Thomas Train Stunts

i still dont understand how it made that loop...

'This is totally righteous!' said Thomas

This video is obviously edited together from different segments (and possibly slowed down a lot), so there's certainly someone offscreen giving it a big push.

Are we all just gonna ignore the blatant ignorance of the fucking laws of physics here?

The table is at an angle. That explains pretty much all of the physics oddities that I noticed.

Well, this is a thing someone made.

I was laughing about the time someone took to make this video, then realized I watched the whole GIF. Nice work.

I think its motorized, as it pushed over a bridge, stopped, and then sped up again. But everything else you said i argree with 100%.

The table is at an angle.

It's one of the best cartoon serial i liked it and a good wooden work done but video is long..

This is my new favorite sport.

Amazing for me!

was that a long video or short trained wide

so sick, Tommy my Boi kickin it