This Underwater Drone

The whole setup of being on that huge boat, with all that technology to pull in such a tiny fish is hilarious.

I like how the guy just tosses the fish back in instead of letting it swim out of his hand.

This would be so cool for finding treasures underwater.

The maximum depth is 30 metres I think. It can help with fishing or just to take pics or videos. You can use a virtual reality headset with it too. It's fairly expensive though at about $1888


Fishing rod

You did that wrong. What you want to link goes inside of the brackets. Also cool idea but I don't know if this is really the ideal place to promote your team

Back in my day, we just called it a submarine.

Adding onto this, these are known as ROVs, there's a giant commerical market but they're only now turning to consumers. A company called blue robotics makes these already and they're very nice. Im on a highschool team that makes one of these yearly, much larger, and they're a whole lot of fun.

Our team: [](

I feel like this is going to be banned at Bass fishing tournaments.

...but how did he hook the fish?