Tide Pods Shot

Tide Pods Shot

In the United States there are warning labels that literally advise consumers against eating laundry detergent.

Nobody knows why you would need to be reminded to not eat detergent, so somebody came up with an answer: it's the forbidden fruit. Tide developed a laundry detergent that's so delicious and so nutritious that food superconglomerates like Nabisco only allow them to peddle their goods if they try to deter people from eating the succulent morsels.

Teenagers, with their misguided rebellious soul searching, saw the sarcasm in the claim but decided to eat them anyways out of desperation for friendship and acceptance among their peers - often while recording or streaming.

Most threw them up and went to the ER and will spend the rest of their lives trying to forget, and those who managed to keep them down basked in a sense of false confirmation from their schoolmates as their organs shut down one by one.

YouTube has been taking down said videos in attempt to thwart the degeneracy of modern youth, but they can only do so much.

So if you feel like eating detergent is a good idea, please follow through. It will lead to a better tomorrow.

Vodka with orange food coloring, Bailey's, blue curacao.

Can someone explain to me why Tide Pods became a thing all of a sudden?

That sounds like a hangover waiting to happen. The real deal might be less dangerous.

Is this Molly’s in south Bethlehem?

Tide's marketing team is the best in the business

Natural Selection has caused idiots to eat tide pods

You... you don't know why?

Get a tide pod to clean your shirt after tide pod night

I bet Tide is loving all this free publicity.