This was seen on UCF campus

This was seen on UCF campus

Can't we just give everyone who loves communism a FREE FiRST CLASS AIRLINE RIDE to the nearest communist country?

I mean then they can have their dream and for FREE!

A first-class airplane ride? Why not a helicopter ride?

I was taking a "labour history" course offered through my union. It was all neo-marxist propaganda. I hated it.

Anyways, the point of this story is I said to my instructor who says unions were only necessary when capitalism came into being... that I'd rather be in a capitalist country that ALLOWS unions (even if those unions had to fight for that right) over being in communist russia where if a Farmer didnt grow enough food they'd be put in a gulag.. at least under capitalism if a farmer doesnt make enough food they just lose money.

My instructor told me that he disagreed with me on what happened to farmers who didnt make enough food in Russia.

Like, they just refuse to accept that communism is INFINITELY worse than Capitalism. It's actually sad.

This poor, deluded young lady. She should have an in-depth conversation with that young man so he can explain to her how what she experienced wasn't real communism because it hasn't been tried.

This is a better solution.

He literally did say that.

They like to pretend those millions of people that died under communism just didn't exist.

Ah yes, college kids. Where they think they know better about communism growing up in a capitalist country than the immigrants who came from communist countries.

Let's face it though, we may never get rid of the spectre of communism completely, it's too attractive for young impressionable idiots that don't understand the last 100 years of human history.

The best way is success and education.

I was arguing with a guy in r news yesterday and he flat out said that we can't attribute those deaths to communism, because they're the result of "regime change".

I then asked him how long a regime change takes. He refused to give a timeframe and said that it was only until the new government was in power. I followed up by asking for an example of communism being implemented with no deaths and he didn't respond.

An argument against that is:

You and your friends promote communism and it gets to the point where most of the country wants it. There is a revolution and you help defeat the capitalists. Someone had to lead the revolution and they are put in charge. At that point it doesn't matter one bit what you think real communism is, whoever is in charge will impose what they think real communism is. If you disagree, they'll use all their new power to serve you the same fate you gave the capitalists you helped overthrow, because you're a conspirator who is against the new leader's dream of a utopia.

“Helicopter ride” refers to Pinochet’s solution for the communists in his country that were trying to take his country straight off the cliff a la Venezuela today. Put plainly, it refers to murder.

Obviously we prefer to send them to a country of their choice or any other nonviolent solution, but if they start grabbing guns, the nonviolence option is being rescinded.

If you disagree, they'll use all their new power to serve you the same fate you gave the capitalists you helped overthrow, because you're a conspirator who is against the new leader's dream of a utopia.

You can leave off 'if you disagree'. The people who pushed for the revolution, or useful idiots as Stalin called them, are only good at overthrowing states. Which makes them a threat to the new regime, so they will be dealt with.

They don't want the socialism of a poor country, they want the socialism of a rich country. They think if we redistribute the wealth from all the billionaires in the US, they'll be getting a $10k per month government check to just sit at home playing video games. They have no idea how economics work.

part 2

on what happened to farmers who didnt make enough food in Russia.

He's disagreeing because they weren't put in gulags they had to eat their own children to survive.. sell their body parts to others.

It was a literal hell.

If you have a good relationship with your instructor, buy him a copy of the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and tell him to read it cover to cover. It's important he understands fully what he is trying to promote.

Also, they probably were gulaged as well, I wanted to use that as my opening as a semi-shit post.

Going through college in America as a Republican is so infuriating. Somehow, no matter which elective I take, they always tend to have discussions on communism and race.

They’re obsessed with it. There’s some financial influence from somewhere so these institutions teach it.

Thank god I’m a science major and the classes that matter never bring up politics (though they’re all still liberals)

Because, you want them to go. One-Way 1st class is alot cheaper than supporting them forever with their anti-USA policies.

The USSR, which had a first class Constitution, lived under an emergency suspension of the rights guaranteed by its Constitution for 75 years.

No. We prefer a permanent solution to send a message to the degenerate filth.

You know the problem with communism? If you don't make it clear the filth aren't tolerated it will come back.

Oh, and commies have always grabbed guns. That's the only way they get their message across, so really.....

Yup. Violence, complete and utter destruction, is the answer.

Currently they are frozen, due to international pressure.

There's regional elections this Sunday. So we'll be voting. Goverment will do exactly as it has done for more than 17 years. Massive fraud. But this time is different: the world's eyes are on us.

We have situation; however, having spend decades just watching your country fall, lose and see people being killed: there are some people that straight up gave up and Decided they wouldn't participate in these elections because they "know what the results will be", I've met 3 of these people, Very easy to beat in an argument, I'm certain they are a minority.

If the people win these regional elections: great for venezuela; if we lose, it's due to fraud, and we'll be taking pictures, reporting, and Calling out the government for it, which will give international organizations even more ammo and reasons for opposing this regime.

For once, the government is in a lose-lose Situation.

This is MY analysis. If you want a 2nd opinion, you can look it up, dumbbook and twatter are no longer censoring this shit because it no longer fits the narrative. "Waaaaah they're not real socialists, they're just Dictators!!!!"

Morale of the story of venezuela:

1) don't give your guns. 2) socialism leads to communism. 3) communism leads to Dictatorship 4) all the above will lead to misery, hunger, scarcity, economic poverty, degeneracy. All of these, in no particular order.

Eternal vigilance

Venezuelan here: this guy is correct.

Mentally ill looking freaks supporting Antifa? Yep, checks out.

It has nothing to do with them being young and impressionable. It has to do with communist teachers who don't have to work in the real world, having a captive audience to spread an ideology that doesn't work in the real world.

Oh and our government giving unlimited loans to people in order to get this indoctrination. Corporations won't hire you until you have received your communist indoctrination.

It is quite the system we have.

Not even kidding I told a commie to leave the USA for a commie country and it said "pay for me to do it". At least these things are consistent when it comes to money.

Don’t usually see people post their own stuff. Nice!

Pinochet wasn't wrong though.

Truth and Reason are the two pillars on which the western school of thought were founded, they are integral to western culture as a whole. That's why the Feminism/Communism/Postmodernism/Cultural Marxism cancers preach that truth is lies and reason is racist, and nothing in the world exists or matters besides your feelings.

It’s fucking sad that this isn’t satire and people actually think this way.

I vote North Korea!

LOL I am currently reading the Gulag Archipelago and read that they were sent to gulags in the book. Didnt bother really getting into it with him because it wasnt really the time for it. I also dont have a good relationship with him... it was a two day course and I only met him then.


Good point well made.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.


We just need a space-age-material trebuchet to support that sort of stress.

Well communism naturally produces food shortages, so... you know, natural.

Stalin sent his soldiers into Belarussia, they took the harvest, the stored food, and the seeds. The animals died of starvation, and the people soon after, and if they found you horded any food, they'd draw and quarter you.

Then the famine came.

Don't fuck with the farmers. Lesson for Mugabe.

"There is no license any more, no private sphere where the individual belongs to himself. That is socialism, not such trivial matters as the possibility of privately owning the means of production. Such things mean nothing if I subject people to a kind of discipline they can't escape...What need have we to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings"

-- Adolf Hitler

You could but they would argue that its not real communism.

"Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians?" -Adolph Hitler

Remember when Antifa was pretending they weren't communists?

Glad to see they're going full fucking communism now.

They know. They just asceibe to the notion that the "few" need to be sacrifeced for the "greater good". The state is god, and they are its servants.

I know what you mean by your last point. Something has gone very very wrong when we are bombarded with movies about nazis and school lessons etc etc, when the real take home from the 20th century was the absolute horror of communism.

And I have to say that, it has to be by design. Who established that that is the curriculum are kids should learn? The swamp is deep alright.

Move it to the front, it is phenomenal and deeply perspective shifting. As Jordan Peterson put it "It's like 2000 pages of someone screaming. The smartest person you've ever met, the wisest person you've ever met, screaming in outrage for 2,000 pages." I finished it last month, it is the most difficult thing I have ever read, not because of diction but because of content, the horrors of the soviet union are unparalleled in my knowledge of history, pathology, and evil. It is sickening but oh so important to understand and incorporate into your view of the world and of humanity. I think it should be mandatory reading for every high school student on the planet, it is that important.

You can thank their professors and high school teachers for that way of thinking.

I was curious about why some people believe hitler was worse then any of the communist leaders(stalin,Mao,or fidel).So i searched through some websites and was shocked to find the amount of excuses they were making for communism.You're sadly right about that they pretend the amount of people that did die,didn't exist.They were basically saying how its impossible for that many people to die or someone made up those numbers.Sorry i rather listen to somebody who has lived and escape any communist country then someone who hasn't.

You joke but this is precisely what's it's like for every former Communist country resident - my own family (which fled Communist Romania) has been subjected to this stupidity more times than I could possibly count.

Most communists weigh more than 90 kg

As a UCF alum, I would disagree. There are far less cucked people there than this post leads off. It's mostly an Engineering and business college. People are there to learn and get real degrees. Granted yes, we have plenty of other "social" degree seeking students as well, they just aren't the majority.

did you visit the tent behind them? much nicer people there.

How are things?

I hear trebuchets are popular on Reddit?

I have a permanent solution ladies and gentlemen.

Equality camps.

What are equality camps? Well, let me describe some advantages to you:

Equal opportunity to work (all day).

Equal housing (barracks/cells).

Maximum diversity (Communist degeneracy knows no boundaries).

Equal punishments.

Equal food (slop).

Equal education (learn how to work your machine).

Equal medical care (enough to keep them useful).

Equal gun rights (government only gets guns).

Equal mass surveillance.

Equal sexual orientation diversity (degenerates are degenerates).

Most importantly: Equal opportunity to serve their nation as the WORKERS Part(y) of America!

Whaddya think?

Doesn't the guy on the right know that's a white nationalist neo kkk nazi cis male hand sign? Someone arrest zhe!

It baffles me how the swastika is universally recognized as a symbol of hatred, but these dumbass communists are allowed to freely wave the hammer and sickle. These are the ones who always argue "that wasn't REAL communism" to defend their retarded political beliefs, and yet they proudly fly the symbol of the USSR; the ultimate "totally not REAL communism" communist state.

Check out the giraffe neck on the right.

Good on ya, I haven't gotten around to reading mine yet. It's currently sitting in a stack of 18-19 books that need reading.

Former Communist country resident here - I've had that exact experience many, many times.

"our mission is to kill one billion bourgeoisie. Stalin and Mao weren't real socialists because they fell short of that figure."

they claim that mao and stalin and kim il sung's deaths were due to 'natural' 'accidental' deaths due to 'natural' famines.

I wish you the best of luck, and God be with you.

Just be advised, don't tell the warhawks about all your oil.... Our stupid congress (opposite of PROgress hehe) may decide to free the fuck out of you guys.

Or Hell, maybe you should to keep things from stagnating? I don't know. I've seen pictures of Venezuela and it honestly looks amazing. Sad to think it's under a "red banner".

And in the subsequent winter 6,000,000 Ukrainians starved to death.

Its obviously a democratic society, it says so right in their name!

Cargo plane. We get over the zone, just open the ramp at the back, and tilt the nose up.