This 44 year old doctor

This 44 year old doctor

You trying to say I'm not a 44 year old doctor?

I would expect a doctor to know the difference between 'good' and 'well' before I would expect any human to be above juvenile usernames

Maybe his name is Richard?

I think he used the correct one. Nothing wrong with “I am good.”

His real name is Stickard Richard.

Could be a proctologist.

Not with a name like ThePowerOfFarts

StickyDick13 is a real doctor and long and personal real life friend of mine. His nickname on Reddit is actually his nickname that was given to him when he was well 13.

You see for when he was 13 he bragged about having sex (he didn't) to the other boys. When he was asked how it was he ignorantly said sticky and described the act of intercourse like a fly on a sticky trap. It didn't take long before that bullshit was revealed and thus he was forevermore called sticky dick.

Him and I are the only two left of the group that still are friends. But as you can see he has owned up and proudly displays this name. Anyhow he's actually a well respected dermatologist.

Of course everything I typed above is bullshit.

Well, was she and are?

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