This small whirlpool could power a community!

How many drunk dumbasses is this thing gonna shred

That fish definitely died

Harness power from running water, holy shit how did we not already think about this literally over two thousand years ago.

Also, that "inspired by nature" line is so cliched and abused. The inventors were probably like "Hey, we are aware that whirlpools exist."

I... I'm sorry guys, just in a cynical mood today. This is cool.

Well thats just nifty

Just need a grate over the top and it's all good

Wasn't this debunked in another thread?

by plane

Apparently most can survive restocking a lake . They're pretty small though.

what's next.....sun power?!?!?

No, the turbine is designed to let fish fall right through the middle.

Well, no giant air pockets in the chest cavity helps

It looks like its basically a water wheel. Instead of sitting directly over the river, it diverts the water, but it looks like its still just converting momentum to electricity.

I'm sure they could mess with the numbers a lot to make it so a fast moving river could power an average (rural) home in some poor county, but without specifics, I feel like their claim of powering a house doesn't mean much.

A cabin with gas lines, and no internet/cable, and a fireplace will use a lot less electricity than a cabin with electric water-heaters, internet and cable.

I don't see how this would be more efficient than standard hydroelectric power generation.

Yeah, some magic math about how the amount of water flowing in couldn't actually charge/create enough energy.

Sorry. It's a really big problem, your correct on the usage.

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i still feel like with that much force, death is a possibility

This looks like a job for me

More areas have hydroelectric power as a viable option, since:

It's much much much much cheaper.

The land area required is much lower and it doesn't inundate large areas of land. Meaning towns can put this in without worrying about the impact on the next town over, or their neighbors upstream.

The consequence of faulty engineering and plant failure is not catastrophic. No towns downstream are at risk of a flood from dam failure, since there is no dam.

Since cost is low, and installation can be done by unskilled workers, any failure of the system can be repaired in much less time then repairing a dam.

Its a great development. Its niche is small scale use on the town or county level. The return on investment would be in a normal hydroelectric dams favor on the larger scales.

Hell yeah, harnessing the power of nature!

...why are you shitting directly into a river?

Thanks! Though, the actual engineer that designed this corrected the dude that said the numbers wouldn't work. It appears that this project is legit.

With a fairly large local river running right through my city, we could have clean energy if these were built. I'm not sure how well it would hold up in the winter with ice.

Until someone takes an opiod shit of a lifetime and plugs it all up to hell.

In theory if you had a grate that could block large ice chunks from coming through the current of the running water should be enough to keep the system from freezing kind of how a bubbler works for a boat in the winter.

That's interesting as fuck