Throwback Thursday

Jeff beats him

I think

The real impressive thing about these videos is how little he reacts after making it on his 2000th try.

Damn right

The dog in the background barely flinched... must be thinking, "not this shit again"...

That was hilarious

fake. these are all reversed

i was being sarcastic

I like this

He only flinched on the first 2,382 tries.

What a tosser.

Damn right

Yeah I'm thinking more like throwback February-March.


Not shown: 30 hours of failed attempts to make this 15 second video.

How are they reversed? How were they coming out of the things?

This reminds me of that app Paper Toss where if you throw it too far left or right people around the office berate you


"Yeah, I got skillz..."





The look on his face.

And his parents making him repaint their wall after he threw his keys at it repeatedly for two hours.

I mean he as a camera looking at his target. Doing that stuff is a bit difficult, but its not balls-hard-DarksoulsWithaWiiMote hard.

I wouldn't call this funny at all, but definitely /sub/mildlyinteresting



Well that's what happens when you spend your entire year to make a 10 second video clip. You lose your soul.

I didn’t understand how to play that game. No matter how often I threw my phone in the bin, my score was always zero.

I saw no salad.

Ok, that last one was just cheeky.


My eye just started twitching, and I could feel the anger rising within me.

Dammit, now I gotta find the dog.

I think there's a button for that...


A beautiful man

What about with bananas?

What about with ?

English motherfucker do you speak it


You think it's a literal mirror and not mirror-mode on his smart phone to do the selfie with?

That sound the second guy makes. XD

You missed you idiot.

My guess is that he's using a mirror to aim his throw

The original and the best.

part 2.

Damn right

Well, shit. He's cute.