Those pesky iPhones.

Those pesky iPhones.

Boomers didn't destroy the economy, the belief that capitalism worked at any point in American history is flatly untrue

"Ruined economy"


"Dying planet"


"We get worked to death"

yer hitting it right on the head

"The nazis are coming back"


Well I don’t want to come off as defending capitalism (I definitely do not), but we can’t make such grand claims that in themselves are not entirely correct. Capitalism like any ideology will have people that benefit and people that don’t. Capitalism worked for America during WW1 but at the same time is could be argued capitalism was one of the reasons for WW1 in the first place. But most definitely did capitalism work for strictly the US during WW1

Adding to what you said: The Roaring 20s was great for people living in the cities, well great in comparison to a generation earlier, but for the farmers it was very bad for them.

I hope youre not one of those people who think "Sweden is socialist".

Communism is a specific form of socialism built on dialectical materialism, which seeks to study society scientifically. A communist society is a classless, stateless, moneyless society seen as inevitable and desirable by Communists. Also called scientific socialism.

Socialism is a broad set of political movements that aim for the elimination of private capital, not personal property like your toothbrush. A socialist society would be one im which the means of production, e.g. farms and factories, are controlled by the workers.

Democratic socialism is one of the few forms of socialism that believes we can vote our way to socialism. Same goals, but different tactics.

Anarchism is another form of socialism that shares end goals with communism, but generally disagree with how to get there. Anarchists want to transition immediately, communists believe that there must be a transitional state that eventually falls away as it's no longer necessary.

No form of socialism will take your damned toothbrush. Or take your house. All are political, since the economy is inseparable from politics, and each one has dozens or more different versions. Most are revolutionary, that is they believe that a revolution must happen first to begin or achieve their goals.

Couldn't it be both? iPhones will pack your preferred news apps with the most emotionally charged stories which include environmental degradation, racism, and unemployment. Real progress is a boring story. Even the positive stories (e.g. upworthy) are more feel-good bromides than stores about progress in general (a foil to the stories about negative trends).

It's all tied to capitalism anyways

This is typical non-materialist social democratic nonsense.

Click on the "19th Century" and "20th Century" tabs and marvel at the boom-bust cycle which is indeed integral to capitalism (even in America!)

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