This woman would rather support a pedophile than a democrat

This woman would rather support a pedophile than a democrat

She sounds like someone who would leave her kids with a child molester.

This is a really bad place to draw your line in the sand.

“I just don’t get why he molested my kids! He said prison had reformed him and he was so over touching kids. I’m so confused!” - that lady probably


I never thought I'd see someone defending pedophiles, especially by saying "well all they do is fuck kids".

An independent voter is a voter who does not align themselves with a political party. An independent is variously defined as a voter who votes for candidates on issues rather than on the basis of a political ideology or partisanship -wiki


That's sounds just like her. She'll vote for any of the two parties that aren't democrats

How is she an Independent if she doesn't ever vote Democratic? Wouldn't that make her a Republican in our two-party system?

"How can he be a (Insert favorite political party) and a pedo?"

Democrat/socialist? Jesus fucking christ US, liberals aren't the fucking far left! OR the moderate left! They're at most fucking centrists! It's insulting to both liberals and actual socialists for you to call them socialists!

Ahahaha no. More like "He's a pedo? He's probably a secret Democrat who has infiltrated the Republican party!" Because everyone knows that Republicans are innocent and pure /s

That’s not a line, that’s a fucking loopty loop

lol as a Canadian, your democrat party is just as far right as our conservative party.

It's nuts that they call democrats socialists, I bet the party I vote for here would be stalinists in their eyes.

She sounds like a Russian troll farm account writing inflammatory, divisive shit.

"Just because I vote GOP 100% of the time and constantly use only their talking points and support GOP candidates that are pedophiles doesn't mean I'm not independent."

Don't let the mainstream media distract you from the real story here:

Don't let the mainstream media distract you from the real story here:

Probably third party.

"I actually identify as a classical liberal."

Better than leaving them with a Democrat.

aka Herself


My mother-in-law, who votes Republican 99.999% of the time, also claims to be an a Independent voter.

With the amount of people who tell male and female rape survivors that they clearly enjoyed it and deserved it how can this surprise you?

More along the lines of "Shutup sarah stop making stuff up, no one would touch you"

I think it's more like: "I don't believe he's molesting my kids! He's now a born again christian! My pastor cured him!"

In the comments of this tweet they had some evidence it is a Russian bot

A lot of conservatives always vote Republican but identify as independent, and then they accuse pollers of “oversampling” Democrats because a lot more people identify as Democrats (both in polls and the real world).

It means her votes have been evenly spread between Democrats and Republicans.

Because she's never even registered to vote.

This was confirmed as a Russian troll. People need to realize that posts like these are the exact same as "fake news" and it's not targeted at just older people.

That specific heading is fake, but Hannity making that argument is real. Literal insanity.


Apparently he "misspoke".

From the other thread -

Just like Bill O'Rielly was an independent.

It's actually crazy that our conservative party is way closer to the US's democrats than republicans.

"God, gays, guns? Stephen Harper is slightly to the left of Barack Obama on all three."

Roy Moore supporter?

the issue is that theyre democrats!

She probably molests her kids. After all, the Republican Party has apparently become the party for sexual assault and child molestation. I mean, look at all these strong rebukes coming from the GOP. Why, if they were any more concerned, they might even raise their eyebrows!

This is what happens when your main sources of information on what the outside world is like are fake news on Facebook and Fox News.

Amen brother.


"Independent," "centrist" etc. really just seems to be modern code for "I like to pretend I'm above it all and then later align with whatever group seems to be 'winning.'" And/Or, "I know my opinions and politics are indefensible so I'll pretend I don't hold them while hoping everyone's too dumb to notice my actions repeatedly and blatantly don't match my words."

Being a Democrat, or Republican for that matter, does not mean that you march lockstep with everything or share every view.

If you agree with the vast majority of the democratic positions, you're effectively a Democrat. That's why I'm a Democrat, not or of any loyalty or deeper meaning... It's not a cult, it's a generalized outline of political views.

If a Republican matched up with my political views, I'd vote for them. That doesn't make me an independent though. Especially given the current ideological differences in the platforms.


To each their own of course, identify however you want, but it feels like more and more people are claiming to be independent when their views still match up with one party or the other. It's almost like political hipsterdom.

Brain Less supporter, too.

To be honest, most Democrats have to temper their views to win elections. They have to face the reality of what is accomplishable.

I think /u/hiphopnurse is saying that all fanatical republican supporters which is arguably a greater or at least more troublesome population among the republicans than the democrats are so wrapped up in their tribalism that they truly believe no one can simultaneously be a “real” republican and also evil.

If someone volunteers that they are an independent, they are almost always an embarrassed republican. They can't defend the policies, so they pretend to be independent while reliably voting republican.

This is why the rest of the world considers the US to be a shithole of stupidity.

She is a he and he means it. Read his responses to people replying to him.

But the GOP seems to have found a way around that handicap.

I believe a joke that's not funny is called humanity these days... not sure though...

They spent a whole month defending Nazis and the KKK. This is all a walk in the park for them.

Man, that’s grim.

voter suppression, a dedicated propaganda network, and decades of wedge issues help

“Joseph married a 14 year old” and “the accusers should be prosecuted” are potentially the worst possible excuses you could give for someone.

This is why the rest of America considers the deep south to be a shithole of stupidity.

Pretty typical Fox News strategy, put out controversial talking points and quietly retract later. I'm sure there's plenty of people saying it was consensual now that will never see the retraction.

As long as he has those traditional family values.

I- what - no - muffled screaming

Just going off her own words, I'm pretty sure she only considers voting for the two main parties.

They were making fun of someone calling themselves "independent" when its obvious they only vote R.

Jill Stein fan, probably, haha.

We just need to find the "Wi-Fi gives you cancer" post.

"I never thought the panthers would eat MY face..."

This is Hillaryous.

Ah, the thorny intersection of figuratively and literally. One literally screws children, while the other figuratively screws everyone. I think I’d go for the one that isn’t the child rapist.

And pull, now your shoes are looking cool

TBF thats how I feel as an independent guy who just cant fathom supporting the GOP right now. I liked Gary Johnson personally but now that its essentially R vs D in Congress, it's basically choose between GOP insanity or Democrat meh that I simply don't agree with sometimes. It's an easy choice for me but I still call myself an independent. The question is whos views are based more in reality.

If an old man ever tells me that my preteen child consented to sex, I am going to prison.

On the t_D subreddit right now

I'm a left leaning centrist that thinks the 2 party system is bull shit and that the electoral college is a even bigger pile of farm raised, grass fed bullshit

I don’t know if that’s better or worse than my grandpa who claims he’s a Democrat but hasn’t voted for a single one.

I think he just likes to say it because he thinks it makes him sound more reasonable.

I came here for this.

No one's hating on independents. Real independents vote for members of different parties. Fake independents like this lady and O'Reilly only vote for one party and only criticize a certain different party, because they are hypocrites.

I'm very dumb so please tell me that's not real.

Maybe he's Southern Democrat in the pre-Nixon tradition.

That's the joke

This is a 1 + 1 = 5 scenario where the correlation is missing as well as the logic.

Thank you, kind stranger! I wish there was a chrome extension or something that could flag any post that's been proven to come from a Russian troll account.

BTW Mary's age is never stated in the Bible.

Is a joke still a joke if it isn't funny? Does it just become a story/statement?

"He's a pedo? He's probably a secret Democrat who has infiltrated the Republican party!"

Also a Muslim and part of a conspiracy to overthrow christian values and instate a new world order.

lol, independent voter, hahahahaha

We can hope.

I think it's a reasonable place to draw the line.

She is just standing on the wrong side of it.

"As an independent"

Piece of shit.

That's the word they were looking for.

Well then I don't think you'll have much luck with either party

No, she probably is. People like this are who elected Trump.

“As an independent voter...” is about as likely to be true in this case as “as a black man...”

Also, wtf? Fuck her.

I get downvoted all the time in /sub/politics for saying hillary's foreign policy was 100% neo con. I mean it is and was classic neo conservative principals in action. that horror show in libya was a classic neo con fuck up. not benghazi, talking about the invasion and subsequent collapse of government and social order.

its why it made me sick to vote for her, but what option did I have?

Fake news. Russia stirring up conflict

Well, that, and that they are Republicans.

lol this lady doesn't believe in prison reform. She believes it's 100% about punishment, and doesn't care to think about their return to society.

Seems like this is coming from some Russian troll accounts.

This guy is both. What's your point here?

I think I'd rather leave my kids with the democrat.

And I'm pretty conservative. Just saying.

I saw this tweet but rephrased in a similar way in another sub. The comments determined that it was a bot.

I consider myself an "independent" and I've voted almost straight-D for every election, at the national level.

I am registered republican though. I want to be able to vote in their primaries to maybe, just maybe, vote against the insane ones. None of the D candidates scare me enough to care about their primaries.

I'll help break you out.

National debt isn't in and of itself a big deal to begin with, but Republicans are the core reason the debt has sharply risen in modern times.

That's why it's independent

Pretty standard Republican response.

Those people are savages.

They could organize a write-in campaign. Pressure Moore to drop out and let the party organize around someone else. Leverage the opposition for compromises.

Or just take the loss and vote better in the primaries next time. It's not like Moore was a saint before this came out.

Any of those options seems better than voting for a pedophile to represent you.