This shit ain't free

This shit ain't free

I wish someone would give me free drugs on Halloween.

If someone gives you free drugs, you say thank you, because drugs are expensive.

You know some white suburban mother whose children are nowhere close to drugs is gunna be sharing this

I used to live in a super small safe suburban town in norther California and we were always told that drug dealers would give out drugs on Halloween to get you hooked so you'd have to come back for more. First off, I'm not gonna remember where I got the "candy" drugs from, it's Halloween I'm going to at least 30 houses. Second, you aren't getting addicted the first time and you wouldn't know what substance to seek out anyway. I got in trouble when I tried to point all this out ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I wish someone would give me anything on Halloween.

Only East Atlanta Santa be giving these out for free. And we still gotta couple months till then

Nevermind that, how some small ass kid gonna pay for drugs? they don't have money, that's a bad customer.

I wish someone would give me anything on any day.

I remember in D.A.R.E. They made it out like kids were giving out free drugs if you wanted to be cool. Then you get to be an adult and realize aint nobody givin out drugs for free like that to people they don’t know.


Hey you're alive and that's wonderful.

Sub demographics exhibit A

Lol bottom right has a penis

old but gold

if you have one you can have hallucinations, if you have alot please share them with others. please spread them around

For What It's Worth

To quote Dave Chappelle "Motherfucker that is a good host. What else do you want?"

I know a dude who gives out free drugs. Once gave a gram of Ketamine to the guy who sells him pounds and he snorted half of it. Long story short the guy was in a very deep K hole for about 2 hours. At one point he even crawled inside of his dog's cage.

And really, the addictive stuff tastes like hot garbage. It's not like 8 year olds are crushing up smarties or doing fat rails of Necco wafers.

Doesn't help that those moms be on Xanax while warning their Facebook about dumb shit like this. Stop clogging my FB, Hannah. You don't even care about other people's kids.