This sinkhole opened up in an elderly couple's back garden

Instant backyard pool with nice natural waves.

Please tell me they are near the sea? Otherwise why the hell is the water crashing about like that?

And an opening to the underworld.

the walls are eroding rapidly. it's hard to see but there's constantly earth falling in.

i'd kill for stabilized drone footage right above the hole to watch that erosion

So, near a small river.

Why is it moving like that?! At first I though more water was entering or maybe some gas was bubbling up, but at second glance that doesn't appear to be the case. Perhaps a large chunk of earth just fell in?

It happened it Ipswich, Australia. I read about it here


Yeah, that is a portal directly to hell if Ive ever seen one and Ive seen lots of them.

The things that people would kill for.... Sheesh!

I love how those cones are placed. As if that's some kind of safe zone... one of those cones is pretty damn close to the hungry hole too.

aha, they built in a (river) meander.  never ever build in a meander, the river will eventually return

aha, they built in a (river) meander. never ever build in a meander, the river will

I hope it goes off about 642.5 years before my lifetime!

People of Ipswich....... Head towards James Franco's house immediately.

Best I can do for ya.

Best .

This is in Australia and is the site of an old mineshaft..



erosion is one of the coolest phenomenons to observe imo. a worthy exchange

Credit where credit is due

And by "a lot" he means by 9 orders of magnitude.

Which of the following would be brighter, in terms of the amount of energy delivered to your retina:

A supernova, seen from as far away as the Sun is from the Earth, or

The detonation of a hydrogen bomb pressed against your eyeball?

The answer is the supernova, by a lot.

In my experience, when one turns on the light to take a piss in the middle of the night

That's a relatively smart joke.


What the fuck is making it surge like that? Can you imagine having to worry that your house may be sitting on top of an abyss, violently churning just a few feet beneath the ground?

Margaret overwatered the eggplant again.

google maps of the location here, 4 coal st,+Basin+Pocket+QLD+4305,+Australia/@-27.5982688,152.7707257,283m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b96b4644f790e3d:0x1629f15f252ef1bd!8m2!3d-27.5983443!4d152.7712347

I heard the only time the portal is actually working is when all the letter are lit up.

Eleven!? Eleven!?

They're gonna need more cones.

Imagine living in Ipswitch, working as network admin, trying to google an ip switch

If you don't respond to this message within five minutes I'll assume you've been killed by a tornado. RIP my friend.

Yes. Something something say hi to your mom for me.

and this particular meander is called Basin Pocket... who could've foreseen this happening? Probably any qualified geologist

There is no berth wide enough for me to give that thing!

I'd personally go for a supernova.

My only point of This Is The End trivia- the song that plays while the cannibals are raiding the van (bus)? is Hole in the Earth by Deftones.

Released five years before the movie, it has the lyrics "There's a hole in the earth", "I hate all my friends" and "This is the end". None of the lyrics are used in the movie.

Good luck selling that house...

"Uh yes, I'd like one order of magnitude please and a 2 liter of mountain dew"

30 minutes later


Nah man, you build your house on a platform supported by a single incredibly huge pole that extends far above the clouds, like the Jetsons. Then you get yourself some great Pole Insurance.

Sinkholes happen in lakes too.

Oops, you didn't buy the Hole to Satan's Home insurance add-on.

I can only imagine the thoughts of early American settlers. Thinking they finally found a perfect place to raise a family; away from cliffs that crumble, far from forests that burn, not near hills nor rivers nor shores. Perfect land for pasture as far as the eye can see.

Then they see these massive fucking wind tunnels coming down from the clouds and ripping a fresh asshole through the earth around them.

The infamous incident from my part of the planet is the OSO disaster. developers were allowed to ignore several geologist/hydrologist's reports which essentially declared: don't build in meander's mudslide zone

Free backyard jacuzzi!

Can someone make a detailed computer animation showing the sinkhole and then remove the top layer of ground so I can see where the water comes from. And then make a POV animation of a scuba diver traveling to the water source? Thanks.

Sounds like they're shafted either way.

If it is fixable (not enormous or too expensive) - they drill a series of vertical/near vertical shafts and pump them full with grout, forcing out water and filling in the underground cavities that have formed from the subterranean erosion.

They will then backfill and pump huge amounts of grout into the main sinkhole chamber.

What are you some kind of professional hole filler?

That whole town is in a meander!

I had to digitally zoom in while the camera was zoomed out. you can see it resolve later in the gif when the camera zooms in.

Nah, you only need to activate 7 chevrons to create a wormhole.

Totally agree. And no different than building on a hill (they always erode), by any river (they always flood), on a cliff (they always crumble), in a forest( they always burn) etc. I find it hard to feel sorry for people when they build in places that are clearly at risk to natural destructive forces.

Not the midwest

I like that the resulting double homicide that resulted from this incident was only just solved 12 days ago. . .

Why the fuck is that guy walking near the edge?

Time to move.

Most mines are below the water table and require active pumping.

internally combusts

I love the orange cones. If you need orange cones to not fall in the sloshing hell pit of despair you deserve to fall in.

It could certainly be next to the ocean and the mineshaft is experiencing sea intrusion. However with enough rain or the shafts being fueled with river water you could see the same thing. A test of the salinity levels of the water would solve that question. Earth Science major, geoscience minor opinion aka educated guess.

"And this is where I keep my pet kraken"

This raises a bit of an interesting question: how much energy in the form of light is needed to be "maximum" brightness to my eyes? That is, both that super nova and that h-bomb will be way past the threshold of acceptable light for an eye, so they'd both be, in technical terms, "bright as fuck." At what point do we pass from reasonably observable to maximum observable brightness?

On the one hand: sweet new swimming pool. On the other: a whirlpool to hell.

Uhhhh, doesn't that mean the water is underneath the grass still? That guy needs to get out of there stat.

Geologist here, nope. But the name of the street is Coal St. Anyone with old mining maps might have predicted this one.

Gotta keep your eye on Betelguese then..... Any minute now!

I do hope it goes off in my lifetime, would be amazing to witness. But pretty unlikely sadly

You got a permit for that pool?

Um, that's not how stream migration works. A round hole does not spontaneously appear some distance away from a meander. This was most likely related to a mine collapse, as the articles linked above state.

why at the cost of resolution?

Now with waterfront property!