Thou Shalt Not Post 1080p GIFS!

Your mother was an iMac and your father smelled of burnt electricals!

Hahaha! I should have thought of that!

also, /sub/procss and /sub/pcmasterrace. Please help these fine mods in the battle for CSS. It will allow this sub to retain it's unique personality!

Thank you for the gold kind stranger!

I thought it was Monty Python being awfully silly.

Which 1080p GIF is this referencing?

Fun fact. It was thought that elderberrys could turn you into a fairy. So the line "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberrys" implies he is the product of a hamster fucking fairy.

I thought it was hamster=prostitute and elderberries=alcoholic?

I couldn't not read this without hearing their accents in my head.

Which battle are you talking about?

Also /u/hero0fwar has no time for such shenanigans. He would have banned the whole damn castle after 5 seconds of non-compliance.

"I downvote in your general direction!"

A Reading from the Book of Nvidia, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20:

Then did he raise on high the Holy Graphics Card of PCMasterRace, saying, "Bless this, O Gaben, that with it thou mayst teabag thine enemies to tiny bytes, in thy mercy." ... Now did the Gaben say, "First thou pullest the Holy SLI bridge. Then thou must say 1070. 1070 shall be the number of the saying and the number of the saying shall be 1070. 1080 shalt thou not say, neither shalt thou say 1060, excepting that thou then upgraded to 1070. Titan X is right out. Once the number 1070, being the number of the saying, be said, then lobbest thou Holy Graphics Card in the direction of thine newb, who, being naughty in my sight, shall get rekt."

I was unaware of the current status of the CSS situation. I am on whatever side hero was fighting for at the beginning. Also, I agree the castle would have been shaken to ruble by his presence.

Yeh that sounds right to me

It's a Frenchman with poor English trying to create new idioms for insults. A hamster breeds frequently, a metaphor for his mother sleeping around, and his father smelling like elderberries meant that he drank a lot of alcohol (or was a fairy.)

I fart in your general direction!


I use the app and it looks fine, also social media is better on phones. Just like, inherrently

I am on whatever side hero was fighting for at the beginning

/u/hero0fwar, you gotta quit bribing the users! This is getting out of hand...

only place in the world where "high quality" and 1080p are noncompatible.

That is why I said it lol

Anything Monty Python gets an upvote

catapult cows

I'm not a giffer, but in the film the frenchies at them. Someone with more talent than I could replace those cows with giant downvotes.

Saying that, knowing the internet, this has already been done.

Really the subs called that and people can't even handle 1080p footage.....

? Okay


You make me sad

I must know, tell us!

I love that you say it looks like shit on mobile when this gfycat link looks like shit on mobile.

Never had that happen on Reddit. I use mobile 90% of the time


Tis a silly place anyway.

To be fair, it's twice the file size. The difference in quality is really hard to notice on anything around 10 inch and smaller. So I rather have ~720p which "supports" more devices - possibly giving you more upvotes.

On top of that 720p gifs are almost centered on a 1080p screen without the need to scroll or resize to see the full content.

Just like Camelot

Melting plastic and fiberglass? Ozone? The term you're both looking for is "magic smoke"

I use the app 100% of the time, and oh boy does it suck. Gifs usually don't load so i have to click on the source link (or whatever it's called. Like to watch this one i had to press gfycat next to the sub name) Most of the time the app crashes on me. Or randomly refreshes and puts me back at the top of the feed. Oh, and don't even think about searching for anything.

But yeah, other than that. It looks fine when it functions properly.

Is that a moosh pit?

Try relay for reddit. It is amazing.

Yeah the iOS official app (not sure about android) plays gifycat like garbage. It drops to like 12 frames per second and pixelates the crap out of it. Really drives me crazy. I don't tend to go through the effort to view a gify post. But if the top post of the day is a gify I have to watch them to see what beat me

Burnt electronics is such a unique smell

It's only a model . . .

u fukin wot m8

Nah, the smell is actually mostly from melting plastic and fiberglass. You don't get a lot of arcing from burnt circuits unless you're working on HV stuff.

Try reddit is fun.

Hmmm. Possibly a double entendre?

Hope I'm using that correctly.


The word you're looking for is ozone.

The name ozone derives from ozein (ὄζειν), the Greek verb for smell, referring to ozone's distinctive smell.

I'm rather new to HQG, that might be why, but I don't see anything wrong with the Gif on mobile.. care to enlighten me?

Do the D'Dew

When in Rome