This strawberry's seeds started sprouting while it was still on the plant

This strawberry's seeds started sprouting while it was still on the plant

That is disturbing

I have the urge to shave it.

Sometimes, especially at this time of year, I wonder why the fuck I've been cursed with living in the cold dark depressing north of scandinavia. What could possibly have made my ancestors think this was a good place to live, where I'll fucking literally die if I'm outside for more than an hour without protective equipment(winter clothes) and the air hurts my face. This isn't a life friendly environment.

This is why. This is a perfectly good reason why. Try surviving in -30 degrees motherfuckers! No that's right you can't. It's just us and meese here, and I'm okay with that now.

To feel the feels of life of course.


bears too he choked them all to death with a shoe lace wrapped around his hands, like a garrote. He killed all the spiders with the book of kells, and he drove the English out with a rake.

we have no problems now, so he is kinda retired, but every now and again you see him with a sweeping brush chasing seaguls away, but you can tell he lost his passion for it. what is a hero with out a villain, ya know.

I pull the hairs out of my face as apposed to shaving. Much like how I feel about this berry.


why would you do that

Edit: honestly I would do it so less shadow and the like but I have too much moustache hair to be bothered

It's just a phase. Some Proactiv should clear that right up.

It's called Vivipary and here's what it looks like when seeds start sprouting prematurely from in...

The leaves aren't supposed to be there.

Edit: typo

I wish I could unsee this.

How does this trigger the trypophobia but a regular strawberry (presumably) doesn't?

Ireland is where its at, its not a blizzard here, but we don't have any of those bullshit creatures, no snakes, no scorpions, no weird insects, no bears, no poisonous spiders or big ones....just grass and butterflies.

Holy shit that is more disgusting than the strawberry

jigger flea

Not gruesome, but pretty gross NSFW video depicting trypophobia: The is a scourge in Africa because of embarrassment and lack of education.

Edit: I have been informed that the Rise Up Society is a scam, so I took down their link.

Calm down everyone. This is exactly what's supposed to happen if you sprout them, which is the first step if you want to plant them.

One time I picked all the seeds off a strawberry.


I mean y'all used to have a problem with snakes right?

That is until St Patrick drove em away

I find it really gross too

I am very curious but I don't think I'll ever open it

At age 30, god decided I was going to become a cat, or some type of animal that needs to get around in the night, blind. This is the only explanation I can think of for the hairs that began growing en masse, out of my ears and eyebrows, some inches long.

Can confirm. We grow strawberries in our garden.

We used to grow other things, too.

If I were to guess I'd say that would be because we know and expect what a strawberry looks like. The dots on a strawberry are normalized to us since we were kids and this abnormality highlights something that would have otherwise been found disturbing. Also seeing something grow out of those "normal" dots

berry interesting


Strawberries usually reproduce by sending off runners though. So you can just plant the leaf stems and they'll grow roots into the soil and form a new baby plant. I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone growing one from seed because it's so easy to just let the runners do their thing.

It's unnatural. It doesn't have to be something grotesque, it just has to look... wrong. I don't know if trypophobia is the right word for it but its the closest I've come to describing this urge I have to puke every time I look at something like this.

A charcoal face mask may help as well!

A may help as well!

I tweeze nostril hairs for the same reason.

It's a picture of a skull with bone cancer.

It looks like the skull has little bone icicles on it.

In fact they're too good at growing from runners. Most gardeners will tell you strawberries are their own worst weed. They tend to choke themselves out of light and nutrients if you don't keep the runners in check.

Well it's also socially unacceptable to grow a mustache out of your nostrils

Instant sneezing fit

Interesting that some people find this disturbing/disgusting. What do you guys think of something like this

Interesting that some people find this disturbing/disgusting. What do you guys think of something like

Eat it. It's just strawberry salad.

I'm not crazy

Just because it has a name doesn't make you any less crazy.

That is disturbing

Considering how difficult it is to germinate strawberry seeds I find that thing a miracle.

Instant watering eyes

I'm DYING to tweeze this berry.

It's so weird when you wake up in the morning to find that random inches long hair sticking out of the side of your neck that you know wasn't there the night before. The body is weird thing man.

Don't dead, open inside.

Me too thånks

Good point.



People think the strawberry is gross and it doesn't look like worms growing from a tomato. The embedded pictures are nasty.

I don't know why this freaks people out, personally i think it's rather beautiful.

Great now he's triggered my typophobia

Could be a woman.

This thread has been the most disturbing thread I ever seen on Reddit. With the picture of the strawberry and now this

Worse than the /sub/natureismetal thread where a newborn was eaten right when the mother gave birth.

Just as an FYI. Snakes(serpents) were a slang term for when St Patrick drove them out, really he was driving out pagans and bringing Christianity.

It's fairly safe. It is a skull of someone who had a bone growth disorder if I remember correctly. The skull is covered in almost fur like growths

[Edit] It may have been bone cancer. I'm not positive.

I couldn't help but read that whole thing with an Irish accent.

DON'T LISTEN TO THIS GUY. I did this and experienced cactus nose for a full 2 weeks. It was just as awful as the time i shaved my butthair. No wait.. That was worse.

This is how plants reproduce, yes.

Trypohobia: the fear of whatever the hell you want.

This is what happens when the Strawberry lacks abscisic acid, a plant hormon.

And yes, this is unnerving...

Jo, det låter som att han kan vara same.

My highest rated post (made it to the front page in the long-long-ago) is about a tomato of mine that vivparied (?), which I then planted and grew into plants, from which I harvested tomatoes.

It looked a lot juicier when you took out all the seeds

There's this fantastic tool called scissors, you may have heard of them. In fact, it was so useful people decided to make smaller versions of it, optimized to trim smaller things :)

Vivipary! The first few of each season on my plants do this. For some reason it disturbs me.


I pull the hairs out of my face as apposed to shaving.

How sparse is your facial hair?

This would take me all day, twice a week.

Has science gone too far?

Trypophobia is a intense fear of irregularly spaces holes. This ain't it.

I once woke up with a two inch long hair growing out of the middle of my forehead.

Maybe you'll learn to knock before you walk in on your parents next time.

I've studied this in wheat, and we call it "preharvest sprouting." Seed dormancy is a fine line. We want our seeds to germinate easily and without too many requirements when we plant them in soil. But then at the same time, we don't want them to sprout while still on the plant if it gets wet. In breeding, since we're crossing all kinds of different genetic material, it's possible to end up with this problem even if the parents didn't have it. So at least in winter wheat it's common to test for this by wetting the wheat spikes to see if the seeds germinate.

I feel itchy.

I think were looking for a blowtorch at this point.

Lol, that answer was so simple but so logical. Here I am racking my brain at all the other reasons u/eyeoutthere would pluck his/her hair


First thing I've seen in a long time that gave me genuine nausea.

FYI, it's generally considered unsafe to pluck nose hairs. Can lead to serious infection.

I don't like the way this photo makes me feel

Why is that?


There are lots of things that are supposed to happen that gross people out.

For me, it's because the children are now parasites on the parent.

Wait a second...

Do you want immigrants? Coz that's how you get immigrants.

All of Irelands youth leave so it might help.

Butt shaving goes in my top 5 worst decisions of all time

The same tomato a few days later is worse.

New Zealand is a lot prettier than Ireland and just as safe... meanwhile nearby Australia is life on Hardmode.

Don't not open? Or do not don't?

That doesn't give me the same gut reaction. However, I'd seen this image before and recognized it immediately, so that might have something to do with it. I know the first time I saw it I felt very uncomfortable for a few minutes.

I do start to feel bad, still, if I think about how the poor person died, however. Must've been painful.

Not trypophobia, generally holey things don't wig me out, but this made me a little uncomfortable for some reason.

Wow I actually didn't know that... goes to show what you learn in elementary school is so different than what actually happened...

"And saint patrick drove out all the nonchristians and saved Ireland from heresy and eternal damnation!"


Source: Do.

Wake me up inside

Unnerving? I mean, strawberries are covered in seeds. We know this. These seeds happened to sprout. Nothing unusual to me.

Mah jigga

My first thoughts exactly! I'm only scrolling comments to look for the one horticulturist with a detailed explanation as to why...

It happens to lots of plants, nothing to be ashamed of.

Mmmm, so juicy. You could spread them on toast.

I want to pluck out the sprouts one by one. I don't know why but I feel like I would gain some form of satisfaction from that.

That was the last strawberry

Forehead Hair Man! He has the amazing ability to grab people's attention anywhere he goes!

you have some problems

I've had this fear for my entire life and had no idea it was a real thing! It started as a kid that i couldn't stand to look at the ends of bamboo chopsticks. All those little brown dots. 30 years later and finally validation I'm not crazy!

OMG. Thank you. I will think of this every time I start cursing the thermometer. Not Scandinavian, but I'm on the northern US border. Every bit as cold, we just get a little more sunshine around the winter solstice. Darkness begins in the 4pm hour then.

I like my definition better. "The fear of organic repetition."

This is the ectopic pregnancy of the plant world, it's not unusual but it can still unnerving for the two things to happen at the same time