TIFU by flashing my landlord

TIFU by flashing my landlord

I have a weird living situation. I live in the upstairs apartment of a home with two middle aged men that live downstairs. The house is away from town, kind of far off from people. So I don't usually expect cars or people passing the house often. Because of this I tend to keep blinds open on the windows. These windows are floor to ceiling, big, definitely see through windows. I have my own entrance because they prefer to use the back door. Because of this, very rarely do they see the front lawn, unless they are driving to go somewhere. Anyways, I get home from a run. I have one of those sports bras that unzip in the front. So being as stupid as I am, I am standing in front of the window looking out at the fields across from my house. While doing this I am slowly unzipping my sports bra and my boobs pop out. About 20 seconds later, I see one of my landlords staring straight at the ground walking as fast as he can across the lawn to the door. I hurried and jumped to the side out of window view.

Every time we run into each other is so awkward now. I know he's seen my boobs. He knows he's seen my boobs. But we don't talk about it. Just a hello and a wave when we pass each other outside. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety. I bought black out curtains the next day.

TL;DR I took my bra off in front of my window and watched my landlord run for the hills when he noticed. Now my living situation is so awkward.

You know what would be grand? If your landlord had Reddit. And was subscribed to this sub.

I live in the upstairs apartment of a home with two middle aged men that live downstairs.

they prefer to use the back door.

No need for graphical details thank-you-very-much.....

I checked your history to see if maybe you had said something about being a landlord.

Best mistake of the day so far

Edit: aaannnd my highest comment is now about porn. Thanks.

Edit 2: guys, its porn. Stop checking in front of your parents and grandparents

Edit for like the 285386 time: its porn. Maybe don't look at it around other people. Lookin at you, guy who checked in a dentist office with your child

Edit the fourth: still no landlord (but really, leave her alone guys)

two middle aged men that live downstairs

Something about that tells me he's not that interested in your boobs

very rarely do they see the front lawn

Sounds like he saw you and has acted respectfully about it. He's probably noticed that you put the curtains up, so he knows it wasn't intentional. Just put the awkwardness aside and continue acting the way you did before it happened. It's no big deal. I mean, your boobs might be a BIG deal, but the situation shouldn't be.

they prefer to use the back door

That too.

God bless the NSFW filter because that was alottaporn

Totally agree. He looked down and hurried out of there. It's not like he stood and stared. Sounds like an alright guy.

If Friends has taught me anything you obviously have to barge in on him in the shower. Y'know, make it even.

OP should probably show them again to reward him for being so respectful

very rarely do they see the front lawn.

They manscape too!

OP is gud at writing...

As an older male landlord with a very pretty tenant, I know this TIFU well...a couple of years ago I had made arrangements to access the rental, but was unsure of the exact time I would be there. Her 3 year old daughter answered the door and innocently said "come on in!" Just as I stepped into the kitchen, mom came around the corner from her shower asking who was at the door. Not...even...a...towel.

She shaves...

Landlord loved seeing boobs confirmed.

Nice try, landlord.

We know

Well, they are gay.

I know what you are thinking, but the truth is, I turned red as a beet, stumbled back out the door apologizing profusely and went to tell my wife who laughed and laughed...I don't need a second divorce.

I should be a landlord

Sexually repressed much ? Every line in this re-telling could be from a bad porno script!

that is not a lot of porn. you should see my other account. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This guy's reading comprehension is off the charts.

I am slowly unzipping my sports bra and my boobs pop out

I don't know what you guys are talking about. Seems normal to me.

definitely see through windows.

Thanks for the clarification

^ Your landlord. Confirmed.

Aren't you worried he thinks you were doing it intentionally for his attention? If you were staring out the window and unzipping slowly...!

Tit for tat

Go on...

I bought black out curtains the next day.

From past experience, even translucent cafe curtains will do the trick. You can see through them, but the reflection of the glass with make the opacity far less transparent than from your side.

I walk around in the nude all the time. I mean, my boys hang lower than your girls but you get the point. My neighbor complains when his daughter can see me sometimes from her bedroom window...but I'm like IF YOU DIDN'T WANT ME OUTSIDE HER BEDROOM WINDOW YOU'D PUT UP A FENCE. And then they remind me they put up a fence. Maybe make lock harder to pick or make it harder to jump over, m'kay???

But seriously, no need for blackout curtains. I've tested this with friends! From 10 feet away, it is practically impossible to see through. And you still get your light!

Teen downnblouse is the most tame porn search ever. These days, I need to see the Mexican disabled water polo champion snort a queef straight from the moist reconstructed vagina of a BBW transvestite MILF just to get a semi.

Internet tells me this will either lead to porn, or porn..

hey its me ur landlord

Tat for tit*

Relevant XKCD

Landlord: Are those boobs? Bystander: Yup. Landlord: <Jizzes in pants>

I have an account just for my porn.

Make him show you his boobs so you can be even! Seriously though, neither of you did anything wrong and have no reason to be embarrassed. People have boobs and occasionally they pop out and get seen.

He walked away fast as possible, wasn't perving on you.

Seems like a decent dude. Probably not the first pair of ta-ta's he's seen.

I think you're making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill here, you're both grown ups.

Don't sweat it.

I thought everybody did.

I'm not sure 1 picture posted 3 times constitutes as alottaporn

Dick for tit**


I technically am. My tenants live next door

I was thinking maybe just bring it up. He may think that she thinks he was perving on her because of the black out shades she bought the next day.

He was respectful and may need to be assured OP knew he was being respectful.

So when you said they like to use the back door this is what you were referring too?!?

Damn. Beat me to it

Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it. He obviously knows the living situation, and it seems like he was worried about being thought of as some kind of perv for seeing what he may have seen. If he's like most kinds of red blooded male, he's probably thankful and enjoyed the glimpse. He's probably just as embarrassed as you. Besides, be proud of the girls, he's now in an elite club of select few (I'm assuming) that have actually seen them!

Now, if you start finding cameras and creepy stalking stuff going on, there might be a problem.


If that's the case I'm surprised he was even embarrassed. Most gay men I know would have a had a look and given a critique. I have a recording of John Barrowmen telling my friend that she has nice boobs.

You could probably nip the awkwardness in the bud by just telling him that it was by accident and no big deal. Make a joke out of it and tell him he needs to flash you sometime to make it even.

Did you miss the part about 2 middle aged men living together?

Or Seinfeld..."It was cold! There was shrinkage."

24000000 on his SAT


He's a gentleman... what he is.

Apparently normies don't.

She put up black curtains the next day, so I don't think there's much confusion there

I bet those windows are equipped with two-way see-through glass!

I could see this going very different ways depending on the people.

She could apologize for creating the awkward situation and they could both laugh it off as mature adults. Or things could just get more awkward.

Thats how OP gets to stop paying rent

I went to sleep with maybe 3 likes. I wake up with 2.5 thousand likes. Thanks guys! And I hope you all enjoyed my profile ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Your really selling this idea, lol.

I'm piggybacking your post with my own question: what's the big deal about being seen naked? I live in a house with a shitty shower curtain, and a frequent complaint is having to run past the open window... or what? Someone staring out their window, into ours, might see your ass? So fucking what? I mean I know I'm not supposed to show off, so I don't do it on the streets or whatever, but still. Literally the only bad thing that could come of it is if they then begin to actually creep on you.

walking as fast as he can across the lawn to the door

He was rushing to get a coco

Why wouldn't you? Hell, I use an entirely separate browser strictly for pr0n. Last thing I need is to be looking up something for my mom while she's sitting next to me and "teen downblouse" suddenly shows up in the autocomplete/history.

and here is where my tifu started... reading this coment opening his history clicking on one of them and well you guessed it my parents just had to walk in at that moment. to make it even better my browser decided to crash and voila, nice piercings btw

Upvoted purely for username.

I'll let you beat yourself to that idea, but thanks for offering.

Blink twice if you're being held against your will.

"Hello /u/hurld, your rent has been adjusted to be more in line with current market rates. Starting with your next payment, please pay $100 less per month under the condition that your blinds be left open during all daylight hours."

No, I just think the idea of blackout curtains is really bad for people that don't have second shift disorder.

I bought some for my house YEARS AGO when I was worried that others were going to see me -- and black out curtains also have a nice effect of blocking sound due to their extra heft -- I have some for my studio for this purpose -- but they fuck with your sleep schedule. So I got rid of mine except for one room.

I'm not so sure that I'm being a bro by encouraging the gay landlords to get a peek at her goods. HOWEVER, I'd be willing to test out my theory if Reddit were to get me a plane ticket to OPs home and somehow convince my girlfriend that this is purely for science. So maybe...who knows.

The trick is to tell her that you've taken care of it, while you really just stay married. And, no matter what, don't tell Phoebe!


I don't think anyone is insinuating he is a perv or not a decent person. She fucked up, and posted about it, it's what this sub does. I see no mountain.

My wife and I live next door to our landlords. I'd like to imagine that the (extremely religious) 83 year old man and his wife have a joint reddit account called "b1tchlasagna."

Agreed, I left very disappointed.

Oh come on honey nobody's that gay.

-Ray Gillette

It could be worse. You could have caught him fucking a coconut

Lol everyone was thinking it

It's 9,000, my unfree friend.

Looking down at the ground out of shame because he blew his load immediately.

You're saying I'm a normie? That's the best compliment I've ever received.

While my male brain tells me that her expression was the inspiration for a number of my subsequent "climactic moments" solo and otherwise, the reality is that she was so horrified and embarrassed that she moved out 2 months later.

Lucky man

Saren Vakarian seems like a weird ship, even for a game like Mass Effect :)

I don't know what this number is because it's missing seperators, but it's definitly over 9.000.

Shall we adjourn to the porn folder?

I'm gay not blind.

I've been a landlord for years, and I've yet to see any of my tenants Titties.

In short, his name has within it the character to end a statement and then instructs to delete the database table "students"

I am also their dads.

You left out the most important part. How did the mom react? I need to know.

She even told us they prefer the back door!

I think at this point the only option is to move house and never see them again.

It could also lead up to porn.

There is no wrong spot to holster my cock.

It's maybe not the most likely situation and I'm only bringing this up because you said someone creeping on you was "Literally the only bad thing that could come of it..."

But it is technically possible in many areas to get a public indecency charge for being naked in your own home if you are easily viewable by people on public streets/sidewalks. Laws are different from place to place but in many areas they specifically include language that makes this possible. The law expects a person to take reasonable measures to not be seen by the public and failing to install or close blinds can be seen as failing that standard.

I assume he's seen her mouth at some point already though.

What a wild whacky ride that was

Jerry...he took it out.

Everyone loves boobs dude. Gay or straight we all love boobs