Thomas Train Stunts

I didn't think I was going to watch that whole thing but then I did

Hey Thomas leave some pussy for the rest of us bro

That race with the red train had me on the edge of my seat.


Thomas The Dank Engine

Can't believe he landed all those stunts so perfectly!! I guess before the filming he must have done a lot of training...............

Someone clearly has too much time on their hands. This is insane, I love it.


Me, too, especially the criss-crossing parts.

At your service.

I can just picture the kid sat on the floor playing absolutely zero part in this dad masterpiece

Lady is best train waifu

I had no idea Thomas was such a maniac

He did some rails of coke to keep him on track.


that isn't brown? am i blind

At first I was like "whatever." But then I was like "I hope this never ends!"


I got way too hyped for a couple of those

Strangely badass.

Vote +1 for brown.

Me whilst watching

It's maroon I think, that train is Lady, and I believe she's only in the movie Thomas and the Magic of the Railroad.

I'm thinking it has to be sitting on an angled surface - my son has one of these and Thomas doesn't come anywhere close to that fluid of movement around corners. It usually ends up with Thomas going down the hill, and then getting stuck halfway through the first corner.

Literally gasped out loud.

I laughed, I cried


They locked couplings. He stuffed her furnace full of coal. He blew his whistle.

I'm too lazy to screenshot for /sub/beetlejuicing


Does it exist?

Edit: no

I have a few guesses.

The track is all on a hill. We can def see the tilt adjustments from the gimbal.

Footage has been slowed, but not by much.

The Thomas seems to be weighted on the bottom.

So my guess is weight and momentum is doing them a lot of favors, and then it's patience with some old fashioned trial and error. The slow mo is likely to try and hide the fact the track is on a tilt.

Thank you! I thought it was one trick only at first, until your comment!

Is there an actual engine in the toy, or is this track aiming downhill? It doesn't really make sense for the toy by itself to keep going like that, especially on a flat or uphill surface.

Don’t leave me hanging, did they bang or what

i had this set when i was a kid, all the parts were solid wood. no engines. little magnets either end of the engines to hold carriages on. guessing the guy must have pushed it super hard

Well this is new, and i like it. I never would have guessed watching someone else play with a thomas the train site could be so satisfying

...... I'm speechless

for an actually active sub similar to this one, consider /sub/tsunderesharks

Eh, would prefer a 'let the bodies hit the floor' soundtrack but w/e


I masturbated furiously.

Ant Man 2 is going to be epic.

Be the change...

You know the rest.

A dad-sterpiece if you will

Made my fiancee watch it from half way through and then finish the other half from the beginning. It was just that good. Couldn't tell you what she thinks though.

They come battery powered now, so it moves on its own, but not nearly with this much speed or power. Just sort of chugs along.

Her name is Lady, and she’s magenta, have some class you heathen!

She blew his whistle, you mean.

Can’t wait til I can have kids so I can play with their toys

oh my god they're gonna crash


Every one of them that had him flipping around off the track. Fucking gnarly.

Thomas, what'd we say about doing those 50/50 grinds???

he's a manic, maaaaaanic

And probably more then one cut


So disappointed they didn't use for the soundtrack

Bro I was getting hyped


Like a train would?

If you look closely at the background, you can see the paneling on the walls that indicates a fairly steep slope on the surface the tracks are built on.

The Thomas breaking through the brick wall brought back some serious “90s hot wheels commercial” nostalgia.

Oh god I'm in the weird part of youtube again

I loved all of it and even checked to see how much was left I was enjoying it so much.

Way cooler than my brain initially wanted it to be.



This is stupid childs stuff. Looks at amazon for a complete set and then some more

Unfortunately, Lady is not canon.

In Thomas & The Magic Railroad, the Island of Sodor is treated as some separate dimension that can only be reached by a magic railroad. In Thomas canon, the Island of Sodor is between England and The Isle of Man (an island off the coast of England)

How have I never seen this before? I love it

This gave me the urge to go buy a Thomas trainset to play with

I know right? I was imagining some heavy metal screamo to accompany the Thomas trick shots, but I guess techno is cool too.

Brings back memories of my wooden train tracks when I was small. :)

Very satisfying!

This is some top-notch engineering.

Now meet the best.

are they all considered canon?

me watching porn at 3 AM

Fat controller must be sitting off to the side fapping wildly

"Oh Yeah" by Yello

I watched this entire gif while listening to . Suits well.

Oh yeah.