This 2.5 year old lady had a taste of her first semla today.

This 2.5 year old lady had a taste of her first semla today.

I don't know what a semla is, but damn does it look delicious.

The classic one is a cardamon bun, filled with a mix of milk and almond paste in the middle and topped with copious amounts of whipped cream.

We are supposed to only eat it today in Sweden, but I've probably eaten around 10 of them already this year.

I wouldn't recommend that particular breeder because of different reasons :( Perhaps forums/reviews can help you to find a good breeder near Gothenburg. However I think I will adopt rats in the future, we have a lot of unwanted rats in search of a forever home i Sweden.

Yes, but where? :) That was the important thing. We are considering having a rat when our children are a bit older but don't know where to find breeders in Sweden. We also live not far from Oslo.


Same here in Finland. Fatties would have eaten it whole.

Yes it's a Swedish semla :p And the rattie comes from a breeder in western Sweden.

Yes it's common but not for rats. Today is fettisdagen (a.k.a fat Tuesday) a special day in Sweden, where we celebrate with a semla.


Sweden?! Where did you get your rat?

Is rats eating semla a common thing?!

Thank you! Can you point me in a direction for where to find rats up for adoption as well? :)

Tips on breeders in Sweden: