Three sons pitch in for a surprise Father's Day gift.

I thought it was great when he was standing next to a Black and Decker box.

Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah to the max. Thanks for sharing.

"Here's a new nailgun, now go finish the back deck that you've been putting off for 3 years."

This honestly reminds me of my Tio (Uncle). He moved all the way here from Alabama with his 3 very young kids. He worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet. I remember one Christmas he got drunk and told this story about how his dad tied his eyes closed with a big red bow and told him to go outside. He said that when he took it off it was a surprise! Time to slaughter your childhood pig cause we need it to eat...This devastated him.

Ever since then red bows always made him cry. Well One Day, on his birthday his kids all chipped in and got him a Truck with a red bow on it. Finally after all these years and being a good Dad they turned red bows into something beautiful for him.

And here I am getting my dad a $4 card.

his dad tied his eyes closed with a big red bow and told him to go outside. He said that when he took it off it was a surprise! Time to slaughter your childhood pig cause we need it to eat

his dad tied his eyes closed with a big red bow and told him to go outside. He said that when he took it off it was a surprise! Time to slaughter your childhood pig cause we need it to eat

As a Latino, all I could picture here is an "Ay mijo..." and the subsequent sobbing. Love it. I hope one day I can buy my dad a troca.

"If I said I will finish then I will! You don't have to nag me about it every 6 months"

I bought my father a car 10 years ago. He is still driving it, and it runs great, but now he thinks that it is somehow my responsibility to buy all of his cars for him. He complains about the car getting old and hints at what kind of new car he wants. When I tell him no, he brushes it off as if he was joking. I'll also add that his retirement annuity is higher than my working income. Yeah, go fuck yourself, Dad. Oh, and happy father's day. Prick!

My kids called me from their Mother's house and told me they are going to hang out with friends. I'd take a Black and Decker box right about now, it's a better present than the bitter sting I am dealing with right now.

Edit: Since my inbox is full of good will or plain ol' hate...

No I'm not a dead beat Dad. I see my children regularly and love them. Their teenagers, they were at my house for Mother's day and had no interest in seeing their Mother to celebrate, I took them over none the less. I guess they don't see what the big deal is to their parents. They did call and wish me a Happy Fathers day. Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm leaving the house for the store to get some ointment to relieve the pain from wicked Reddit burns.

Moneybags with a $4 card! I'm sending one from the dollar store. . .

Student loans suck!

[Fuck yeah Intensifies]

I, um, um, called my dad...

Holy shit, this happened to me but with a goat instead. For two months, I would wake up before dawn to let it graze on the fields, fetch it water a couple times a day, move it to the shade, and bring it back home before night fall. Just before summer ended, my mom decided I did a good job taking care of the goat and it was time to taste all the hard work I did for the last couple months. I thought I'd finally be getting the gameboy I was asking for all summer. I did not.

He's crying cause he wanted the white one. :'(


*every 6 years

You guys don't what the opposite of this problem is like. My mom is addicted to DIY network and my dad is remodeling all day everyday. I swear every time i come to visit its a whole new house. Then my dad makes me feel like shit for never coming to help.

Una trocona del año cabron!

I say good job all three of you. It truly is the thought that counts and you all three followed through. Have an up-vote each!

HAHAHAH!! Holy crap I'm waking my kids up!! I know it ain't okay to scribble 'hahaha's on reddit but this is just too funny. What's that mouse face even suppose to resemble? Because he looks kind of sexually aroused.

Oh I love this. You're the best.

Drive him to the lot but at the last second leave his ass with the payment.

I try not to spend my life assuming people are massive pieces of shit sight unseen. Call me naive.

This is the real source from three years ago:

Don't know why someone reposted on youtube pretending it's their video.

Also the gif cut out the part where the first son hugged his dad. Weird.

[Fuck yeah limit exceeded]

That was really great of them! I love how he hugged them all, then also shook that one son's hand.

Some day they'll look back and feel like assholes, and realize what a gift you are to them. Happy Father's Day anyway.

I like that the mom is wearing that Mexican apron vest! Bien hecho, cabrones.

Oh man, I know this feeling. Keep your chin up, drink a beer, call a friend and talk about anything, I mean anything, but kids. Weather, golf, your morning piss, doesn't matter. Then fall asleep tonight thinking happy thoughts about them and when they weren't big ol' douche canoes.

PM me if you need to talk, or anyone else that's having a tough day. I'm here for you. I've been there

It was like that for me, except that was my entire childhood. Weekends didn't exist for us. They were just a day to keep remodeling the house. Lol.

I didn't learn much though, because my job was to hold boards and fetch tools, not ask questions or stare unfortunately, even well into high school. But I will say, watching it happen has been slightly helpful for crappy little cat trees and such that I've made to save some money and such.

Nowhere near understanding enough about plumbing or electrical to do it myself though from it. I know the Internet can help though! (Just sometimes am jealous of all the neat things people people know inherently from just getting decent instruction when helping their parents).

17 year old daughter. My childless uncle is a semi retired carpenter. Everytime he comes to visit he fixes something in the house. We don't tell my dad, we just let him think that he did it and forgot about it.

Fuck thats brutal

Wanna call each other and pretend were each other's dad's and stuff? All I really need is like an "I'm proud of you" tbh.

For all you know he could be a massive piece of shit.

This makes me wish I was a mexican with a big family.

Fuck yeah

Now he gets "here's a new truck and here's the loan payment"

I'm 32 and a dad, and I'm realizing that I'm slowly falling into this dilemma.

After working 50 hours per week, minding the land, and playing with kids (including soccer practice and stuff)... shit's hard to remember to get done...

Now he can help you move :)

As a non-Latino, I got all misty watching this.

It's probably a tween. In animation, we like to use really crazy, stretched/squashed poses to convey motion.

If I had to guess, I'd say this is a few frames before his mouth turns into a ":O" and his eyes get reaaalllly big.

I don't have a dad :)


that mouse

Show some respect to my boy Jerry

Wish I could, but my Dad sucks at finances, so his credit rating sucks. I would have to be the primary, or at least cosigner, on the loan, so in the end, I would still be responsible anyway.

No, it's great!!

You're Mexican now! It's the standard Mexican mom uniform

Now go make me some tamales cabrona


I agree with both of these statements. Wow so much support and love from an ever-growing and branching family, but also the drama of Hispanic families is non stop. (Am Mexican

Its not like its an old POS truck with an exhaust leak. New vehicles are pretty quiet.

I was that dumb kid once. I'd give anything to celebrate today with my dad. They will too

Happy father's day!

Trust me, you don't.

As you wish, naive.

He tries to start the truck. Engine doesn't turn over. He walks up, pops the hood, no engine. Only nailgun.

In my mind the old man had an old pickup. A Toyota Tacoma, maybe an old Ford. One bench seat, no fancy crew cab, ran like a dog if you tried to push it past 45MPH. And as kids his sons would pile into the truck with their dad on a Saturday or Sunday morning and drive somewhere special. Some weeks it'd be fishing, other weeks it'd be to a big playground, sometimes it'd be to Home Depot or Lowe's to pick up building supplies for the latest project on the house. Never huge trips, but all three boys and their father together, doing something with their weekend.

And as they grew up and became independent teenagers, and then as they went onto college or trade jobs or other work and showed the same work ethic that their father had shown them when they were small, he still had that truck. It barely runs now, but you can still fit a load of lumber or mulch in the back, and all the improvements and fixes that the old man's done to the house in the past thirty years have been carried by that old pickup. It finally died this year, the block cracked and for all the time and work that's gone into keeping it running, dad couldn't justify pouring that much money into a truck old enough to run for president.

Three weeks later, he'd borrowed a friend's pickup on a Saturday to bring some sheetrock home...he's finishing the basement because his sons are all grown and they want to have a game room ready for when grandchildren come along. It felt odd, driving a different truck, and the sense of loss finally sunk in as he brought the truck back to his friend's house. He didn't say much about it when he got home, but his wife could tell that he was down. She smiled to herself, knowing that the next day was Father's Day...and her sons had grown to be men much like their father.

Some folks really need to learn how to communicate their intentions better.

As a latino raised by a German dude in the Midwest I have no particular opinions about this but it's cool.

"And finish the deck."

See that's your problem you bought him his car when your dad was too young. You gotta wait until like late 60s. By they time they need a new car they won't be driving themselves anymore.

One and done.

Did he have to slaughter the truck?

Latino love tends to do that to people /s lol

I had the same weekend experience. My brother and I were viewed as additional labor and my father joked about it all the time. It was both irritating and belittling.

For several summers there was a huge pile of bricks that he had accumulated from torn down houses. Every few months the damn bricks had to be moved to another part of the yard. I will never move another brick for the rest of my days.

Since those horrible summer days my brother and I have taught our selves how to do proper projects and use proper tools for what ever project we are doing. My father and I get along much better now that I have a kid of my own and he stopped remodeling the house.

I read that as "semi retarded carpenter."

I was a little confused but went along with the story anyway.

Thanks Dad!

what a fucking asshole to do something so cruel to his kid. So glad your uncle turned out to be what appears a great person despite his abusive dad. And very happy that his kids could do that for him, so sweet.

Cabrona is what he was calling you, lol. Not the name of the recipe.




¡Dale shine!

HA! I feel very cool now! :)

goes to look up recipe for tamales cabrona!

And as Mexican I'm pretty sure the Mexico v. Portugal game was in the background!

[Fuck yeah counter overflow. Please reboot to resolve, fuck yeah]

Not to call you a terrible parent (after all, what parent doesn't want to provide for their children?), but, have you considered that perhaps you shouldn't have provided an adult brand new vehicles, electronics, and a monthly allowance, when said adult fails to demonstrate financial responsibility?

Thanks for the source.

I bought my dad a 67 GTO when I discovered, unbeknownst to him, he was terminally ill. He'd sold his when he moved overseas with my mom. No sob story here; he expected me to pay for everything after having the damn thing rebuilt and fully loaded with modern comforts. Heated seats, iPhone dock with gps display, lighted gauges, twin turbo. My moment of sentimental generosity for my "well at least he's not abusive" dad seemingly overwrote the foundation for my life with him: he's an emotionally bereft narcissist with an entitlement issue who doesn't appreciate anything once it's been handed to him.

By the time he expired it had been sitting in his garage covered in a tarp for two years, untabbed, unlicensed, and unkempt. He'd had it only 5 years. I thought I'd brush it up and pass it to my younger brother. Nope, he'd promised it to a neighbor in exchange for mowing his lawn regularly. I didn't need the $21k. for anything, like, say, paying off the debts he racked up in my name or anything. I'm not bitter

Edit: But I'm happy as hell for people with dads who deserve things like this.

I'll never understand why people like watching GIFs like this with no sound. Graci!

Sounds like we could be related.even my friends parents asked me why i had to work so much. Summer vacation was waking to a list of ten hours of work. I couldnt leave till it was done. Unless i was working at 6am it wasnt done by 5 pm wich ment my permanent restriction in hs. He wanted to teach me a work ethic. He taught me that even his pears think he is a asshole. Happy F day pops. Im self employed now and he hates that I make my own schedule.

Sometimes I start getting feels. But then I just substitute fuck yeahs.

And charge you 25% interest rate accordingly. :/. (Not saying he should buy the car, just pointing out that having bad credit has consequences.)

Probably thought something about teaching his kid the importance of sacrifice and how little they had (so much so they couldn't fucking eat).

Also, when you're a kid you might think the free range pig is a pet. But I don't think a family that had to resort to that had adults thinking the pig was a pet.

Or maybe it was just fucked up. I don't know I'm just trying to see the other side.

Tween = inbetween.

When you animate something you start off with "key frames", then you go back through and fill in the frames between those. Those frames are called "inbetweens" and they look weird if you pause them, because normally they pass by way too quickly to see any detail.

Every family I know that raise livestock engrain it in their kids that they are raising meat and nothing else, sure things can be cute, but they're not pets. I've never heard it be a problem, though I don't follow it closely or anything.

Did your parents never actually talk about it with you or were you too young to understand or something? Seems so counter-productive to do it like this.

Me either. He passed a few years back when I was 21.

There are used car places that will work with damn near anyone.

geez!! damned ungrateful sons.

That is so devious in a nice way...

I have almost no responsibilities, family, projects, or hobbies and I still don't get anything done.

I have a dad, but he's a deadbeat violent alcoholic whom I disowned twenty odd years ago. So he may as well be dead.

I have a father in law though, and he's awesome

I'm proud of you!

Yea man, made me much as well


That's a REAL AMERICAN family right there.

I don't know my biological dad, so this brings a tear to my eye in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing this OP!

Also giving them all an upvote. You also get an upvote for being so positive and kind!

Only when the deck is finished does he get the engine

Ohhh! Thank you! :)

feels dumb! lol

I watch El Chavo del Ocho on Netflix whenever I want to feel more Mexican.

Fellow Mexican here. Yes, they are watching futbol, but it's on Univision, so I can guarantee that it's not the Mexico v. Portugal. That game was just shown on Telemundo, since Univision didn't get the rights for it.

Source: Watched the game this morning.

Thanks for the thanks

Oh my god

"dont worry man, they'll miss you when you're dead." - /u/turkey-jizz

fuckyeah.exe has crashed

Netflix ain't gonna watch itself

There is something so touching about a grown man tearing up. Ang being openly affectionate with his sons.

I heard the journey from Alabama to here is quite rough. Glad he and the kids were able to make it