This Rick cosplay is ridiculously good

This Rick cosplay is ridiculously good

Surely you mean... Rickdiculously good

oh jeez Rick, you can't just go around making puns with your name

Other pics of this guy have been posted here before. Evidently he does this professionally.

This guy's cosplays are like an alternate universe where Rick is always sucking on a lemon.

Holy shit. He looks more like Andrew Lincoln than Andrew Lincoln does.

Edit: Really? Downvoted for a comment in jest, complimenting this guy's work? This sub is so ridiculous sometimes.

Walka lubba dub dub!

He calls himself Cecil Grimes, he's got a website too. Cool guy.

We need the crossover now.

Grimes, Sanchez & Jan Michael Vincent team up together against the Saviors and the Galactic Federation.

10/10 would watch while making a Plumbus.

Cecil gets posted here more than some of the actual cast. It is pretty uncanny, though!


He's related to Jonny Tight Lips.

Oh this guy again

Either Rick creates a vaccine immediately, or creates another world of chronenbergs.

It really isn't fair to anyone else that Andrew Lincoln is going around cosplaying as Rick.

Other pics of this guy have been posted here more than some of the actual cast.

Says who?

You can tell he's thinking about stuff...and thaangs.

All while the Screaming Sun wails in the background. I like it.

Yeah, I stumbled upon him through facebook and didn't believe it wasn't actually Andrew Lincoln until I saw a video of him. Uncanny

B-bbut Rick, those walkers are coming right for us.

I know <Buurrrp> Carl. Work with me here, I got a plan.

W-wwhat plan, Rick? Every time y-you have a plan, someone dies.

That's... The plan <uuurrrppp> Carl.

Fuchsia please

Off topic. How do you pronounce your username?

edit: what? i was curious..

I'm happy this comment worked out for you in the end. Sometimes it seems like someone just goes through every comment in a thread and downvotes for no reason..and I am probably luring them right now.

I didn't know. My b.