This Toothpaste describes what each of its ingredient is and its purpose

This Toothpaste describes what each of its ingredient is and its purpose

Fresh taste. Fresh taste. Fresh taste. Fresh taste.

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More factories should do this

What it is, water. Where it comes from, water. What it does, make things wetter.

You're really downplaying the versatility of water.

What it does?

It cleans

It sheens

It quenches

It drenches

It feeds

It beads

It boils

It coils

It drips

It strips

It mixes

It fixes

It scrubs

It blubs

It flows

It glows

It's in every store

It does all this and more

So please don't delay

Get some water today!

Calling all Reddit product marketing people. Readable labels are nice.

No fluoride.

I think this might be hippy toothpaste

I got ore in my mouth, but don’t call me oremouth.

Got wood in my mouth, but don’t call me woodmouth.

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Yes, and redditors are likely label-readers!

Dentist here: Use toothpaste with Fluoride. It helps remineralize shallow carious lesions (very small cavities that haven’t broken through your enamel into the dentin)

There is nothing poisonous about the amounts of fluoride in toothpaste. Don’t be like Alex Jones and reject fluoride in your toothpaste

Edit: seems that this is this toothpaste, which does indicate it has fluoride, so good! I like that they list out the ingredients, though it doesn’t state the fluoride concentration...


Source: pooping and reading labels.

Can confirm, I own one of their products. They're called Kingfisher and make "natural" toothpaste, although the one I have does contain fluoride (and tastes like fennel!)

Jeez, you really can't escape palm oil.



Where does it come from?

Human fetuses

What does it do?

Mind control

Before the days of smartphones, reading labels was how we braved through the shits.

Moisture is the essence of wetness...

The Governmint

How to put off kids 101:

Haribo jellies,



Where it comes from:

collagen (skin, bones and connective tissues of animals)

I love this. When I was little (before we had google or the internet), I called up Crest to ask what the ingredient “mica” was for in my toothpaste. I knew it was a mineral but didn’t understand why it would be in toothpaste. They told me it was to make the paste sparkly and sent me a free tube of sparkly toothpaste to reward my curiosity :)

Fluoride is really important for preventing decay and any decent toothpaste will have fluoride in it.

Cutting down rainforests and killing orangutans.

TIL plant fibre makes your teeth thicc

Someone should make a subreddit of interesting labels to read while you shit.

I'm a dentist as well and I agree. So 2/2 dentists agree that your toothpaste should have fluoride.

Now plz excuse me, I gots ta get my tree fed

We only cut down forests where the orangutans have already been poached.

That's a good bet.

Yet it still has the caustic, canker sore causing sodium laurel derivative (basically makes it foamy)

I’ll take my pronamel and continue my run of negligible canker sores for the rest of my life, plus Fluoride Rules.


e: Okay so a few things. The SLS in this preparation doesn’t seem to have the same harsh properties as the Sulfate derivative, however looking at this list still gives me some pause in using an irritant of any kind to risk.

I’ve spent so many years of my life suffering from mouth ulcers that having found a toothpaste that works, I don’t want to switch off.

And as an addendum, most of the sensodyne preparations still have the bad SLS, it seems they have removed it only from the Pronamel, which is a bummer as I was excited to use the “Repair” toothpaste but ended up getting severe canker sores within a week of using it 😕

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Product marketing people here. Consesus is that we don't include lists like this because it would deter more customers than it would gain.

If you want to sell your product you don't want to use a list like this in 95% of the cases. Unless you cherry pick the good ingredients and ignore the rest.

EDIT: Y'all people need to stop raging from simple everyday psychology.


(and tastes like fennel!)


Big Mint.



Where does it come from?


What does it do?

Makes things oniony

It protec it attac



Where does it come from?


What does it do?

Pollute the precious bodily fluids of Americans

The only one who could ever teach me, was the son of dentistman.

And wetness is the essence of beauty.

Fennel, liquorice (it's a plant!) and anise all taste very similar:

Doesn't fennel taste like black licorice??

And yet you still have to wonder how “sustainable” their palm oil actually is

Sustainable palm oil is equivalent to clean coal. Makes crappy things sound better.

Goes good with a snac

pancake on my face, makes me extra happy

put off? I love feasting upon the bones of the living!

Well, saying that your ingredient is synthetic might deter people, even if it isn't an unhealthy or unsafe ingredient. Chemophobia is real

“Sustainable Palm Oil”

Yeah for as long as we can sustain the rainforest disappearing. Fuck

I just kid. Stupid 9/10 dentist joke

This is the greatest educational Kris Kross parody I've ever seen.

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

Well, duh, you need a dispersant...

I thought it would be too abrasive, so i looked it up: Mica has a Mohs' hardness of 2.5, same as baking soda, so it should be okay.


I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy

You mean it's really great for government induced Mind Control!!! /s

You forgot that apparently it "moistens"

I'd be both shocked and amazed if it doesn't already exist. Sadly I don't know the name of it.

Son of a dentist here (different dentist): came to say the same thing.

Huh, calcium carbonate comes from calcium carbonate...

I trust them to sell ineffective fluoride-free toothpaste.

Thats because its only one product: Dr Bronners. The king of all labels.

It's nice for those of us who can't stand the taste of mint.

Who decided that every toothpaste has to taste like mint?!!

I’m thinking that that’s why they mentioned “sustainable” in front of it.

The main mineral that the enamel of your teeth is made of is hydroxylapatite. When exposed to flouride ions, hydroxylapatite loses an OH- group and it's replaced with a flouride ion, becoming flourapatite.

Flourapatite has a lower critical pH. What this basically means is that your teeth can withstand more acidic environments before your enamel begins to dissolve. Some bacteria in your mouth produce acids (lactic acid, i think) as a biproduct of their metabolism. Acids dissolve hydroxylapatite more effectively than flourapatite.

Note, I am not a dentist nor chemist. I vaguely remember this from organic and/or biochemistry from a long time ago...

Update: While true, apparently this isn't the main benefit of flouride.. according to /u/WedgeTurn in a comment below:

While this is true, it's not the main effect fluoride has on dental health. Fluoride dissolves in the saliva and together with calcium forms calcium fluoride, which precipitates on the tooth surface, where it forms a protective layer that buffers lactic acid released by cariogenic bacteria.

Gotta find 7 more like you.

Source: I’m a dentist and I disagree

Exactly. All of a sudden, I feel like I can trust the brand.

MMMMM brushing my teeth with Sambuca!

Ingredient: Alcohol Purpose: Disinfectant


I was told this when I was a kid while I was eating sour gummy worms. To this day, it has not stopped me from eating the fuck out of them.

Nice one!

Mobile users tap here

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This tends to help the healthier product where they like to advertise their ingredients, correct?

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Just see Dihydrogen monoxide. Spook

food label too should be like that

It comes from Purified Water and is not the regular water that you have.

Except that's completely wrong. The word sustainable means they aren't using palm oil from rainforests

my province is the only one the country that doesnt put fluoride in the water supply.

we're also the province with the worse dental hygiene.

But i guess we're also the most woke?

The really frustrating part is that the palm oil-derived ingredient, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, is entirely unnecessary for the toothpaste to work. All it does is make it "foamy." The only reason it's added is because consumers are used to foamy toothpaste, not because it adds anything useful. In fact, it can be irritating to your mouth and teeth.

What do people think meat is??

The only floss that could ever Reach me...

I wish my shampoo bottle had this. I'm tired of reading stuff I don't understand.

Literally the only purpose of toothpaste is to apply fluoride to your teeth. You can put abrasives in them but the bristles are abrasive enough on their own.

I'm a dentist.

Any other toothpaste questions feel free to ask.

"Aqua"... why not just call it water?

Also thought about it. Anyone educated in the art of toothpastes that can enlighten us about it?

Shhhh, don't tell them their calcium carbonate hasn't actually been harvested in nature, but has been synthesized

Edit: oops i wrote sodium carbonate instead of calcium

Someone down voted you, so I looked it up. You're correct. Aqua is used in cosmetics to indicate purified water, a standard set by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.

"Noicens" as in "makes noice"?

Are you saying dihydrogen monoxide isn’t dangerous? Did you not read the paper?

People who get a little of it in their lungs can get pneumonia. get a lot and you can drown!


Typically it the largest percentage ingredient. I think it's required in the US to list ingredients in order from largest to smallest percentage.

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The word sustainable means they aren't using palm oil from rainforests

It comes from palm plantations on land that used to be rainforests in places like Indonesia and Malaysia. Every year palm oil companies illegally burn huge areas of rainforest to expand these palm plantations.

While this is true, it's not the main effect fluoride has on dental health. Fluoride dissolves in the saliva and together with calcium forms calcium fluoride, which precipitates on the tooth surface, where it forms a protective layer that buffers lactic acid released by cariogenic bacteria.

What a coincidence, mine is gonna be Moisture Retention.

Is this not wierd to think so many of us did this without a coerted effort?

Millions of young men & women developed a mastery of label reading through a cultural pheonomena by shitting.

Legit I never knew anyone did this and I didn't hear it from anyone, I just picked up the habit on my own - seemingly while much of the rest of the population did the same.

E: Ok maybe it was just me but I only read labels, fuck magazines.

Cut down rainforest and plant palm plantation. Suddenly it’s “sustainable”.

Hello, fellow wonderer ;)

Fluoride is important to have on your teeth. Not so good to have in your blood/brain in high concentrations.

Both sides are correct within context. As always, the dose makes the poison...

Definitely, if you're predisposed to them. Ever since I switched to one without sodium laurel (sulfate?) like sensodyne my mouth has been clear of them. Also, I can bite into ice cream!

Fluoride in toothpaste helps remineralization of enamel on your 're. If there isn't enough fluoride in your diet or water supply the risk of tooth decay rises significantly.

The amount in toothpaste is very small and is applied topically and the vast majority is spit right back out.

A group of people (largely the organic, anti-GMO and sometimes anti-vax type who ignore science) think it's "toxic" and so demand toothpaste without fluoride.

May all their organic juice and toxin free sodas give them cavities.

Also turns the frickin frogs gay

Agreed - I actually really appreciate this.

Especially because it takes no effort to do so ...

That would not be the norm, from my experience. I cannot speak to this product, company, nor industry, but for a large number of products and companies, it takes quite a bit of effort to add this kind of information to labeling.

It generally starts as part of a brainstorming session, someone pitches the idea to add this kind of information to the product label. Then a bunch of talking heads will discuss the idea and how to proceed with it, including planning and budgeting. From there, you might have some designers come up with concepts, maybe even solicit feedback from customers or potential customers to gauge how consumers feel about it. If all goes well, you have to get copywriters involved, more design, run it by legal, figure out the ROI. Lots and lots of time and steps, most of which are not trivial, before the first official label ever makes it off the assembly line.

Not only that, much of this process would be repeated each time the ingredients changed. That means adding, removing, resourcing, etc. Sure, your [insert chemical 1] currently comes from [insert source a], but if you switch to a more favorable and acceptable source, then you're left with the option to deceive your customers (and leave the label the same) or spend the time & effort to update the label (again, not a no-effort thing) and be legit.

Richard, who founded Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste, felt it had to have the same values as Rainbow Wholefoods, which he started in 1976 (he still works on both projects). So Kingfisher is strictly vegetarian (in fact it is vegan). It uses no animal ingredients whatsoever and has never used animal testing. We have gone on record as stating that we would cease trading rather than comply with any compulsory testing regulations. Kingfisher attempts to minimise its impact on the environment and to contribute where it can to positive projects locally and abroad, especially in Tibet.

More about the company.

Especially because it does takes effort to do so but could substantially help people understand what goes in their mouths (;

I think this might be hippy toothpaste

Because if I want anyone engineering my toothpaste it's fucking hippies.

I least when I use Colgate I know they did their homework!

Because I can poop in < 60 seconds

All of a sudden I know where that 'Fresh Taste' comes from...

it takes a lot of effort if you have 50 ingredients in your product and you can’t explain the purpose for more than half of them