Of course we did, all of the university staff joined in too!

You'd be surprised to find the amount of apathy here in India. shrugs

NIT Andhra Pradesh is called NIT Andhra and NIT Arunachal Pradesh is called NITAP

Whereas the fuck up is, Andhra Pradesh cars have a license plate that starts with AP and Arunachal Pradesh has number plates starting from AR.

I'm filing a restraining order, stop fucking stalking me.

Seven people drove 16hrs to drop you off? What the...

Nah, the rest were in it just for a road trip.

it comes in handy when you're playing Atlas, and everybody finished the A's and you got 2 up your sleeve

And then you did a Bollywood number, right? ireallyhopeso


Glad it went well.


India has a lot of people. Those were just the people who lived on the car.

Dude, where's my college?

Oh man, my dad's head might have exploded. He would never let me live it down either :)

Bingo, except I don't have a good body.

I'm not, there was one more person who had a similar problem.


You should road trip to the right college with all the other kids that got it wrong. Then you've got friends for life, and possibly a movie script.

Plenty of people apply to Indiana University in Indiana, Pennsylvania and think they applied to IU in Bloomington, Indiana.

As a Purdue grad, I could see someone wanting to attend IU be too stupid to realize the acceptance packet came from Pennsylvania, not Bloomington.

You can't be the only person that's had this issue.


Besides, you're gonna get some hop-ons.

In India,in the case of exams like the IIT-JEE for IIT and NIT, you don't apply to colleges like it is in usa. He wrote an entrance exam that gives you different universities you can go to based on your score.Colleges then invite you to come and register yourself in one of the places.(iirc)

Seriously, I wonder how many times this has happened.

That was clever.

He thought he applied to the University of Indiana. What a difference two letters makes. This fall, Adam Sandler is ... Taj Paul. It's Himalarious!

2 hours of Adam Sander faking an Indian accent? Pass.

As alumnus of the PA IUP, it's so fun having to explain to people who've never heard of it that IUP is its own separate entity and not affiliated with IUPUI.

"Where'd you go to school?"


"Oh, cool, what made you move away from Indiana?"

"There aren't many jobs there in my field, Pittsburgh had more."

"Pittsburgh had more jobs than the whole state?"

"Wait...I went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA, not Indiana State."

"Why does Indiana University have a campus in a different state?"

"There's also California University of Pennsylvania. That was one of my options, too."

Like this?

that really sucks, but at least you got a fun trip/memory out of it!

A 930 Kilometre journey

You misread the distance traveled.

"N Idiots"

It was never labelled fully, only "AP". Since Andhra is the state closest to me, and Arunachal isn't even part of the mainland, my mind never fluttered towards it.

About 30 years ago I was working for the Office of Admission at the University of Miami (in Florida) we scheduled a parents weekend event, and sent out thousands of invitations to families around the United States.

The morning of the event, we received an irate call from the Director of Admissions at Miami University (in Ohio). Dozens of families had shown up expecting a big event. I calmly asked the Director to ask one of the families for their invitation letter and to read it over. After a few minutes, he returned to the call and said [paraphrasing] "your invitation was clear; there was nothing confusing about it".

We told him that if their reading comprehension was that poor, they wouldn't be a good fit for our university. He laughed and hung up.

Peacocks, quails, and for the first time ever, I saw a green pigeon. Google it, it's a thing.

Pass it right here boi

But wouldn't you have to know which one you applied to? Did you apply to both?

They probably have a 4-seater car. It's illegal to drive in India unless the car is at least 130% full.

I think we have the plot for "National Lampoon's Indian Vacation"

Never let you live it down but he'd be the one who drove you there in the first place

It was a shock, that's for sure, but there wasn't anything I could do. Besides, my actual plan is to study in the states next September, this was just to keep me occupied meanwhile.

That i would watch

And you took the train back home and sat on top of it?

And everybody sang chaiyya chaiyya and danced on the moving train. Right?

Hit the gym, delete Facebook, move to AP..

It's like if a mango fruit became an animal

Are they both equally good schools?

I'd be worried about the letter nor being clear.

Maybe you were supposed to use the return address on the letter?

More like they fucked up.

Makes me think of University of Maryland University College.

I cannot decide if they are 'University of Maryland | University College' a college of the University of Maryland (all online) OR 'University of | Maryland University | College' which makes not much sense to me.

Sorry, no "DHAK DHAK DHAK" or "Hey sexi show pussi and open boob" here; unlike /sub/indianpeoplefacebook.

The letter wasn't sent by post, I was supposed to print it and take it to the institute.

No, but now I have done the needful and I am reverting.

And what birds did you see? Don't leave us waiting OP...

The one at Arunachal is pretty shit, and the state is in a border dispute with China too; so I'd rather not.

No, I didn't know I was applying to Arunachal when I applied, I was under the impression it was Andhra.

The staff at Andhra told me they don't even accept students based off of their SAT scores, only the one in the east does.

Yeah, I did. But I was specifically avoiding all the states in the far East because they have a lot of issues with the naxal attacks.

Even then, it was listed as AP and I assumed it was the one near me.

I would be very dismayed if I signed up to go to Texas A&M San Antonio, but found out I actually had to go to Texas A&M San Angelo. (The Texas equivalent of this story)

Apparently it is a thing. Kinda looks like a mouldy pigeon.

He applied to all IITs and NITs.The college's several branches then tell you which one you can come to,since the first AP he thought of was the one near him,he went there.

Your family sounds like the most wholesome and happy bunch of people


TIL there's a militant communist party in India.

I love how in India the road trip is an experience where in the US is about saving money. Our rest stops are for the bathroom, grtirng fat on fast food, sleeping, and sometimes some sight seeing. My parents and myself love to drive so we are a-okay stopping places to sight see. We usually make this a priority during the trip. But the norm is as quick as you can go for the least amount of money.

here ya go

ya go

I'm surprised a Purdue grad can see anything; I was under the assumption they never sobered up after dropping out of IU.

I envy your handling of the situation. I wish I could let things roll of my shoulders like that

Knowing my country, it surely happened.

Did they say/do anything about your attendance? Hopefully you can still go to school

I can totally understand. I'm from TN and Arunachal Pradesh didn't come to my mind even though I knew from the title you were going to the wrong college. I'm glad you're not worried that it's a different college. The quality is the same over there too? Not sure how the city over there is compared to the one in Andhra. I hope it works out well in the end.

By the way, the green dove is so soothing to look at! Thanks for sharing that. The emerald dove, our state bird, looks pretty neat too. It's not full green though.

Ask Britain. And the Netherlands. And France, Greece, Spain...

People being bad at names has caused some significant issues throughout history.

Welp, not really the ride was pleasant as fuck. The roads were surprisingly good for India.

The trip was 930km from OP's home to the school they thought they were enrolled in. The school OP was supposed to go to was 2900km away from the school they ended up at.

Ouch. That burn.

Travelling by road is far more expensive in India than travelling by the government owned railways. On top of that, a lot of people in India don't own cars and fuel in India is heavily taxes and therefore (by American standards) exhorbitant - I did quick calculations and its around USD 4.47 per gallon which is a lot more expensive on a purchasing power parity basis for a poor country like India.

The price for a non aircon ticket on a train which travels approx. 2600 miles over 4 days is about USD 17. If you're adventurous (and really hardy and can manage to sit in one place and not take a dump for a long time) you can travel in the unreserved coach for practically nothing. No one comes to check tickets anyways in unreserved coaches.

I speak Urdu. It was difficult going through the highway because the restaurant workers didn't speak Hindi or English, but we made do somehow or the other. But the people in the city were fairly fluent in English, by Indian standards.

And yes, the infrastructure is ways better than Maharashtra.

Hey applied to AP, AP accepted him. it was a different AP than he was thinking.

The common abbreviation for Andhra pradesh is AP and Arunachal Pradesh is AR. But the NIT in arunachal pradesh was started in ~2010 and was assigned the initials NIT AP, while the one in Andhra Pradesh was started 2-3 years ago.

Indian government officials can be a bit...slow

"Wrong college ! Wrong college !!!"

Yeah definitely not OP's fault, I'd be hella pissed.

"Austin? Austin, Massachusetts?"

That's like mistaking USC with USC but I'd remember which one I applied to...

Edit: Trojans and 'Cocks.

The email is from a government address called: noreply@dasanit.org. DASA is the organisation that deals with the allotment, so I got the email from them and not the NIT itself.

HOLY FUCK never expected to get 348 upvotes on such a simple comment


This all could have been solved with an epic dance-off

Thank you!