Thy Fellow Le Meme Lord

Thy Fellow Le Meme Lord

I feel uncomfortable with this.

It's a trick. Send no reply.

And it’s in god damn comic sans

"Better print out some spicy memes for the next meme club meeting"- No one ever

Comic sans is the font of the trollz XD XD XD LOLZ

Success Kid with no white text?

Pure troll

do you like internet content

Absolutely not

Seeing as it says Tuesday April 14, I did the maths and it could either be from 2015 or 2009.

I think we probably know which one is most likely..

Same. Upvoted.

Time to print out some

s p i c y g i f s

for the next çlüß

Dude i printed this nice GIF i saw here look

Its treason then

TOP KEK LMAO😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯

I've never been more certain that I need to leave Pittsburgh.

This is a sting by the undercover meme police.

These always make me cringe and yeah we laugh and yeah it's dumb but part of me, when I see stuff like this, I can't help but picture someone did it with absolute sincerity and just wanted to make some friends. I know some people are awkward and some people don't understand that the joke is on them, but as a person who's lonely a lot this just makes me picture a person trying their best.

Please tell me this is from at least 2012

Same, same. Upvoted.

Great journalistic research right there! Have an upvote.

Never heard of it.

Oh, I'm not brave enough for politics

Flip book bro

Same, same, same. Upvoted.

Definitely 2015. That’s when the lounge area they’re talking about got renovated.

Same, same, same, same. Upvoted.

I would just go with a camera to do a documentary

Without the text, he’s just eating sand!

Stay viral Pittsburgh

Too soon

Same, same, same, same, same. Upvoted.

Are you threatening me, master retard?

And ham

If it makes you feel any better, I’m pretty sure this was satire

Green eggs


I am

From my point of view, you're boring

Hey, you leave our umlauts and sharp s out of this!


I’m a pretty low-empathy person but I also feel that when reading ones like this. I was never lonely like this but I knew some people that I could totally picture doing this and meaning well, all while being oblivious that it’s cringey as hell. And then I think about how they’d get made fun of behind their back as usual. Sad.

Nobody cares

le mind is le blown!

Nope! It’s Point Park University.

Source: PPU Alum, lived in the Lawrence Hall dorm my freshman year.

The funky c is not within our authority. You should call the Turks or French for that one instead.

I’m guessing this is University of Pittsburgh (could happen at any college) not representative of the whole city. If you’re in your 20s like me there’s a ton to do. Lots of cool bars in the south side, north shore, and shady side. Plus everything is relatively cheap compared to other major cities.

"Better print out some spicy memes for the next meme club meeting"- No one ever Vice President of the Meme Club

Facebook, please unsubscribe from internet content

Blushing Emoji ruined your holy texts

I don't like prequel memes. They're coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere.

I'm moving to Pittsburgh in about a week. What am I walking into if there's people who do this shit around.

I hate sand

It honestly made me tear up a little bit thinking about it because I know how hard it is to be alone and I know how scary it is to try to step out of the bubble, especially if all it leads to is being mocked. If this is a sincere thing I hope they find what they're looking for.

What about the funky c?

Was getting caught part of your plan?

The autist will decide your fate

I remember when trolls were funny

It’s coarse

Take the most offensive posts from /sub/imgoingtohellforthis and turn them in

It does look like some sort of trap.

And rough

Take a seat.


I didn't actually come here to free slaves

Lol this is what I'm telling myself to get through the day

*le font *le trollz Get you shit straight

TIL Point Park also has a Lawrence Hall


This made me tighten my mouth up into a little mean line because you seem like a dick.


Same same, but different


And it gets everywhere.

🅱️ittaburgh is my 🅱️ity

Thanks, internet Sherlock!

Blergh, this is my Alma Mater. I’m gunna go see if I can return my degree for a refund.

Wow, did you actually type this comment? It's very high-quality!

Not yet.

The "do you like internet content" gives it away, any more obvious and it'd have a /s at the bottom of the page, but then it'd ruin the satire

Of course!

Same, same, same, same, same, same. Upvoted.

2018 has gone downhill fast

Amazing. Everything you just said is wrong.

That it's the second Tuesday this upcoming April and they're using the wrong calendar.

That would be Point Park University.

There is also a Lawrence Hall at Pitt but it is an academic building, not dorms.

AMA Request; anyone who attended the Meme Club meeting.


Can't wait to share my stories of trolling people.

It's the Denmarks looking for trolls.

Hopefully to cheers of “EPIC!”

Friend you are crazy

Unless you are a dancer.

The real world really doesn't give as much of a shit about where you went to school as you do.

The le meme club meeting.

*le trollz

XD!! troled u XD!!!!!1one

Alright buddy just don't watch them, it'll be alright

Lol why do you care what we like? Fuck off

But what about the /sub/fellowkids attack on your karma?

You forgot irritating

Good find