Three times their initial offer

Three times their initial offer

A used puppy. Damn. These people don’t deserve dogs

I fucking died at the end “the price for you is $1800” 😂

If they needed a companion for their daughter they can go to the pound and get a mutt. I don't understand why they need a purebred dog for that.

They were looking to breed it themselves to flip it for more cash money. Note that they opened with a demand for a specific (rare) coloration, the largest male, and no breeding contract.

$250 for a used dog... rediculous. Does it come with a warranty, tho?

The prefer term term for "used puppy" is beloved family pet.

I got a used puppy. She’s one of the best things to ever come into my life.

Love the buyer coming in late with the sob story to check all the choosy beggar boxes. Seller going 3x sealed the deal.

Seriously. That was the first thing I thought when I read that line too. Well that and they can't spell ridiculous.

Note that they opened with a demand for a specific (rare) coloration, the largest male, and no breeding contract.

There's no way this is going to be a family pet with these specific requirements. Good catch!

If you’re not willing to actually pay for the puppy, you don’t need the puppy. If your daughter is being bullied, a dog isn’t gonna stop it. Be a good parent, go to the school, and demand action.

I also can’t believe they had the audacity to call a living creature used, as though a dog is some kind of car.

That's what got me. A "used dog". These are the types of people who toss a dog on the side of the road after it's not "cute" anymore. My "used dog" works just fine, thank you.

Absolutely rediculous.

This, it's so obvious right from the get-go. I could practically picture the white trash trailer farm the poor dog would live in as soon as I read the first sentence.

3 times our initial offer

ew They don’t deserve dogs They think dogs are just objects saying “used dog” good-fucking-bye

So it's a floor model?




He should be tried at The Hague for war crimes over this comment

A lot of used money. rediculous

"Hello I would like to buy your puppy for $2. Okay how about $4? No? How about $6? I TRIPLED MY INITIAL OFFER YOU SAVAGE, HOW CAN YOU DENY ME!?"

How will they tell their doughter?

It's a very known fact that purebred and expensive animals are much more effecrive when dealing with bullies. Source: I was a bully at school and did not mess with kids with Cheetah pets.

After this, I woldn't give this person a puppy if he offered to pay $18,000...

Your so creul. Thier dougther is being billed at shcool!

used dog

Puppy mills. Wouldn’t surprise me if the beggar is running one.

Or daughter

Only if it misses out on its puppy years.

All of my dogs are used, some were even abused and I wouldn't trade them for the world. If someone talks about a dog like property and not a part of the family, they will not take good care of it.

I would, $18,000 is alot of money

too true, I volunteer at a cat rescue and people drop off their cats when they grow out of the kitten phase. It's disgusting

Honestly that upset me so fucking much

You don't use your dog? We use it all the time to retrieve round objects that were tossed too far out of reach.

What is a "breeding contract?" An agreement that they won't breed?

Thats what I thought. What shitty people. I can't imagine the type of person who would call a dog 'used' and then not be willing to pay an already really low price for the puppy. I gurantee they're people who have never breed a dog in their entire life, who would do zero work in making sure the puppies went to a good home and would not care for the mother when she gives birth.

This is why people have a bad view of breeders despite the really awesome people who do it for their love of dogs

Also - I just don't get it from a practical level. Baby animals while adorable are pains in the ass. Give me a grown animal any day.

The final line was amazing

I wouldn't give a puppy to a person calling any dog "used" for any amount of money. unreal.

"The owner was a really mean person, we even proposed to pay 3 times what it's worth!"

Floor model face wash and cuddle dispenser?

This Labrador's for a church, honey. Next!

Puppy years are overrated. I love puppies, but they're bitey, their teeth are needle sharp, they chew on everything, they're hyperactive at the least convenient times, and they poop and pee in the house. The puppy years can be extremely frustrating.

The fact they want a specific dog - foxred, largest male - and no breeding contract is suspicious too.


No wonder they can't pay more, those damn doughter bills!

They wanted to breed the dog but didn't want to pay for a purebred dog.


They don't have problems (well not the type you're thinking), they want a dog to breed. Take note of the specific color request, demand for the largest male, and no breed contract. That means they want to use the male as a sire for rent or for their own puppy mill. Someone just looking for a family pet would likely not even know what a breeding contract is.

People be texting too much. I'd be like:

Them: 150?

Me: No, 500 firm.

Them: Blah blah blah

Me: nothing

That pisses me off beyond belief. I don’t understand how someone can do that to their pet.

Should have offered $0. Triple that it’s still $0! Can’t lose with that one

It’s for church, puppy. NEXT!

As a greyhound owner, I think you meant "couch hog"

But what about Chia Pets?

yeah, the asking is only $500 (if he didn't reveal himself to be a horrible twat). If he was prepared for $300, it's not a huge leap to get to $500. He should have just taken the deal (but I'm glad he didn't)

What did he need a purebred retriever for anyways? is his daughter going to take him hunting?

Our dog is very useful at retrieving discarded PB&J crusts!

Exactly. I pray this obvious former Spelling Bee Champ is unable to "breed" and actually has no doughter. Funny how they needed the "largest male" just for a "nic family pet." Sure, no breeding at all! I hope this twat realizes a shelter dog will be neutered. As he should be.

I feel sorry for the pup that they might get :(

Rediculous., this is two times my initial offer.

You're being a bullie now so there. /s

You'd think they'd just go ahead and pay the $500 if it's really just part of a business plan.

These people who run these things don't want to spend money just get money

Shit i didn't think of that

Seriously this. My jaw dropped when he called a rescue dog “used” and complained about not getting the puppy years as if a shelter dog doesn’t have any other value in a person’s life.

To be fair, there are a lot of really bad breeders. I really wish the US would regulate dog breeders more.

40mph couch potatoes.

I hate people who think having a child entitles them to special treatment.


I've heard is because it discourages the people that just want to be backyard breeders and make profit of puppies without really giving them the care they deserve. Sadly, is common.

If they can not afford to buy it they can not afford to keep it I would have told them to go away from the start and explained that.

This response is under appreciated. This is exactly what they were up to.

Ah yes, the revenge shit.

Yup, we got a Yorkie X for $200 where small breeds are very desirable here because they are better suited for apartments. He was 2 when we got him, he's great with our kids, barely sheds, and rarely barks. Only messes in the house when there's an issue, like he's grumpy we left him at home for a few hours.

Breeding dogs is immoral.

If that's how you talk about dogs, maybe I don't want to see you have one of my beloved puppies..

I fucking love dogs and have for years. Every chance I get to hang out with dogs I capitalize on.

Now I've never bought one myself, but I had to look up what a breeding contract even was. Had no idea that was a thing, but maybe that's my own gap in knowledge.

That being said, there is no way in hell this regular non dog breeding guy just opens with:

largest male

technical term for coat color that no one outside of labrador enthusiasts would even know (had also never heard of this)

demands in regard to a legal contract that specifically deals with breeding before even knowing if the contract contains any of that in the first place

definitely not for breeding just a nice family pet

Between this bullshit lying and the hard lowball offer, I feel like this guy is already running a puppy mill.

And seriously the whole "puppie" thing kind of makes me want to watch him fall out of a tree.

I'm kind of irrationally angry at this person.

I appreciate that OP tried to explain to these people that dogs are living creatures and should be treated with respect, including providing proper medical care, and therefore they cost money, not just up front. I'm seriously concerned that this person is going to find a cheap dog somewhere and not take good care of it, because they clearly aren't listening to OP and apparently think $300 is way too much to spend on a puppy--which isn't even, as they put it, a "used dog."

I don't even get it, adult cats are way better. They poop in litter boxes and don't wreck your curtains so much.


If that had gone through you prob would have received a refund request a couple months after when the dog got bigger and the daughter lost interest. Do u accept used dogs past their warranty???

The person clearly has some problems. I really feel bad for their kid. They probably are getting bullied at school, and at home too.

Looking for help don't need the attitude. NEXT!!!

I'm glad I was there for my late dog's puppy years but I also don't think i want to adopt another puppy that young.

one used good boy for me, pls.

If I’m not mistaken most breeders give the people they sell to a contract saying they can’t use that dog for breeding, I’m not too sure why but it’s a reasonable request

That jumped out at me and infuriated me too. What a rediculous excuse for a person

That used dog could have also been bullied, and they could bond over that But nope rather then help stop the bullying, they need a purebred foxred Lab

Same, except he's a he! Got him from a rescue group, best puppy ever

I know already things were pretty bad but that comment just made everything 100x worse.

She's probably not being treated much better at home.

This is such a different situation. Please don't beat yourself up over this. I mean, I know you will, but I hope you can also believe that this does NOT make you a shitty person, or a bad owner. You are doing the only thing you can do for the both of you, and that's really, really hard. I'd like to congratulate you on being aware that focusing on your own well being is the most important thing in this case. It can be so hard to do, but you're right. A newly diagnosed mental disorder requires a lot of time and effort to effectively manage. You have to take care of you. You're doing what you can to take care of him, too. This is an act of love, not malice.

Sometimes it's that they won't breed. Though in some cases the contract stipulates that if the dog is bred, the original seller gets ownership of the new litter (or some part of the litter). My parents recently got a golden retriever puppy who was acquired by the breeder in this way (she sold the dog's mother with a condition that she would take ownership of one of the puppies if it was bred)


I demand my puppies with the plastic wrap still on them, to seal in the new puppy smell. Once the puppy's integrity is compromised, it simply isn't worth as much!

It's pretty much a meme at this point

The beggars first text had them asking for the "largest male" and "no breeding contract". I don't know much about breeding dogs but I'm guessing that a breeding contract details how/when/if someone can use the dog to breed.

I'm guessing that the person is just some sleazy asshole who found out that purebred dogs sell for a lot of money and rubbed their two braincell's together to decided that they were going to get into the dog selling business as well.

If your children were really bullied you would understand.

I will have to surrender my Russian blue sometime in the next week. I simply cannot afford to move into a place that will allow me to keep him (not to mention pet deposit/pet rent). It’s breaking my heart and I know I’ll cry my eyes out when it finally happens. I just hope he goes to a loving home that appreciates him as much as I do. I just cannot provide the life he deserves and need to focus on my own well being at this time (recently diagnosed bipolar with no insurance to pay for ongoing treatment other than medication). Doesn’t make me feel like any less of a piece of shit and bad owner but like I said he deserves a loving home and while I can provide the love I cannot provide the home.

The puppy needs to be able to support 20 people, this just won't do. NEXT!

My boy is very helpful if you would like to experience whiplash without the hassle of a car crash.

(He accidentally headbutted me in the nose once and gave me actual whiplash. 2 week long headache. He's not even that big.)

I love my “used dog.” He’s the best.

Offers piece of corn for puppy.

Puppy is 5 corn.

Well then 2 corn! Double our offer!

5 corn.

3 corn, triple our offer you suck I hate you!

Puppy is now 18 corn.