Ticklish boy lag

The thumbnail makes it looks like he has the torso of a man.

C’mon u/Gallowboob, I know you’re a serial poster but at least get the gender right!

I can just picture you waking up, putting on your suit and tie, kissing your wife saying "I'm off to work, honey" then walking straight into your room and pulling up reddit

I was going to say 'chicken' but whatever...

Did you just assume they identify as a female dog without even knowing the dog? I know... should not post before having coffee...

But, she reacts right away? Where’s the “lag”

Didn't stop your parents

And where's the "boy"?

It's /u/GallowBoob.

He doesn't have the time to make titles that make sense when he's too busy reposting content without giving credit.

That's a girl

Thumbnail looks like a man's torso, actual gif looks like a chicken body.

[My name] thats one cute pupper

No red rocket

Even his jokes are old reposts

Please for the love of God outlaw the breeding of these poor creatures. No animal should have to live in discomfort for the rest of it's life for the sake of cute videos.

Someone explain to me how this is actually torture for them.

What an original joke...

holy fucking shit

Doritos stain on a $100 tie and all.

That is what peak performance looks like.

Not for the dog, but it is for the slow loris! http://ticklingistorture.org/

Because of the way it is

Do we?

gallowboob, bringing the jokes about queer people.

The fupa

I would freak out too, if the girl from The Ring was grabbing me.

Why do you choose to be the way that you are?

Yikes, you're really invested in this.

Who said I want to block Gallowboob? I'm perfectly fine with his content. It's just too bad he doesn't give credit to the people he repurposes content from most of the time.



Do I smell something burning?

I don't like this. It doesn't seem like a good thing is happening. But then again, my French bulldog got some kind of brain issue and got bad epilepsy that killed him. When he got an attack it kind of looked like that

You thouught

Thats no man boy but a giruffle

Isn't everything you do before coffee? And after coffee?

I dont think its torture, but more like uncomfortable play behavior. The dog is in an awkward position to defend himself from the play bites to his neck area he is getting via her 'tickling'. I assume he trusts her and isnt really upset by this. If he was flipped over onto his back or belly and someone grabbed like that it would turn into a wrestling match because thats how dogs play by biting at the neck area, which is what her grabbing both sides from behind on that loose neck flesh mimics.

Is he conducting an orchestra?

I love in discomfort everyday...


I'm glad I'm not the only one to be tired of the 'did you just assume..." joke

Exactly what I thought of.

what I thought of.

I see a vagina

That thing could be an alien extra on the set of Star Wars. I imaging him being an alcoholic card shark with a bit of a sweet tooth

another flashback for the ol' doggo im afraid

I hope you know that you are doing your dog a disservice by making him that fat...