This tape dispenser is sideways.

This tape dispenser is sideways.

VHS gone rogue.

More prone to failure than the normal design, but I am mildly interested. Good job, OP.

VHS gone wild! Just look at those curves

cool, would fit nicely in a drawer

It looks so annoying to refill & seems like it'll get stuck to itself a lot!

The only pro I see in this dispenser is that it won't tip over when you try to dispense a piece of tape that's pretty stubborn.

Reloading it would be a bitch.

I've used one. The geometry going on under the little bridge portion there guides the tape in easily.

This tape dispenser is convenient.

Even better if the blade could fold down, now that'd be something

The early '90s were just terrible

Snipping Tool

Why what do you use instead?

The tape's got better curves than the VHS.

A VHS after losing its job and going back to school for retraining.