This robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my hotel room in Cupertino

This robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my hotel room in Cupertino

If I were drunk...I would probably swear that was a mobile toilet. They would NOT like the tip they get....

That's the Relay autonomous delivery robot by start up Savioke in San Jose. He navigates through the hotel, and even uses the elevator, on his own. Big help to front desk staff -- saves them the time it takes to deliver items to guest rooms. (Full disclosure--I work for the company)

Hotels can cost millions.

Just the tip?

It's must be a server

Lady at the store told me "just the chip". And I said "Why not the whole card?".

What is my purpose?

You pass the toilet paper

Now I can't stop picturing a rollerbot ramming the door over and over yelling in a Stephen Hawking voice 'BRO I GOT YOUR TP OPEN UP'

Bluetooth ring bell? Phone the room via wifi? Repeatedly ram into the door?

Oh my God.

How much does one typically cost?

Free. Ask for toilet paper and then invite it into your room. Say hello to your new robot brother.

That and it makes some weird noise at the door

How does it knock or announce that it's at the door?


Did you smash?

Is that robot wearing a bow tie?

It calls the room phone and announces that the delivery is outside.

But that's not important right now.

Robo tie.

Good thing it's up and running.

Something like "have a nice day." It delivered toilet paper. Would have been nice if they tailored the messages to the item delivered, like "have a nice shit" or something thoughtful like that.

Aloft is legit. We have one near us in AsunciĆ³n Paraguay that is our first choice over much "classier" hotels. All round solid experience

Totally not a shill either

Hi there! I attended a lecture by the head designer, Adrian Canoso, and have studied Relay a small amount! From what I know, Relay is equipped with sensors that allow it to know its distance from objects. This is how it's able to move around people/ objects/ things! It's not the most social object, so it may make some social mistakes, like rolling to an elevator, waiting for the door to open, and entering, but will sit in the middle (instead of making room for others). A human is the one who actually inputs which room Relay should go to, and also the one who puts the items in Relay. A text message is sent when Relay is leaving, and I believe one is sent when it arrives at the door. As for opening the hatch, that begins the moment Relay recognizes the hotel door opening. Sorry, but I can't remember how it works with the elevator, but I believe there is a YouTube video about it! I hope this helped!

Pretty sure it's home to Apple headquarters.

A simple delivery boy is fine but I'm holding out for a Bending unit.

I imagine it knocking by smash itself into the door.

Here I am, mind the size of a planet, and I`m asked to take this roll of paper to a hotel room...

Call that job satisfaction? Because I don`t.

Can't move too quickly or it'll crash

When I saw one of these it kept saying:


No, Becky said his tail was small.

That's awesome. What's the install base like now? I live in the area and my wife fucking loves robots like that.

a bot describing a video describing a robot

That's going to happen everywhere within the next 10-15 years at most anyway. Better get with the times now and start thinking ahead about a new way of living

Does it sound like this?

breeeeeeep bop bop


Ah, the ol' Reddit hotel-a-roo!

I see a poo joke, I give an upvote. Simple as that

Fuckin knew it

Hold my toilet paper, I'm going in!

I love the little bowtie, Daleks are getting adorable!

It's a political problem, not a technological one. We have more than enough resources for everyone, they're just not distributed properly. Automation has a positive effect on the production of goods and ends drudgery. What humans do with their time in the future and how the increased resources available as a result of automation is for us to decide right now.

TIL Cupertino is a city in California.

So it's a giant Rhoomba

I was on an elevator with one similar to this once at an Aloft hotel. It was so cute. It had eyes on the screen that blink every so often. When I first saw it gliding across the lobby though I was so freaked out!

How does it interface with the lift and and with guest room doors? I assume it needs some custom kit fitted to the systems that run both so it can communicate which floor it needs and announce its arrival to the guest?

No, I've been nervous lots of times

I'm just imagining being on an elevator alone with this thing. Awkward.

This guy must be British because he deposited a pound!

Pretty much spot on

I live in Cupertino bruh. Thats the Aloft Hotel. Pretty standard around here.

If you want some tree or wax or need recommendations for anything, just PM me. I gotchu fam!

It'd be awesome to fall asleep taking a dump on it and wake up in the lobby

I like to imagine it has a little arm hidden away like R2-D2

What? You want the whole cock and balls?... thats gonna cost you extra!

I'm going to start saying this, just to see if anyone replies that way.

In 30 years we'll look back at this post and realize how quaint it is.

"What is my purpose?" "You pass toilet paper." "oh my god"

Named after St. Joseph of Cupertino, who was an Italian monk. So you were close.

That, my friends, is Bottlr, at the Aloft Cupertino on De Anza right by Apple Campus.

So my ex works in the hotel industry. Hotels don't have dedicated wait staff. Maybe the hotels catered to the .0000001% do, I don't know, but for the vast majority if you call the front desk and ask for more amenities someone at the front desk brings it to you.

Frankly, I bet my ex wishes his hotel had this.

These are my people <3

"Happy wiping."

Yes! Every Aloft I have been to is always very clean, nice looking, and only costs about 20 bucks more than a standard hotel.

A thousand years from now, that will be cited as the incident that pushed robots over the edge, triggering the first machine war.

Around 2:45 mark, they say the robot can call the elevator via WiFi and select a floor

His doody is to serve

I don't think there are people in hotels whose sole job it is run items up to rooms. I understand that this could lead to fewer human jobs but I don't think this robot is directly taking anyone's job here.

Its near apple campus ofcourse they have to be all high tech, engineers don't like to interact with people.

No. Don't fight the future. Fight those that are in the way of making the future happen for every one

From what I've seen, Aloft runs a pretty lean ship. One, or possibly two people working the front desk (which doubles as cashier for the self-serve food/drink/snack area), and one at the lobby bar (if so equipped)... Housekeeping staff largely outsourced contractors who show up in the morning, knock out all the rooms, and then leave. All the chains are starting to hop on the bandwagon of hip and cool hotels with minimal 'fuss' and overhead.. (Westin has Element, etc)

As a consumer, I don't care if my toilet paper is delivered by human, robot, or quadcopter drone, as long as it is there when I need it.

As an employer, if your only valuable skill is delivering rolls of toilet paper, we've probably already had a discussion and you're probably already working elsewhere.