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Except Leo probably couldn't fix the TV and developer probably could fix the computer.

I dunno, Leo might be one hell of a TV repair man.

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There is a significant of a cross over in people that have interest in hard ware and software tho.

Probably lied on his resume though.

Yeah but I don't want my family knowing that. Saying "I do software not hardware" is a lot nicer than saying "fix your own computer I'm just here for the free Thanksgiving meal."

"Oh see this is AC. I only work with DC computers. Sorry I can't help"

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Asking a software developer to come and fix your hardware problem is like asking Leonardo Dicaprio to come and fix your TV.

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Are you implying there is not a significant cross over between Leonardo Dicaprios and people who enjoy repairing TVs?

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It's a pretty bad name for the attribute then

I prefer the analogy of a carpenter fixing a table saw.

A programmer uses a computer every day, and can diagnose and fix common problems with computers. They don't necessarily have an encyclopedic knowledge of the computer and all of its software, though, so they can't help with everything.

A carpenter and a table saw are the same way.

I’d be pretty suspicious of a developer who couldn’t, at least, fix a little networking issue.

This analogy is actually pretty garbage. I propose: “Asking a developer to fix a computer is like asking Leonardo DiCaprio to touch up a script”

Sure he can do it, but 1) it is kind of an inefficient use of his time and 2) he probably won’t do as good a job as the specialist

Usually I feel like cars are a better analogy. It's like asking a mechanical engine engineer to fix your brakes.

Yeah he could probably figure it out, probably more slowly than an average mechanic though, and not really related to his job, plus he doesn't want to be liable if he messed up.

Good human


He is checking youtube videos on TV repair for tomorrow's interview.

Idea: break CAPTCHAs by posting them to Reddit and have someone transcribe them


Developer would bodge something then run away when it had worked once.

One reboot and it will be broken again.

Maybe, but he's got nothing compared to Jim Carrey.

Uh. A computer science degree doesn't include training in how to "fix computers".

So my reputation as a developer is equivalent to that of Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor? Holy shit!

No, a computer science degree is understanding how to develop algorithms and data structures to solve problems.

How to find out if your motherboard is fried, how to replace RAM in your machine, how to install software, how to configure your router for your network, are not covered.

What you learn about operating systems is how they work and how to write one. That's why it's usually a 400 level course.

If you get a computer engineering degree, then you get more into the actual hardware of things.

But a computer science degree, there's actually very little about the hardware you have to learn.

Why are you assuming he was trying to check for equality and not just assign a true value to it?

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Reboots can break things? I thought turning it off and on again fixed everything. My life is a lie!

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No ; at the end makes me thing VB but then he used this so ... brain hurts!!