This toilet sign at a cafe in Germany

This toilet sign at a cafe in Germany

Sure it's sexist, but I know which one I'm going in...

I hate weird toilet signs

Reverse. The women get interrupted before they can get a word out.

It's awesome!!! It's not gender specific, its personality specific! Introverts here, extroverts there! It's transfriendly. It's shy friendly. It's forward thinking. It's finally moving past the gender bathroom divide. Don't wanna strike up conversation in the bathroom? You're a blah. Think you might wanna find someone to hookup with? Head to the blah blah blah. Wow. Perfect. Don't fucking bitch at me for being a girl in the blah room because you did not post a sign saying anything else. I definitely identify as a CIS pan female blah.

I'm upvoting you not because I agree, but because that's the weirdest thing anyone could hate except for maybe early-game basketball scores.

Edit: On second thought, fuck any sports ticker that thinks a 6-4 lead early in an NBA game is a remotely useful piece of information.

So, men's on the left, women's on the right I take it?

I wanna go to the one on the left because I hate when people talk to me at the urinal.

Men don't make it a point to go with their friends. Even then, men as a general rule just don't talk in the bathroom. Urinals don't provide the same privacy as stalls, so we create the illusion of privacy by not making eye-contact and keeping communications to a bare minimum.




I'm a blah, but I definitely enjoy the company of blah blah blah blahs. They effectively fill the silence, and usually appreciate a listener.

And which one I'll be leaving too soon..

I mean its a lame kinda overused joke in the first place. Sexist jokes can be funny but if that's the only leg the jokes standing on thats pretty stupid

yallre too quick to get pissed at people getting offended

I think it's more about men not talking in the pisser. Could be wrong though.

Most toilets are sexist.

I honestly didn't get it until I read the comments. I forgot that it's a stereotype women talk too much or whatever? My boyfriend is quiet as hell though compared to me.

I hate the rails that drawers slide on, but only if they have the enclosed kind that make you accidently put the wheel on top and end up with a crooked drawer.

Disgusting and sexist. Reinforcing the myth that men are monosyllabic.

I hate Mars bars.

Eh studies show women speak a lot more than men. It's not sexist it's just true.

Edit: lol I love the 'we love science unless it shows us something we don't like' crowd

Double edit for people who downvoted reality: "A few earlier studies showed that women speak about 20,000 words per day, compared to men who speak about 7,000. Dr. Louann Brizendine, a female psychiatrist, wrote a book several years ago called The Female Mind that explained women devote more brain cells to communication"

I hate dust

You know, I sometimes try to pretend that I live in a world where people actually treat each other based upon their merits rather than on stereotypes or some other prejudice.

Then I read shit like your post, and it snaps me back to the fucked up reality that we actually live in.

So, thanks for that, I guess.

I hate this in particular. The shitty joke, the sexism, the poor execution. It's like a humorous doormat but one that someone went to the trouble of making themselves.

Yeah...I'm a guy and I don't care when negative stereotypes about men are used casually. But the difference is that I don't see people disrespecting me because of my gender every single day.

As an introvert I agree.

There's a bar in Los Angeles where the bathroom signs are a picture of Bruce Jenner and a picture of Kaitlin jenner

Unless they do not read latin letters

I'm the blah who winds up next to a blahblabla who hears me fart from the next stall and asks "is that all you got bro?"

I didn't ask for this new shitty world.

"Hey, nice watch!"

The thing is, when you speak to someone with sarcasm aloud, there's an inflection to your tone that makes it obvious that what you're saying is sarcasm. On the internets, there's no way for anyone to tell that you're not being serious.

Thus, the /s was born, and if you're being sarcastic on the internet, I strongly recommend its use.

Oh, and another suggestion; it's not really sarcasm if you actually say some offensive or prejudiced shit. Being an asshole and then blaming Reddit for downvoting you because apparently we all can't identify sarcasm doesn't fly.

It's a trade off for not having to queue as long as girls


I am sorry to dudes everywhere. That sounds terribly uncomfortable. Sometimes it's good to be a girl.

Your literally just assuming that if someone makes a joke about males I'll get offended. Ignorant fuck.

See, I can't stand going into a stall and the other person just suddenly going still like they're trying to pretend they don't exist.

I don't care, I'll do my business and move on. I'm not going to sit there for 10 minutes waiting until the stall next door clears because I'm afraid of someone hearing me poop. The world needs to loosen up a but.

EDIT - * loosen up a bit. I'm leaving it though. XD