This Taco Bell is made out of old ship containers

This Taco Bell is made out of old ship containers

They're a very environmentally conscious company. Their food is made from recycled Amazon boxes.

And their board members travel in Ubers.

Where was this? Pretty neat!

Paramount, CA

Edit: 13601 Garfield Ave, South Gate, CA

Well, until they assault the driver in a drunken temper tantrum... Then they ride in police cars

Last Wednesday I had a taco from Taco Bell. There was a blonde hair stuck to the cheese.

This works if you live where it doesn't get too cold. There was actually a guy on here that built a house of old ship containers

Sacramento is a hoax created by the Chinese

Construction? I think you mean assembly.

Wow, Taco Bell, Uber, and police? They're employing a lot of people.

And the comment calling him an idiot for doing so because it would be too noisy to live in comfortably got like 10,000 upboats smh

username checks out

Show me a shipping container made out of Tacos and I'll be impressed.

Minus one board member

Not much, what's upboat with you?

Hey I live there! This taco Bell is new just re-opened this year after construction.

After the earthquakes here in Christchurch, New Zealand, there was an entire mall built out of shipping containers. Needless to say it's pretty awesome

I love upboats

Never realized how awesome Amazon boxes tatsted, thanks...

They aren't the first company to do this. Starbucks in Seattle:

They are great for making home in very specific circumstances, but awful for all others. They require a ton of insulation in hot or cold climates, it's a pain in the ass to install wiring or ducting if you plan on 1st world living conditions, they require a ton of work to get them up to building code, any containers stacked above are going to have limits about weight distribution as they are only made to hold weight on the corners, your house will probably rust away in a few decades and get moldy easily, etc.

hey this is by where I live! its in the city of southgate on garfield ave in Los Angeles county, right by Compton. yeah I live in the ghetto.

You could do that, yeah.

Or you could just build a house out of lumber.

Thanks Alex Jones

Shit man idk, I built some pretty sick fortresses with conex boxes in the simulation known as Gmod and they lasted for ages.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Taco Bell executive fired after viciously attacking Uber driver on video

Edit: In case you can't read the link, here's what it says:

A corporate Taco Bell executive was taken into custody — and then dismissed from his job with the fast-food giant — after viciously attacking an Uber driver in a confrontation that Southern California police said was captured on a dashboard camera.

Benjamin Golden, 32, was arrested on assault and disorderly conduct charges, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

Golden. (Photo courtesy of Costa Mesa Police Department) Benjamin Golden’s booking photo. (Costa Mesa Police Department) Golden, of Newport Beach, was booked into jail but has since been released, police said.

The charges stem from a Friday night encounter with an Uber driver, according to police.

Golden requested an Uber ride from a Newport Beach bar around 8 p.m. but couldn’t give the driver clear directions to his destination, according to a police department news release, which called him an “intoxicated male passenger.”

Eventually, the driver pulled into a parking lot and asked Golden to leave the car.

The Los Angeles Times identified the driver as Edward Caban; the newspaper also confirmed that a clip of the incident that Caban posted to YouTube was the footage authorities looked at.


“All right man, I gotta kick you out,” Caban said in the profanity-laced clip, before explaining that his passenger was too intoxicated to relay directions.

As the exchange continued, Caban said the trip was over. Caban told the passenger to exit the vehicle, which was parked.

“Get out of my car or I will call the police,” Caban eventually said. The passenger then opened the door before turning violent.

The passenger, who was sitting in the back seat, slapped Caban on the head, swore at him, and pulled his hair. The driver pepper-sprayed Golden in self-defense, police said.

“I wanted to make sure he didn’t get away,” Caban told an NBC affiliate. “I have lost so much money on people like him and I’m just done dealing with it. People like that, they take the food right out of my mouth.”

Uber spokeswoman Kayla Whaling told the Times that Golden won’t be able to use the service again. It was unclear if Golden had an attorney, and a phone number for him could not immediately be located.

The Taco Bell Corp. told The Washington Post in a statement that Golden was a corporate employee. The Orange County Register reported that Golden had worked as a brand manager for the company.

“Given the behavior of the individual, it is clear he can no longer work for us,” Taco Bell said in the statement. “We have also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help.”

Chemical compound "Fire Sauce" renders delicious cardboard

*some assembly required prior to ordering from restaurant.

I thought the meat came from repurposed newspapers? At least that's what I read in my burrito the other day...

You know, people always give me shit for liking Taco Bell. I only eat it like once every 3-4 months. I'm at the point where I don't give a shit what it's made of, it's fucking amazing. If they found a way to make cardboard or dogfood to taste that good, fuck it tastes good to me.

The trick is to overseason their ground Beeef™ product so that it tastes almost like food.

What's up boat?

What if I'm shipping refried beans to my mouth?

Chick-fil-a recently did one of these too but I think it's temporary

tl;dr -- it's a temporary drive-thru made of 6 shipping containers they can move around while a building is being remodeled


Those are actually new shipping containers. I work for a company that leases them and you wouldn't want to eat from somewhere that used old shipping containers as their building, especially if they leaked water.

Maybe it was just trying to blend in 🤔

I assumed you could figure out that I would fill a taco shell and ship the beans to my mouth.

That's not ground beef. It's free range dust bunnies harvested from the floor of a ground beef factory. No real cows are harmed in the making of taco bell tacos.

Uh no, it's in Los Angeles county still

One may even go as far as to say it was trying to blonde in with the cheese.


A small shippo

We have a whole mall of shops made from shipping containers Christchurch, New Zealand. Post earthquake.

How do you like living in shipping containers?

Oh theres a good portion of that vacation i dont remember lol.

There's neither a container nor a taco in your sentence.


Person sure eats at pizza hut a lot...

It looked like it was an outside type of restaurant, with only the kitchen inside the containers and outside seating. I may be wrong though as I was only passing on the bus.

If they could prove this I'm not sure I would even be mad.

probably, thats one of the reasons I haven't visited yet. not really the best business location, since I was a kid I have seen businesses come and go on that corner every 3 years.

Paramount, CA stand up!!

This is one seriously dedicated novelty account. Hundreds of comments and only 254 karma

What if you put two next to each other, removed the Middle "wall" and studded out the walls? You could run all plumbing, wiring and then spray insulation. For heating/cooling one of those Mitsubishi wall units would work well for such a small space.

As for the extra work to stack them, wouldn't this effectively be the same as any regular house?

The containers serve as an economic "shell" but the stud/joist/support work would largely be the same, wouldn't it?

what is they sell both? crack and crack-food

how much money can you make when crackheads keep robbing it to buy more crack unless you open a store that SELLS crack...

I think ive been to this! Is this near Sacramento?

You seem to find quite a bit of hair in all sorts of food, you bamboozing me?

Yeah because the combination Pizza Hut Taco Bells

Alex Jones is a hoax invented by those lizard people.


I didn't realize there was a big hate towards taco bell, thought it was well received on reddit! Though it could be me just hanging around the wrong crowd... all those hippie stoners and their munchies...

They have a similar idea in London in the east end, called Boxpark Shoreditch this is an article of its planning, I've been meaning to stop by since it was finished some months ago, but haven't had the chance yet with the business of work

Sure, but at that point might as well just put sheathing and a roof on the outside of the studs and save yourself the $10K+ the two 40' containers delivered, cleaned, cut and welded together would cost.

I didn't see a no bamboozle guarantee, hmmm

And Diablo sauce is it's equally addicting cardboard extract substitute

Mr. Sessions?

Uh ok.... Sorry im not familiar with the area.

If you like this check out the Re:Start mall in Christchurch New Zealand. Built after the earthquakes as a temporary solution to retail while they rebuild the city.

I doubt an entire ship could fit in that container.

A big ol up boat.

The lizard people are not a hoax, and live on the planet Nibiru. We're all gonna die.

Thank you for posting the whole article.

Shipping containers have a "U" suffix on all their shipping line reporting marks. Matson shipping uses "MATU" and Mediterranean Shipping Co uses "MSCU" so the joke / design opportunity is to make a Taco Bell reporting mark on the side of the restaurant, "TACU 8311".

I'm an architect and we've started working with a developer to see if we can make container architecture work where it has failed on lots of other projects. Let's just say that it looks like it's going to require a lot of "out of the box" stuff to make the boxes work.

Where I do see a more straightforward container based structure working is for a remote "cabin." Send a crew in to prep the site and pour some concrete piers for the foundation, then truck/crane (or if necessary heli) the pre-prepared units onto those foundations and each other and bolt them together and hook things up. But that's because a wilderness "cabin" doesn't have to work in ways that your actual house would, which containers don't do terribly well...

There is a shipping container Starbucks here in Salt Lake City as well.

Yea, delicious food.

Keep up that optimism odel555q. The world needs people like you

They missed the chance to give it TACU reporting marks!

have you guys ever heard of insulation?

just because you're re purposing a shipping container doesn't mean you aren't allowed to use any...

I know your comment is a joke. But I've never cared too much about finding a hair on my food.

They took a living, breathing animal, killed it, bled it, chopped it up, shipped it's flesh to a place where there cooked its flesh with fire and occasionally the flesh of another animal... But God forbid if there's a tiny human hair on it.

I'm not gonna get herpes from a hair, give me the fucking steak. Shit, I'll pick a fly off it too if it ain't cooked in.

Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas is pretty rad

Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas is pretty rad

Actually it did not start out as shipping containers, they were just remodeling, scrapped the idea and decided to use old shipping containers unused by the nearby pier.

Hello Neighbor! Downey here (:

Puro Pinche Compton.

Hey, I agree! I can tell by the way it is

ahh I walked into that one.

I don't eat Taco Bell often, nor am I a hippie/stoner. But, I seriously don't understand the hate! I can see when people complain about some locations being unclean... sure, that's bad. But my nearest Taco Bell is clean, and the food is really fucking good.

No problem :)

How would you not remember gong to a restaurant in a bunch of shipping containers?

Really, I live close by. Never seen this. Althought Paramount is being modernized all around.

Any inside pics?

Looks like all of the buildings that I put together in Fallout.

A truly post-modern blackout drunk! You've ruined your life but YouTube is the first to find out.

You spending too much at TB, folk.

Those must've been some small ships.