This woman seems as if she's a giant lounging in the ocean on a large mountain.

This woman seems as if she's a giant lounging in the ocean on a large mountain.

She looks like a normal person leaning against a rock...

Someone needs to photoshop little boats on the water. Maybe a tiny castle in the distance.

Birds, boat, guy on the mountain

Would've thought nothing of it without OP saying it that way.

Also /sub/confusing_perspective

Imagine the rock is a mountain

those birds look like they're actually the right scale possibly anyway.

And ignore the actual mountains behind her?

Unpopular opinion alert: I see OP's point thst the girl looks like a giant leaning against a mountain.

Kim Kong Un.


No those add to the effect.

I read King Kong as "Kim Jong Un"

I need to go to bed


Birds, boats, battlestar galactica

I need to see King Kong lounging next to her

She's HUGE

How is this in my front page? In no way does she look giant, and in no way does that look like an ocean.

Same. I opened the picture before reading the title (at least consciously) and thought it looked strange for a second.

"Pretend it's a seed" "But it's a rock"

Still not seeing it, you and OP are trolling.

Yeah I think it has to do with the moss on the rock behind her looking similar to the bushes at the base of the actual mountain in the background. Gives the feeling that they are similarly sized.

OP is retarded.

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Here's a sneak peek of /sub/BirdsForScale using the top posts of all time!

#1: | 23 comments #2: Fallen God by Nitesh Nagda | 22 comments #3: Poverty Divide in the Year 2525 | 32 comments

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This is... it's such an amazing subreddit!


I don't understand why....ELI5....she's just next to some rocks...but she's definitely a giant.

Looks like a normal lady laying in a small pool of water. Even after OP's title I still can't see it.

Internet, I love you.

I'm on it. give me 5 35 min

Edit: Done.

I gave up halfway through since it was taking me wayyy too long. lmfao

I'm on it. give me 5 35 min


I gave up halfway through since it was taking me wayyy too long. lmfao

I thought I was just stupid. I genuinely cannot see it as anything but a woman in a lake next to a regular rock.

perfect sub to check out with a migraine....

fucking hell MY BRAIN HURTS. I keep switching with and without the caption and it is just f-ing with me.

Goodnight my friend

Yeah seriously. I can sort of make myself see her as a giant but it's really forced. I don't know how this is getting 22k+ upvotes and a mod tag.

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!"

No she doesn't.

Yes, me too. It definitely looks like OP says to me.

I don't think it's hot enough to boil. I think the bubbles are because she farted.

I covered them with my hand and she still looks normal sized

Yeah, I don't see it, either

Is she blue or gold?

And that's a fetish!

There is too much in the picture showing the actual scale. The waves, the actual mountain right there in the background.

I can't even force my self to see it.

I know what they're implying but the perspective and scale really isn't helping with the illusion.

You're supposed to see the rock behind her as a giant mountain, but it just looks like a normal rock.

People photoshopping little boats and tiny castles into pictures is my #1 fetish actually

this is probably the strangest frontpage post i've seen in a while

Then I guess it's mild enough for this sub.

I think because the background looks like a mountain

Mind blowing optical illusion. Some people see a woman next to a rock. Others see something else... What do you see?

I actually saw it first and foremost. If you just sorta relax your eyes like you would a magic eye, she looks like a giant to me.

I tried so hard to see it but I just can't, it looks completely normal to me

I mean you joke, but it's totally someone's fetish.

/sub/giantess (NSFW!!)


in the distance

Nah, tiny castle needs to go on the cliff to the side of her head.

I think what /u/BuzZdroid17 is insinuating is that there is an inverse correlation between people who are good at spotting normal people leaning against rocks and people who are fun at parties.

being high right now i can see what this person is seeing

...Why wouldn't he be?

I zoomed in to see what OP sees ....still can't see it

Illusion jumped out at me almost immediately, Looks awesome

It's giantess

I was browsing new as this was posted and said the same thing. Didn't think this was top post worthy. The background kinda makes the foreground lesser

Boiling river?

Aaaand... I'm stealing this gif.

I have worked with less

More people saw her as a giant than didn't, considering this is sitting at 6,533 points with 83% upvoted.

So did I, wtf

white girl in a bikini. We're going to the frontpage

You serious? She's in the water, there's nothing revealing about this photo in the slightest. "Upvoted because girl" simply does not apply here. There is a legitimately mildly interesting optical illusion in a normal photograph, that's what this subreddit was made for.

Trees are just big moss. Biological classifications be damned.

Just give it back when you're done..Ok?

Also, she has a face so it's likely not boiling.

"Rewatching The Office" is my middle name

*I've been informed it may yet be another youtube bamboozle

Damn I'm glad I peeked at your history before reporting you. Your comment reads like those youtube redirect spammers. But you're legit. Maybe. Carry on with your peace crusade novelty thing!

It's all about perspective. Some people might just see it for what it is, but the combination of the actual mountains on the left, the moss on the rocks, and the mini-waves that could be huge ones if scaled up made the illusion of largeness for me.

I dont see it

Or into giantess stuff


I'm not seeing it.

I know it's a rock! Don't you think I know a rock when I see a rock? I spend a lot of time around rocks!

I totally love giantess, but what I don't like is the "Vore" that comes with it. Not all for sure, but is quite a common and that's a turn off.

It's been 6 minutes.

Girl? Check.

Bathing suit? Check.

Front page? You bet your ass.

Can you see anything below her neck? Of course not. Lol.

Currently rewatching the office and this made my day.

That's my fetish

3 is like my 2 favorite games mashaed together. Witcher 3 and Dishonored 2(I'm still working on both. Don't hate me.)

You wouldn't download a car...

She's hot then she's cold?

If I've learned anything from women, it's to never call them "giant"

Not into giantess, but I get where you are coming from. I have a couple 'boutique' fetishes that get soured for me by people trying to shoehorn in cuckoldry or incest.

That's a pretty big jump to make from people not perceiving an optical illusion the same way as you.

I got you fam.

She's a head 20% covered by sunglasses.

Me either and for a fairly simple reason: the water. Water is incredibly hard to fake scale due to its surface behavior. The wave ripples here look nothing like a wide ocean shot to me.

Either that, or moss is nano-trees, that's what the theory of relativity says.


I don't see it

It looks like a river. Am I missing something?

Damn. you caught me. I'm trying to make it look semi-decent lol.

Give me a few more min. almost done

They are trying to guide people to their youtube channel. It's pretty straightforward. Every tenth comment or so is a link back to their channel.

I got nothin'. I find it mildly interesting that anybody else does, though, so we've got that going for us.

looks more like Reykjadalur in Iceland.

Here's a pic from when I went there. The mud and rocks from OP's pic look too familiar

looks more like Reykjadalur in Iceland.

This just turned into /sub/photoshopbattles

Maybe we're all giants and it is ants that are normal sized

No she doesn't

Turn off your phone!! Take some painkillers and go lie down in a pitch black and silent room and wait for this all to boil over.

fuuuuuck migraines

So weird. I can't not see her as a giant.